'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : Is Beau Turning Tricks for Votes?

Members of the BB6 have sunk to a new low: sexual blackmail in return for votes. Be warned that this is a very adult conversation, although key words have been edited.

Ivette, April, and Beau made the decision last night to approach Howie with a proposal: Beau would give him a ‘hand’ with his ‘frustrations’ in order to blackmail Howie into voting for Eric to stay. Below is an edited transcript of the conversation.

[…] indicates conversation orrcured, but I wasn’t able to get the words.

I = Ivette, B = Beau, A = April

I: J**k him.
B: Shut up!
I: Do it under the sheet and exploit him like a little b**ch, yeah.
B: Should I?
A: That will shut his a** up.
I: Yeah, yah […]
B: Listen so in the morning he’ll be like […]
I: So, listen to me. Listen. J**k um… Make him c*m and be like, “Now you b**** better give me the time of day” […]What, what, yah, do it, j**k um, say what, j**k um, under the sheets […]
A: Get him hot and bothered […] and Eric […]

Howie and Janelle are in the Bathroom together.

I: Just let him get in the bed with you. Let him get in the bed with you, and see what he does.
A: Go talk to him, and say […]
I: No, no. Listen. Wait for him to get into bed, then start […] then when you get him hot and bothered, when you get him hot and bothered, then when you finish it off, be like “Listen, M-F-er, if you don’t want me to talk about it, how I how I jerked you last night, you better f’in vote for him.”
B: What if he doesn’t?
A: He doesn’t care […] if anybody says anything.
B; Finish it. Finish it. I’m gonna need lotion
A: What are you doing?
I: He goes, “I need lotion.”

A: Listen, listen to me. He’s been sleeping with Kaysar, that’s where he’s gonna go sleep. So, you gotta go tell him […] action […]

Howie and Janelle continue their small talk in the bathroom.

I: I think there’s lotion there, in that corner. Get the lotion. Grab the lotion. Listen – grab the bottle, grab the bottle of lotion. Look at him in the shower and say “I’m in the bed.”

B: Then watch!
I: No, you just do it.
A: We’re gonna act like we’re sleeping.

Beau get up and goes to the bathroom.

I: That will be great!
A: Do you think Howie will go thru with it?
I: He’s dying to c**.
A: Tell him to act like he’s sleeping.
I: What?
A: Make sure he knows that he’s sleeping […]

Beau is making gestures to Howie, and says “Come on. Hurry up.”

The cameras turn to Janelle and Howie.

Beau leaves bathroom.

H: He wants to j*** me off tonight.
J: What??
H: He wants to j*** me off.
J: Are you serious?
H: Ya.
J: Howie!
H: The only thing is my […] and I’ll start j***ing it every night.
J: Ewwwww.
H: I know.
J: Howie…

Cameras switch back to Ivette, Beau, and April.

I: Listen. don’t get him embarrassed. Let him do what ever he wants to do. I think he’ll totally get j***ed by you, I don’t think he cares. He needs a condom.
B: But I think, I think […] he’s totally […]
I: Listen. He gets way to close to you.
B: I know we’ve talked about it already […]if you are whatever. If your not, your not. Whatever.
I: Don’t worry, we’ll get him. We’ll get him to the point we want to get him.
B: I’ll be surprised if he actually comes here, in this room.
I: Oh well, don’t worry. We’ve got two more nights until the game.
B: Ya ya ya. Tonight and tomorrow night.
I: We’ll get him. You cant even talk about s** because he gets a boner right away.
B: I know.
I: Well whatever, it’s a good threat […],lets blackmail him.
B: What?
I: If he wants it, and you jerk him every now and then, he better start playing this game. […]
B: We’ll blackmail him.
B:[…]you guys are going to hear it.

I: By the time, by the time[…]Here’s what you need to do.
B: It’s for the team, ok?
I: It’s for the team. The team. We need to get him where we want him.

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