[OVW] MNM, Orton in OVW, Danny Davis Comments on Cornette, More

OVWreslting.com has finally updated, after a few weeks without any new content. Among the updates include revised superstar bios, show coverage (including Thrillseekers vs. Blonde Bombers for the Southern Tag Team Championship at a recent RAW houseshow in Louisville, KY) and the following message from OVW owner Danny Davis on Jim Cornette:


As most of you may know, Ohio Valley Wrestling has been in operation since 1994. During that time, OVW has pledged to present to you, our wrestling fans, the very best in regards to our industry.

In July of 1999, my good friend of twenty years, Jim Cornette, joined Ohio Valley Wrestling and with him came a chance of a lifetime for myself and for everyone associated with Ohio Valley Wrestling. During his six year tenure as matchmaker and TV commentator, Jim worked tirelessly around the clock to provide all of us with the very best in professional wrestling.

Jim is directly responsible for Ohio Valley Wrestling being the premiere training ground for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Now, it saddens me to have to inform you that Jim will no longer be the OVW matchmaker, nor will he be the OVW television commentator. Instead, he is pursuing other avenues to expand Ohio Valley Wrestling and its operations.

On a personal note, I want to thank you, Jim, for all your contributions to the entire wrestling industry, and especially for what you accomplished for myself and Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Thank you, my friend.

– Also, PWInsider.com is reporting that MNM will be at the OVW TV tapings tomorrow night.

– Randy Orton is set to make his return to active wrestling in a match Friday night in Six Flags Kentucky Kingdon vs. Ken Doane.