[OVW] TV Results from July 16, 2005 (First Heyman-Penned Show)

Results from OVW’s 07/16/2005 show at the DAVIS ARENA, according to OVWrestling.com:


REF: Chris Kay

After WWE’s Maria introduced the former ECW Tag-Team Champions, Danny Doring and Roadkill, to the audience, Doring wished to thank Maria personally for the intro, but Roadkill would have none of that. Instead, they waited for Matt Cappotelli and Johnny Jeter to come out for the start of the match.

After some back and forth between Doring and Jeter, Cappotelli tagged in and gets a backbreaker on Danny, followed by the Electric Slide Legdrop for a pin-attempt. Jeter tagged in and was ready to go to work on Doring, but Danny hit Johnny with an eyerack and a clothesline to weaken him. Moving Jeter over to the corner, Doring tagged in Roadkill and Roadkill beat down on Jeter for a time before hitting two bodyslams on Jeter and one on Cappotelli when he ran in to help his partner.

Dropping on to Jeter from the middle rope, Roadkill went for the pin, but Johnny managed to break out. Roadkill stomped and beat on Jeter for a bit longer before tagging in Doring for the Hart Attack on Jeter. Doring set Jeter up for a pin, but Cappotelli once again ran in, this time stopping the pin. Seeing that Roadkill was still in the ring, Kay moved him back to the corner, allowing Jeter to help Matt out of a vertical suplex by Doring. The Thrillseekers then doubleteamed kicks to Doring’s face, dropping him to the mat. As Matt ran over to Roadkill and elbowed him off the apron, Jeter got the pin for the win against Doring.


Addressing the camera backstage in the locker room, Ken Anderson wanted to Brent Albright, the fans, and the “whole freakin’ world” to know how Ken Anderson was and what he brought to the table. Directing his comment to Albright, Anderson said that he was willing to do anything – ANYTHING – to get the OVW Championship title from Brent.


A few minutes later, Danny Doring and Roadkill directed a backstage cameraman to follow them to the hall where The Thrillseekers were. While holding his jaw, Doring congratulated Cappotelli and Jeter for being the better wrestlers that night. Moreso, they would be happy to tell anyone who asked and “anyone who doesn’t believe it can go choke their chickens.” The Thrillseekers thank them and shake hands, while Cappotelli slips into his best Roadkill impression and chants “Chickens!”

REF: Goose Mahoney

After a series of mutual headlocks and hair-pulling to start off the match, Burke took the advantage with a shoulderblock on Mondo off the ropes, along with an Atomic Drop, a double-kick and a body-toss for a near-pin. Burke soon had Mondo back down for another near-pin.
A whip by Mondo to the ropes only led to another shoulderblock by Burke, and a whip to the corner by Mondo just gave the momentum to Burke to jump to the top ropes and spring back at Mondo. Mondo managed to duck out of the way, however, causing Burke to hit the mat hard and allowing Mike to get a near-pin on Burke. With Burke in trouble, Mondo kept up the offense with a slew of punches and elbows to Burke. Throwing Elijah to the mat, Mondo then drop a knee on Burke’s chest for another near-pin. When Elijah tried to fight back again, Mondo shoved Burke’s head down on his knee for a jawbreaker, and then hit Elijah with a neckbreaker for a near-pin. When Elijah broke out of the pin, Mondo tried a different pin-attempt, and then one more after that.

Mondo got Elijah into a headlock, but Burke managed to turn the headlock into a jawbreaker by dropping down to the mat. Some punches by Elijah led to a clothesline and then a suplex for a near-pin on Mike. A powerslam came next for a near-pin by Burke.

Mondo reversed the flow of the match by picking up Burke and dropping him on the ropes, but even a tug on Elijah’s trunks couldn’t give him a pin. Mondo took Burke to the corner, but Elijah reversed a whip. Mondo managed to stop himself and ran towards Burke, whereupon Burke pulled him over for a roll-up and the pin.


Backstage, Maria asked Alexis about some big news she had. Alexis stated that she had a “career changing” moment was coming up for her, but before she could announce the big news, Ken Anderson came hopping in to state that the big news was that all the “hot chicks in Kentuckiana want me.” As for Alexis, she “wasn’t a hot chick.” Nor was he a Southern Gentleman.

Alexis had no patience for Anderson and walked off, leaving Anderson with Maria … or so Ken thought. A slap on the back told him that someone else was in the room and that person was none other than the man he stated earlier he would take the OVW Championship belt from, Brent Albright. Anderson began to get sarcastic with Albright and received a slap across the face from Brent. With Ken suddenly sober in his reaction, Albright said, “I just picked a fight with you. I’ll see you in the ring – tonight!”

Albright then walked off, leaving a seething Anderson standing alone in the room.

REF: Chris Kay

Before the match could begin, a promotional video of Randy Orton played on the monitors in Davis Arena, with Randy Orton himself being heard announcing his appearance at the July 29th Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series show. More importantly, he announced how he was going to take care of Ken Doane at the show for all the comments he had made about him in the previous few weeks.

The camera returned to the ring after Orton’s promo to show that Bolin Services was already there, with Kenny Bolin, Blaster Lashley, Desiree and an angry Ken Doane with the microphone. Doane stated that he would prove that he was the best and the future in the business by beating Orton at Six Flags on July 29th with Orton’s own move, the RKO. Demanding that Nick Nemeth come out for their match, Nick barely had made his way halfway through the ropes when Doane grabbed him and hit the RKO on him.

With a bewildered Chris Kay watching, and a slightly disgusted Blaster Lashley watching from the side, Doane threw himself into Orton’s famed pose of his arms raised as he stood over Nemeth’s unconscious body. Will he be able to stand triumphant over Orton on July 29th? A trip to Six Flags will tell the tale.


The Boogeyman appeared on-camera surrounded by fire and darkness. Slowly spelling out his name, The Boogeyman pledged a threat that night “when the show’s off the air.” Demanding that the viewers “go to sleep NOW!” The Boogeyman chuckles hideously to himself as the camera cut back to Davis Arena.

REF: Ray Ramsey

After Ramsey had to continuously push back Cage and Skyfire from the Blonde Bombers before starting the match, Chris finally broke through and clobbered both of the Tolands to the horror of Jillian at ringside. Skyfire tossed Chad out of the ring as Chris worked over Tank with punches on the mat after a shoulderblock. Moving away for a second to kick Chad off the apron, Chris turned to backdrop Tank and then dropped both knees on Tank’s chest for a near-pin.

Skyfire tagged to doubleteam with Cage on a hiptoss and elbow-drops on Tank for a near-pin. Tank snuck in a kick to the gut on Skyfire and tagged in Chad in order to stomp on Seth for a time and hit him with a shoulderblock off the ropes. A second whip to the ropes allowed Skyfire to wrap his legs around Chad’s neck for a rana, throwing a dizzy Chad into the corner where Seth climbed up on the second ropes and punched away, stopping only to leap off and kick Tank as he ran in, referee in the way or not!

Running to a corner, Skyfire jumped up on the ropes and dove back, unfortunately missing a ducking Chad and hitting hard on the match. Chad tried for a pin, but it was no good and tagged Tank in. With Tank and Chad trying their best to make mincemeat out of Skyfire, Seth still managed to work his way to his corner, only to find that Chad had gotten to Chris Cage first and laid him out on the floor so that Skyfire could not tag him in. With no hope of relief, Skyfire could not fight off the Tolands, and a quickly tagged in Chad got the pin for the Blonde Bombers.


REF: Robert Brisko

After the Blonde Bombers won, Ken Anderson ran out to tell the Tolands to stick around to watch him get a belt for himself when he beat Brent Albright. With Cage and Skyfire recovering from the previous match and watching from the opposite corner, the Tolands moved down to the side of the ring and Albright arrived to start the match.

That was not to be right away, however, as a new person entered the ring to confront Anderson and Albright – Tough Enough 4 winner, Dave Puder. Puder saw himself as the hottest prospect at OVW and felt Anderson was trying to take his spot. As for Albright, he felt the two of them shared some things in common – most particularly the fact that they were both shooters, as his match against Kurt Angle several months ago proved when he managed to put both amateur and professional wrestling champion Angle into a Keylock hold. Puder wanted his chance to show everyone that he was the best in OVW and he would prove it by challenging whoever won the match that night to one at the July 29th Six Flags show. Having made his point, Puder stepped out of the ring and positioned himself by the railing in the back to watch the match.

Anderson and Albright both started off in fine form, with a strong piece of mat-wrestling for the audience to enjoy before Albright finally ran to the ropes and toss Anderson out. Climbing back in, Ken ran recklessly towards Albright and found himself soon flying out of the ring again after being tossed by Albright. Cage and Skyfire were kind enough to help Anderson back into the ring – at least as kind can be taken when someone is throwing you in by the seat of your pants – and Anderson soon found himself in a corner and wishing for a time-out.

Albright jumped at Anderson, only to hit the corner when Ken moved out of the way. With Albright stunned, Anderson began to attack. Misjudging a move, Anderson found himself nearly facing the Crowbar from Brent, but was close enough to the ropes to latch on and getting a break from the hold. The two began exchanging blows, until Brent got too close to where the Tolands stood and Tank punched him in the head. As Albright went reeling backwards into the ring, Cage and Skyfire came around the corner on the floor and attacked the Blonde Bombers. With arms flying at each other, the four men moved their way to the back, leaving Anderson and Albright alone in the ring and Dave Puder off to the side with a smirk on his face.

Anderson gained the advantage, hitting a suplex for a near-pin, and a shoulderblock for another pin-attempt. After mercilessly beating on Albright for a couple of minutes, Anderson found he still could not pin Albright.

The two worked their ways back to their feet and Albright hit Anderson with a German Suplex that ended with Anderson landing on his head. With Ken dazed, Brent went for a pin, but it went nowhere fast. Albright brought Anderson up to his feet and chopped away on the chest three times. Anderson tried to position Albright for a vertical suplex, but could not get Albright up in the air, leading to Brent hiptossing Ken for a near-pin. In return, Anderson hit a suplex and got a near-pin on Brent. Finally, while Anderson set Albright up for a neckbreaker, Brent swung around and threw Ken to the mat for the Crowbar, forcing Anderson to quickly tap out.

Although Ken Anderson was upset with the loss, he was still man enough to shake Brent Albright’s hand for what was an excellent match in the OVW tradition. As Anderson left the ring, Albright began to pose with the belt in the center of the ring.

He was only there alone for a second when Dave Puder ran in from behind Albright and forced him into the Keylock. In searing pain, Brisko ran over and was soon joined by Ken Anderson and four other referees and the OVW medic in order to get Puder to release Albright from the hold. After a few moments, Al Snow ran from the announcers’ table to the ring and slapped Puder on the back of the head, startling the Tough Enough winner to release the hold. With all forcing Puder back, the OVW personnel looked at Albright to see how much damage had been caused.

How bad off was Brent Albright? Check out the Six Flags results for July 15th right here at ovwrestling.com. You’ll also find out who confronted Ken Doane at the show (someone who knew a thing or two about Randy Orton), if the Boogeyman turned up, and who won the Team OVW vs. Team Bolin Services match, amongst other things. While you’re looking, don’t forget to also check out our coverage of the Southern Tag-Team match held during the RAW Houseshow on July 16th!

Credit: Dale Sherman and OVWrestling.com

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