[WWE] Various New Bits


There are rumblings backstage about how Christian is showing a slight change in his demeanor following his recent push being suddenly brought to a halt. He still acts professionally and does what is asked of him, but he just doesn’t seem as happy about the job as he did a month or so ago. Of course creative dropping the ball with an internet favorite should come as no surprise to readers.

Many wrestlers are putting the sole blame of certain wrestlers not getting over on the creative team. A few weeks ago, Vince McMahon gave a locker room speech in which he said that the wrestlers needed to step it up. The running joke at that time was that there was no way to do this since creative controls everything, right down to what a wrestlers says in their interviews (if they get one at all). Creative of course tends to put all blame back on the wrestlers.

Also out of the WWE locker room, it seems several wrestlers are commenting that Batista is no where near as good as Triple H made him look in the ring over the past several months. Vince McMahon was said to be visually frustrated with the main event at Great American Bash on Sunday. It is popular opinion that Batista is still very green as far as in ring goes.

The Detroit Free Press has an article about the controversy involving the Muhammad Hassan character. The article includes viewpoints of Arabic residents in the Detroit area and is an overall great read.

ROH Champion, CM Punk wil debut for WWE on this weekend’s episode of Sunday Night Heat. Punk was managed by former Gathering partner, Alexis Laree who has been in OVW for quite some time. Punk is scheduled to defend his ROH title against Christopher Daniels, James Gibson (formerly known as Jamie Knoble) and Samoa Joe on August 12. HIs final scheduled match in ROH will be against former partener, Colt Cabana the following night.

Credit- PWInsider.com