[SD] Notes on Tazz and the Mexicools

– Vince and Johnny Ace are very high on Juventud Guerrera of The Mexicools, with Laurinaitis very much enjoying Juvi’s promos from back in WCW, despite his reputation for being a troublemaker. He has ruffled some feathers already, both by using Hardcore Holly’s Alabama Slam in a match with Paul London (despite London telling him before the match not to) and using London’s 450 splash (which resulted in him landing on London’s face and almost injuring him severely). Rey Mysterio is considered Juvi’s “babysitter” in a way, and Holly — through Rey — told Juvi how he felt about the situation. Another thing that Juvi has been doing is oiling himself up and showing off his upper body definition during matches, despite Vince’s orders to keep his outfit on at all times. Another eccentricity: he introduces himself as “The Juice” to strangers, as he’s a huge fan of The Rock.

– Tazz was unable to wrestle at the ECW PPV due to his neck problems.

Credit: PWTorch Newsletter (for subscription information, go here)