[WWE] Interview: JR Talks Sting, HHH, More

Radio interview report by Jesse Wood and PWInsider.com:

Jim Ross was on WWLS The Sports Animal here in Oklahoma City today and had a few things of note that he said.

He mentioned that HHH would be back sooner then later when asked if HHH would be back by the time of Unforgiven which will take place in OKC.

When asked if he sees Sting coming into WWE he said, “The chances of that are slim to none due to Sting’s beliefs conflicting with sports entertainment.”

He made mention of Dr. Death Steve Williams being for cancer free.

When asked about the evolution of wrestling from the era of Mid-South to the current product. Ross said, “Bill Watts put athletes out there. He didn’t have bodybuilders who couldn’t perform due to having a hang nail or their tan didn’t look right. You got extreme physicality.”

When asked about Bret Hart he said, “He hopes to see him get in the Hall of Fame this year in Chicago and that the door is always open provided there is peace in the valley he could comeback into the family.” He also noted that it could only be good to have someone of Hart’s caliber to be around the young guys.

He told of story of Vader and his son Jesse, whom is playing at OU now, that when Jesse was eight that while most fathers play catch with there kids. Vader was lifting weights with his eight to ten year old son.

Just a few notes on what was a really good interview from Ross.

Credit: PWInsider.com