[RAW] News on Chris Jericho


Wrestlingobserver.com is saying that any reports that Chris Jericho is gone from the WWE are premature. Chris has been offered a contract extension, but has yet to sign it. He has plans to tour with Fozzy after Summerslam, which would mean he would be missing a lot of wrestling dates. The Observer reports that the thinking around Titan Towers is that Jericho will not resign, and are working under that assumption unless he signs the extension.

PWTorch.com is speculating that Jericho has given WWE the impression he will resign, because there would be no other logical reason for them to be giving him such a big push. But friends of Jericho are saying that his plans to tour with Fozzy do not mean that he will not be signing the extension, but they would not be surprised to see him not sign the extension. With TNA’s move to Spike TV in the fall, there are thoughts that they might make a strong run at Jericho. Working for TNA would give Jericho extra time to tour as well as work additional indy dates.

But WWE.com is reporting that Jericho has indeed signed a contract extension and will remain with the WWE.

“I signed an extension on Monday in Cleveland at Gund Arena,” Jericho said. “I’ve been working with WWE for six years and I’m not going anywhere.”

Jericho wouldn’t disclose terms of the contract, except to confirm it was short-term and a long-term extension is still in the works. He also dismisses any notions that his musical career may distract from his wrestling career.

“Fozzy isn’t a factor at all,” Jericho said. “Things with the band are going great and WWE has been really positive with Fozzy. We have some great opportunities overseas with the band, but none of that is going to hinder my time with WWE.”

“I’m still an employee of WWE,” Jericho said. “My contract had expired but I’m back and looking toward the future.”

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com; PWTorch.com; WWE.com