[WWE] Early Vengeance Buyrate, ECW, Hassan

– Early estimates for Vengeance, from June 26 with HHH vs. Batista in the Cell, are 315,000 buys. This number should end up higher (for example, New Year’s Revolution’s early estimates were around 270,000 but the final numbers were about 370,000), making this one of the most successful “B” shows in years.

– There was some heat on Hassan personally for balking at doing some ideas WWE had for him.

– Steve Karel, Greg Bagarozy and Dan Kowel, who all worked behind the scenes at ECW, have started a new promotion called Extremely Hardcore Wrestling. It will run house shows that are taped for PPV, and they are using Joey Styles for play-by-play. This is possible, as Styles’ WWE contract only says he can’t do “live” PPVs. The promotion will be holding a PPV taping on 8/20 at Earthlink Live in Atlanta, Georgia (the old site of WCW Saturday Night), for shows to air in September and October. TNA performers will not be used.

Credit: PWInsider.com, Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)