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Mathan in ’09?

I’ve been watching Conan O’brien twice a night. It’s cool. I can watch new episodes at 12:35 and last week’s episodes at 3:05. Conan slays me every night. I mean when he had John Tesh on it was hilarity!

But since there’s going to be a void in late night talk shows in 2009, I thought that I’d announce my intention to replace Conan. The beautiful thing is that since it’s like four years away, I’ve got two year to just chill. About July 2007 I’ll start to create a buzz. Once the buzz gets big enough, probably in early 2008, I’ll have my people call NBC with my intention, and wham, the show is mine.

Remember you heard it hear first.

What I Watched Last Week

Entourage – It was nice to have the sense of continuity that Drama’s audition provided. I also liked the idea that Vincent had a secret from Eric. But I fear that this revelation has made Vincent a tad too vulnerable. He lost major cool points, and now looks like big softy. But I never really cared for him anyway.

The Comeback – Yes! Pauly G returns. He’s the perfect foil for Valerie, he’s both over the top and subdued. The Red Bull ramifications were pretty funny, as was the loose talk. I’ll admit to feeling bad for Valerie’s episode getting shelved. This show isn’t really that bad, it’s just got a unique rhythm.

Six Feet Under – Whoa! This was a pretty solid episode. It was dope to see Keith hem up his “son.” David is way too soft on the kids. Ruth is boring me. It’s funny because Brenda and Nate used to seem so compatible, but now they’re so far from it. It’s nutty.

It was way cool to see Rico’s backbone take a real structure. I’m going to miss that dude. Personally I’m hoping for a “Fatal Attraction” type scenario with Claire, her office beau and his “ex.” I’d get a kick out of that.

I am glad that Nate finally hooked up with his Quaker love, because the build up was excruciating. And as a guy who’s been on her end of adultery, I can say that the post coital remorse was perhaps the realest moment in the episode.

And that end was a beast. I’m worried for Nate, and the lack of previews was just wrong.

Rescue Me – Tommy’s a nut. When does kidnapping your children ever amount to a “good plan?” And while his cousin’s widow/his ex-baby’s mother did lie about the miscarriage, that beat down was a bit much.

I was sad to see Franco dip into the “angry fiend” role and even sadder that his daughter was experimenting. That ending was as brutal as this week’s Six Feet Under.

Over There – This show didn’t have my complete attention. It seemed interesting. The mix of characters was solid enough. I may be back for a second viewing. It’s generating way too much controversy, though.

Miami Ink – I’m sticking with this show, because I see it as a motivation for getting my back piece finished. I’m digging the equal emphasis given to the artists and their canvases/clients. As a guy who’s got ink, I can testify to the bond between artist and client, especially when working on a piece that requires multiple visits. This is just a genuinely dope show.

Inked – I’m sticking with this show, because I see it as an example of how everything in Vegas sucks. I hate how the emphasis of the show is on the artists not the clients. As a guy who’s got ink, I’d hate to visit a shop where everyone is as self centered as those in this parlor. It’s absurd how much airtime the artists get. This is just a genuinely shallow show.

Situation: Comedy – I like shows that show the inner workings of Hollywood. It was fun to see everyone pitch their pilots. The editing was very well done, to capitalize on the humor. I hope this is like Project Greenlight for the small screen.

Greatest Show Ever…this week – Justice League Unlimited

The season finale was phenomenal. And I say that having not watched an episode all season. But this wasn’t so much season finale of Justice League Unlimited as it was the series finale of Batman Beyond. It tied both series together and provided a sense of closure to Batman Beyond fans. This was just a dope episode.

Situation: Crap

So I actually submitted a pilot script for Situation: Comedy. Obviously I didn’t make the cut, and quite frankly I’m bitter. Especially considering the points that those who actually made the cut got on their scripts.

I’ll readily admit that the script wasn’t my finest work, I didn’t write it with my writing partner, and I worked on it for less than two weeks. But judging from the notes that the judges gave about the scripts that were selected, I’ve got to think that my work was on par with theirs.

I’m actually going to keep watching the show and laughing at every misfortune.

I’m kidding, I’m not that bitter.

Or am I?

Battle of the Band (leaders)

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good News; you’re going to be high profile. Bad News; you’re not quite famous. Good News; you’re going to be a musician with a steady gig. Bad News; that gig is on a late night talk show. Maybe you’re going to “quantum leap” into their body. Maybe you’re just going to replace them. The point is you will inhabit their role. Good News; it’s temporary. Bad News; it’s one of my 30 Days ideas that didn’t make the cut.

So there you have it; would you rather spend 30 Days as The Tonight Show’s Kevin Eubanks or The Late Show with David Letterman’s Paul Shaffer?


While normally I’m all about showing a brother some respect, in this case I’d have to be Paul Schaeffer. Old-school, baby. Not to mention that David Letterman makes Jay Leno look like the opening act at Open Mic night at Ho-Ho’s.


I have to go with Paul. I just couldn’t handle that big chin and whiny voice of Jay’s. Plus, Paul is from the Great White North and blazes a big fat bone before every show.

Y’know I’m going for Kevin Eubanks. Have you ever seen this guy stand up? He’s always sitting down. Paul is standing and pounding on the keyboards and singing! Kevin is just chillin’ and laughing half heartedly at Jay’s “jokes”.

Plus suppose Dave gets sick or something, if you’re Paul, you’ve got to fill in for the big guy. And with Kevin you’ve got a chance to witness the hilarity that is Howie Mandel. C’mon! What’s better than that?

Of course this naturally leads us to…

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you’re a Hollywood movie producer. Bad News; you’re not really a big shot. Maybe you’ve had a drug problem and are on thin ice. Maybe you’ve just been promoted from the mailroom. Who knows? The point is you’ve got to green light a script. Good News; you’ve got a chance to impress your boss. Bad News; your task is adapting a TV show to the big screen. Good News; this movie could set you up for life. Bad News; there are only two TV properties that haven’t been adapted into movies. Worse News; they’re both Bronson Pinchot vehicles.

So would you rather make a feature film about Meego or Perfect Strangers?


Brendan, the Backstreet Boys? Really? (You’ve really got to read it to understand.)

John didn’t really dig Wedding Crashers. I completely disagree.

Law & Order Creator Dick Wolf was as surprised at the cancellation of Trial By Jury as I was. But I’m betting that he didn’t get teased in the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club for it.

A Bittersweet J.A.M. Session

J.A.M. started out as Three Tha Friday. Aaron Cameron was the original Friday guy with his Bootleg as a Friday institution. Then along came Joe Reid with his Friday Movie News Happy Hour. Eventually I came along with the column that you are currently reading, also a Friday column, thus Three Tha Friday was born.

(I’ll be honest; I was flattered to even be mentioned with those guys. Their columns are certainly more informative than mine is, and they’ve got, y’know fans. If we were characters on Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Aaron would be Parker, Joe would be Mikey and I’d be Jerry.)

Anyway, Joe moved to Mondays and J.A.M. was born.

J is for Joe Reid, who ends his two year run at 411mania. Joe gave me reasons to go to the movies again. He was hilarious and packed with information that discriminating viewers find necessary. My only reason for looking forward to Mondays is now gone.

However don’t fret, because Joe’s Blog Low Resolution is still going strong. He casts Harry Potter and he’s got news that Adebisi is going to be on Lost? (Thanks for helping me meet my Oz quota.)

A isn’t for “absent” it’s for Classic Aaron which features Nick dissecting Be and Aaron announcing both Jin’s retirement and P Diddy’s upcoming comedy showcase. It’s classic!

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