Brodie's Law Sells 500 Editions at San Diego Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO (July 19, 2005) – Leading UK publisher/animation studio Pulp Theatre Entertainment has sold 500 trade paperbacks of its acclaimed crime/sci-fi comic Brodie’s Law at this year’s Comic-Con.

The action-packed thriller made its debut at Wednesday’s Preview Night and was an immediate hit selling roughly 100 editions each day until the close of the convention on Sunday.

Brodie’s Law revolves around Jack Brodie, an East London thief with a temper and attitude, who possesses the power to “suck your soul dry” by stealing a person’s thoughts and identity before returning it tainted with his own evil deeds. Framed for a murder he did not commit, Brodie embarks on a fast-paced mission to find his kidnapped son.

Brodie’s Law features the first six issues of the monthly comic book which have received tremendous reviews throughout the industry including the following praise:

“With the huge influx of Hollywood marketing in San Diego, people forget what Comic-Con is really about, the opportunity to introduce cool new material. Brodie’s Law stands out because of the eye-catching images and the riveting narrative.”
– Mark Costa, Producer

Created by Daley Osiyemi and David Bircham, Brodie’s Law features the amazing artwork of David Bircham, stories from three of the world’s leading comic talents including writer Alan Grant, and covers by Simon Bisley.

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