[Deconstructing the Moveset] Pull the Trigger

I like the idea of Matt Hardy’s return as much as anyone. I’ve always liked him as a singles guy since his return to RAW. And the rumors were that the WWE was going to put him over Mark Henry at Wrestlemania XX, and I loved it. Turns out Mark was injured by Benoit on his first day on RAW and everything seemed to fizzle out on a Matt Hardy WMXX match. Fast forward a year and change and we’re at the situation today.

With the weekly Matt Hardy run-in, the novelty of this angle is starting to wear off. We all know that he’s going to attack Edge on a weekly basis, and I think that they’re putting Edge out there just for that reason. The last run-in didn’t even excite me a little.

It’s time to pull the goddamned trigger on this angle already.

Before the audience’s reaction to Hardy starts to die out, before the interest drops off, before Matt Hardy runs the angle into the ground by talking about how he’s coming back to the WWE full time again, they NEED to pull the trigger on this.

Triple M briefly touched on this earlier in the week but let’s go a little deeper. Let’s deconstruct the situation.

What the WWE has created in Matt Hardy (and they did create this, not Matt) is a cult hero wrestler. Someone who was legitimately fighting the odds to “right” this “wrong” that was done to him. I’d treat this like it was a shoot if Matt Hardy treated it like one. And the truth is that the crowd will eventually grow tired of cheering for a guy who works for 2 minutes a show and receives no reaction from the announcers whatsoever.

So how do they do this? Bischoff for reasons previously talked about on IP can’t do it; it’s bigger than him. It’s must be Vince. It’s HIS company; Matt Hardy is ruining HIS flagship show, yada yada yada. You understand what I’m saying.

But this can’t happen backstage. It’s too big for Vince to simply announce a guest and have Matt Hardy walk down the ramp. Wrestling audiences might not be the brightest in the world- a significant percentage of the viewers are children, so I’m not asking for Shakespeare. But I’m asking that this be handled with some kind of delicacy. The fans have been demanding that Matt Hardy be back in the WWE and it looks like our voices have been heard.

For the WWE to mess this up and drag out this portion of the angle out would be a crime. We (the fans) have been teased with this since the Lita/Edge “wedding” and the ECW One Night Stand. We’ve called for Hardy each and every week on TV, we’ve blasted the internet with support for Hardy (despite his gun wielding “Angelic Diablo” gimmick), and we’ve given him just about as much grassroots support as the internet could. So it’s time for the WWE to nut up and give us what we’ve wanted. Matt Hardy back on WWE TV.

With Summerslam so close we could only assume that this is going to be a Summerslam match. Not too much time to pump this, but I’m sure it won’t be the end of the feud.

Next week, I’ll go into a little more detail.

Dear IWC,

I’m back

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