Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – July 27

Time for your Idol results!

Normally, I would have predicted Casey to be going home but according to some of my inside Idol sources, she has a particularly strong voting base so I think that she will be safe tonight. Canadians on the East Coast seem to be particularly passionate about their Idols.

While I was sitting in the audiences, I started my usual routine of contemplation and wondered why all the girls obviously making a play for Rex are doing it in front of his parents. And it isn’t even limited to just girls. Tonight, I saw a guy carrying a “MARRY ME REX… IT’S LEGAL NOW” sign. Canada just ratified gay marriage licences.

Anyway, as I sat down, I thought about the swift transition that I have made from being the balcony boy to the ground god since the last season of the show. While the balcony seats in the theatre are great, there is just an electric atmosphere when you are sitting around the families of the singers. Especially when it is results night and somebody will be going home.

I was sitting next to a baby on my right side and around the kid sat a bunch of Suzi supporters. I realized that there was a chance that the baby was Suzi’s.

Anyway, Sue Brophy came out to lead the audience warm-up and said that she would be on vacation for 10 days and would not be around next week. As luck would have it, there is a chance that I will not be at next week’s show because of a Backstreet Boy concert in town so I will probably miss my chance to see her replacement.

Judge Jake came out and pointed out the fact that it was someone birthday. You know the drill. Everyone sings.

The show finally started and Ben Mulroney said that 2.4 million votes were cast on Tuesday night.

The Idols came out and performed a Wonder medley of songs together. During the performance, Casey and Ashley ran right beside me (as I was sitting on the aisle). This was a sign of things to come. During the group performance, I thought that the chemistry between Suzi and Daryl was almost non-existant. I also thought that Ashley carried the group performance.

Anyway, after they had finished to a standing ovation from the crowd, a review of the Tuesday show was played. I thought that Rex sounded a lot better on TV, so perhaps my assessment of him on Tuesday was harsh.

A commercial break was taken, before the anouncement of the results. The couches were set-up during this time where the Idols sat down.

In the top row, there was Ashley, Daryl, Casey and Josh.

In the bottom row, there was Melissa, Amber, Suzi, Aaron, and Rex.

I figured that there would probably two from the top row and one from the bottom who would make the Bottom 3. I predicted Casey, Ashley, and Melissa.

Before the results began, Jon Dore came out and a promo of the mansion was played. I will be there in a couple of weeks.

Time to see who is gone. Ben started reading.


This left Ashley and Daryl waiting to hear their fate. Even though Daryl’s performance was my favourite last night, I thought that he would be joining Josh and Melissa in a position of peril. During the commercial, Rex went over and hugged Ashley and Daryl.

The commercial break ended and it was time for the results.


Ben asked the judges what they thought.

Jake said that the bottom three were all from Western Canada (B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan) and the voters there were not doing a good job. Farley agreed that a “geographic thing” was happening. Sass did not admit which of the singers was better and Zack predicted that Melissa was toast. I unfortunately, concurred.

Ben announced that Josh was safe and he returned to the couch. This meant that a good singer would be lost for sure because I liked Ashley and Melissa. I was hoping that Josh would be the one, even though I knew that this was not a realistic possibility.

A commercial break was taken and this gave me a chance to analyze what had happened. I thought that the judges were wrong in their assessment of the results being the result of geography. Josh Palmer is from Saskatoon and those voters certainly turned up last season to help Theresa Sokyrka become the runner-up.

During the commercial break, Ashley sat on the stage minutes before the verdict came down. She was an emotional wreck. She even did a little prayer right before the show came back and Melissa asked the crowd if anyone knew any good jokes in a nice, light moment.

It was time for the moment of truth.

Ashley Leitao was the eliminated competitor, joining Emily Vinette.

I thought that it was a horrible decision.

Daryl’s mom leaned back and congratulated Melissa’s dad for avoiding the bullet once again. Ashley started breathing quite heavily and managed to thank the audience. She then performed “Sir Duke” and ran right beside me as she sang in the crowd. This would mark the second time that I have been on TV while covering the show which still amuses me.

The crowd clapped and she returned to the stage where she was consoled by the others.

That’s it for this week. I am not sure if I will be at next Tuesday’s show, but I will definitely be here for the results on Wednesday.