'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : Match Game Food Comp w/Pics

Today’s Food Comp was a spoof of the 70s gameshow Match Game.

Images provided by Odd & Stupid.

For those of you not familiar with the game, Maggie, as the host reads an incomplete sentence. The contestants, (Janelle, James, Ivette, Rachel, Beau, Jennifer) fill in the blank with a word, trying to match two of the panellists (Sarah, Kaysar, April, Howie). Each round represents a day of the week, with a Bonus round at the end. Here are the questions, with results.

Saturday: Pete is so obsessed with food he tried to tie his shoes with string ______.
Two matches were made for “cheese”.

Sunday: The grocery clerk was so hands on one customer complained that he tried to grab her _____.
Beau answered “buns”, and gets two matches.

Monday: Dumb Doris was so dumb she flew to France to get French ____.
Jennifer answered “fries”, and got two matches.

Tuesday: You know you’re in first class when the stewardess offers chocolate-covered ____.
Janelle answered “strawberries”, got two matches.

Wednesday: The frustrated baker blamed his girlfriend when his _____ refused to rise.
James answered “bread”, got two matches.

Thursday: Donna said, “My husband the pastry chef is getting a bit near-sighted. Last night he went outside and tried to ______ the dog.”
Ivette answered “bake”, and got two matches.

Friday: The chef’s cooking class was so boring, one student fell asleep in his apple ____.
Jennifer answered “pie”, and got two matches.

The Bonus was getting two numbers to safe combo: 46 and 57.

**Before the game began, BB was overheard telling the HGs, “We’re gonna make it look like you guys chose your positions:. Hmmm…

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