'Big Brother 6' Spoiler : BB Gives HGs Safe Combo

The bonus to the food comp today was two numbers to the gold safe combos. Once lockout was lifted, the HGs ran into the Gold Room. They took these two new numbers (46 and 57), and grouped it with the incorrect number of “Seas” from the first clue.

Original clues: ‘Big Brother 6’ Spoiler : Gold Room Safe Clues

After a few more minutes of trial and error, the feeds show fish.

When we come back, the HGs are thanking BB, and now have changed their incorrect number, to the correct number 17. From their reactions, its evident that BB corrected them on the number of seas. A few minutes go by, and Kaysar successfully opens up the safe.

Inside, there is a stack of PB&J sandwiches and a card. Jennifer reads aloud an announcement: “Congratulations, HouseGuests. You have successfully opened the first Gold Room safe. Your prize is a PB&J sandwich for each HG, but these are not ordinary PB&J. One PBJ has a pass inside so that person never has to eat PB&Js again. At each food comp they can choose to give the pass to another HG or keep it. At the end of the week, the “power” goes back to the original owner”

The HGs go to the round table, choose their sandwich, and open them up. Janelle’s the lucky winner. When the event ends, the PB&J week is up, and the HGs pig out.