[WWE]News on Knoble and Spanky


PWInsider.com is reporting that Jamie Knoble and Spanky are being brought back to the WWE in an effort to bolster the cruiserweight division, due to the fact that creative has plans for the Mexicools that focus more on the tag team division, thus opening up some slots in the cruiser division. Jamie Knoble was released by WWE last year due to a staph infection that was related to steroid use. “They told me to clean my act up, not to go out and bash the company, and to try not to go to TNA if I can afford it and once you clear everything up and we think you’re straight, we might give you a second chance,” Knoble said in a recent interview. Knoble never signed with TNA, and it looks as if WWE is resigning him as a possible shot to Ring of Honor, which had designs for him as a main eventer.

Spanky left WWE in 2004 because creative didn’t have a plan for him at the time, and Spanky wanted to explore opportunities with ZERO-ONE in Japan. Spanky left WWE on good terms and was told the door would be open for his return, as they were impressed with the way he handled the situation. Spanky is about to get married and is reportedly tired of the toll working indies and in Japan are taking on his body, and working for WWE will provide some stability.

credit: PWInsider.com