The Sunday HEAT Wave

Ok, ok… just to say, sorry. I know I can use the excuse that I really don’t catch Smackdown that often, but wow did I drop the bomb last week on my predictions. I got one measly match right, and then after that creative just threw everything else out of the window for me. So with that said, my excuse is that the Bash just plain out sucked!!! And I know it’s going all around, but I just had to put my two cents into it because it just killed my perfect mark so far. Damn you GAB and damn you Smackdown. I just pray that you all get it right by the time Summerslam runs around. Wow, I’m so glad I went to the bar to watch it and didn’t fork out the money…. So, ok, now that terrible taste has been washed away and erased from our thoughts, welcome to the Heat Wave!

Hosts: The usual suspects; Todd Grisham and The Coach.

Buff… err, Rob Conway vs. Rosey w/ Stacy Keibler
Quote of the night; Todd Grisham talking about Rob’s cap, “Is that a girls hat?” Well we got one half of our “supposed” tag- champs in Rosey squaring off here, lucky for him and me, we get Stacy ringside. Pretty basic back and forth match between the two until Conway gets the heel heat by taking advantage of Rosey outside of the ring. And continues the momentum inside with a few holds and attempted suplex that’s reversed. Back up, Rosey keeps Conway down with a pair of clotheslines. Nice slam that gets only a two (it looks like Rosey’s mask is giving him some trouble tonight as he’s constantly adjusting it.) Conway uses his knee brace against Rosey’s head and knocks him down to get the win.
Winner: Rob Conway

Quick HEAT: Wow, the Summerslam promo is probably THE hottest one I have ever seen for the WWE. What can be better than having a handful of hotties drenched in water, “washing the car”? I don’t mind watching that a few more times… now if I can just find that damn remote to rewind….

Angle Invitational recap: Eugene wins the medals with Christy at his side. I give it about two weeks (hell, even tomorrow) for Angle to get them back. I just hope Kurt doesn’t get stuck with this program come Summerslam. He deserves so much better… Angle/ Flair??

Edge vs. Kane stretcher match recap: I have to say that this one was a pretty enjoyable match to watch. Good effort by both guys that actually had me hanging towards the end. Of course the Matt run-in wasn’t a surprise, but hey. Although, this feud is done and hopefully they move onto the Edge/ Lita/ Matt triangle, even though I’m not sure if it’s gonna be pulled yet with Kane abducting Lita afterwards.

Johnny Parisi vs. skinny jobber
Who they hell is this guy!? Hmm, lemme get this straight, WWE released a whole bunch of experienced wrestlers and then go around and hire this guy. Well, I guess we got a new local here for HEAT. Cliff notes version; skinny jobber gets in a few early licks, then the big “tough” swinger guy powers back to get the eventual squash. Um… boring dud.

Diva recap: Hot brunette leaves ensued by a hot dog contest. Yawn. Crappy diva prediction: Summer vs. Ashley finals.

John Cena vs. Carlito w/ special referee Chris Jericho recap: Cena does his mini concert while Fozzy is pulled out. I don’t know what to say about this really, this feud has SO much potential and Jericho is doing an absolute fine job of being heel Y2J. But I don’t know, sometimes it can drag on and then sometimes you get that spark. And I’m not sure who to put the blame on; the Bischoff addition or the Cena lag (by trying to hard). Anyone out there that can help me figure that out!? Either way, don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to this match.

Rene Dupree vs. The Hurricane w/ Stacy Keibler
Oh before I forget, it’s Super Stacy now! I thought she was really ‘super’ a long time ago before her super hero gig. Ha-ha, Rene really has that evil Frenchman gig going on with those sideburns and the mustache, goatee pointed eyebrow things. Well, Dupree gets the early advantage into the match. Clubbing down Hurricane into the far right corner and swift kicking him down on the back with every opportunity. Rene gets the two count then goes into a sleeper hold before Hurricane finally gets some offense in. back up, Hurricane launches a few solid hits followed by a hurricanrana. Feeling the momentum, Hurricane goes up top and hits the cross body just for two! Hurricane gets a little to cocky and tries for the shining wizard before Rene hits him down. Cobra clutch is locked in and slammed down HARD by Dupree that levels him to the mat. Three seconds later and the match is over.
Winner: Rene Dupree

Heat Wave of the Night: A not-to-kind of night for RAW’s tag champs as they lose both of their matches. Then again, every night for them is not really to kind as the tag team division is almost non- existent in both brands. But on the bright side (I guess) Rene and Rob get their respective wins. Can anybody say a La Resistance reunion!? Um, let’s hope not. But it’s obvious who WWE is trying to push here. And hopefully its more so Rob than Rene as Conway’s character has more stability to it and so far is on the right track to be an upper card heel. So wave goes to Rob “The Conman” Conway. So that’s it tonight, I’ll get back to you all next week (that is if I haven’t gone crazy with work overload this week, it’s just gonna be one of those weeks. What am I saying? It’s going to be one of those months in August!!! Sigh. So keep your fingers crossed that this month goes as easy as possible for me.) Well at least the end of August will be satisfying for me! Common 30 days!!! As always, keep it logged on here to the pulse as we got an exciting month to look forward too. Till then, Peace.

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