The Crucifix

Hevia and PK Crash The Crucifix!

Seeing how I bailed on my column last week, leaving the inferior Michaelangelo to somehow throw out a column, which I appreciate, I figured time is still tight so what should I do? Team up with PK and make this thing fantastico! Our thoughts on all last weeks shows and news and the Wedding Crashers pictures to go along with it! On with the show…



– Eugene winning the gold medals has to be the most retarded thing I have ever seen, no pun intended. This is where you needed Hassan. Could you imagine a terrorist winning an American’s Olympic medals!

– Pocket Rocket? Finally an action figure PK can play with!

– Lord Alfred Hayes: First time WWE has done a tribute package right in I don’t know how long.

– Poor Shelton Benjamin, they’re keepin’ a brotha down indeed.

– John Cena and his gang of thugs actually did a fairly entertaining performance. Kudos to Jericho for pulling out, Cleveland does not deserve the awesomeness of Fozzy.

– If HBK keeps cutting those shoot like promos, I’ll go back to church.

– Once again, security for Raw needs to be improved due to this Hardy mess. Hopefully Vince McMahon puts and end to it tonight.

– Kane is so stupid. What is he doing stealing an ambulance?

– Wow, it’s Smackdown on Raw as Carlito and Cena are feuding. If this didn’t look like a midcard match, I might get excited.

Overall, this show really kind of sucked. Aside from Michaels, I was bored to tears. Pk, what about you?

Raw last week was extremely weak.  Why is there room on TV for midgets?  Cena vs. Carlito for about the 300th time…and Carlito has only been around for 10 months.  They do have a new bitter rivalry on their hands, but this isn’t exactly HHH & Foley or Rock & Austin.  All the hype for Fozzy vs. Cena, and Jericho just pulls out?!? Come on, I wanted to see how bad Fozzy was.  The stretcher match was decent at best, however how many more gimmick matches will Kane/Edge be in?  And, the Matt Hardy run-in is 3 weeks old now.  Best thing they could’ve done is have him climb into the cage with Edge, or be the ambulance driver after Edge loses (even though that would be a HUGE Austin rip off). There were some bright spots however.  Shelton NOT winning in a Handicap Match is good, especially since he went down to the MasterLock.  He got out of it, it would just dump all those months of hard work getting Masters over (which, unfortunately, he still really isn’t), and Snitsky has been a bitch in recent weeks.  Eugene’s return was a bit of a surprise…and with him winning the Angle Invitational, that keeps Angle occupied while the Cena/Jericho feud finishes up, and he can challenge Cena (finally).  Plus, it’ll be interesting to see where they go with the ‘Eugene Invitational’. Let’s hope tonight is better.

Hevia’s Vote: LOCK IT UP


Neither PK or myself watch Smackdown on a regular basis. This is because they need to lock it up.

Why Victoria Rules

Must match the beauty of Victoria with that of the lovely Rachel McAdams.

Rachel McAdams rules because: She is talented. She is hot. She is the FUTURE of Hollywood.

Victoria? You can visit her at

PK Meets Creative

– WWE has hired new members for the creative team. Apparently, they’re retarded.

Stephie Loves Raw

– Stephanie McMahon loved how Raw came off last week. You can see from our thoughts above that we have different tastes than Stephie. She was said to be very happy with the sports entertainment aspect of it.

Crying and The Hitman

– Bret Hart is in the news again, as he is hesitant to get involved with WWE for the upcoming DVD on his career. He still doesn’t feel comfortable and all that stuff. Stop crying Bret and take the damn money…crybaby!

Triple H Will Be Back

– Triple H should be back soon, just not around Summerslam as originally thought. So John Cena has a little time to go before he goes flying.

A Strong Cruiserweight Division!

WWE has resigned Jamie Noble and Spanky, since The Mexicools are apparently being geared towards the tag division. Speaking of holding people down, how in the hell are they putting these poor Mexicans in a defunct tag division!?

That’s It!

That’s all for this week, sorry it’s short, with Double M away it’s hard to keep up so we’re gonna go get drunk! While we’re drinking and you’re checking out Raw, be sure to check out our newsboard, Hyatte, Raw Spoilers and the FIGURES SECTION!

Adios! Transformers, ROLLOUT!

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