Runaways (Vol. 2) #6

Reviewer: Tim Stevens
Story Title: True Believer Part 6

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Pencilled by: Adrian Alphona
Inked by: Craig Yeung
Colored by: Christina Strain
Lettered by: Virtual Calligraphy’s Randy Gentile
Editor: C.B Cebulski
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I have to say, as a fan, I can hardly wait for Marvel to get away from the kind of stunt storytelling that mars Runaways #6. I mean, come on now: Darkhawk, Ricochet, one of those adorable kiddies from Power Pack (all growed up), Chamber, that good Green Goblin, and Turbo? These guys are in more books than Wolverine these days!

Okay, I kid, kid. Can I put into words how great it is to see Darkhawk back and cool again? Or rather, cool for the first time. I went back and read some Darkhawk issues that I own recently and…well, let’s just say that my memory of them was kind. Anyways, while I might not have as much of an affection or attachment to the rest of the Excelsior, Vaughan has done a great job of mining their potential in a way that makes fan of those who do not necessarily know when Turbo joined the New Warriors or why Phil Urich does not wear a costume while the rest of his cohorts do. Alphonso does a great job depicting them as well. “Runaways” might not often demand the depiction of “traditional” super folk, but Alphonso more than proves here that he can step up to the plate and deliver when it does. On the downside, I have to say that while the revelation of Excelsior’s benefactor was a logical (without being obvious choice) it is hard to reconcile who he is with his almost taunting tone in dealing with Turbo and Urich in earlier issues of this arc. That is, however, a rare misstep for this book.

What’s more, that isn’t even the biggest reveal of the issue. That honor belongs to a mystery that I (and would guess, most) didn’t even know was there in the first place. In this case, though, when looking back, it is easy to see where the small, but recognizable hints were dropped along the way. Well played, Mr. Vaughan, well played.

There’s been some talk of this book losing a step or two since it was relaunched. Six issues in and what I have to say to this is poppycock. It is still one of my most anticipated books every week and I have yet to put down an issue of it and be disappointed. It is consistently great. BUY IT!

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