[MISC] The News Pit


– The Boogeyman (Marty Wright) reportedly hyperextended both his knees working a house show in Vermont against Stevie Richards.

– Jim Cornette will break his silence and speak on his release for the WWE tonight on the Between the Ropes Radio show. To listen to the show, go here.

– Advertisements for Summerslam on certain cable stations continue to advertise a Ric Flair vs. Triple H match. At this point, it appears as if WWE doesn’t plan to go ahead with that match since Triple H hasn’t returned to television and his sabbatical is said to be longer than originally thought.

– Roadkill was backstage at the Smackdown taping last night but was not used. Danny Doring worked the Velocity taping.

– As reported earlier, Dusty Rhodes had a meeting scheduled with Stephanie McMahon today. It appears as if WWE is interested in bringing him into the creative team as well as having him be involved with the Hall of Fame, their Legends program, and promoting the upcoming Four Horsemen and Starrcade DVDs.

– This week’s episode of “Hogan Knows Best” will be about Hulk and Linda going on a romantic vacation while Brooke and Nick stay home with Brian `Nasty Boy’ Knobs.

– Many WWE workers continue to be negative about the Diva Search competition backstage. Despite the negativity, the segments have been drawing strong ratings.

– WWE has started selling Eddie Guerrero “Who’s Your Papi?” t-shirts.

– TNT, Garrison Cade and Trevor Murdoch, are expected to debut as heels once they debut on WWE television. The team has already filmed a series of vignettes. The Murdoch part of Trevor’s name is a takeoff of the late Dick Murdoch.

– Johnny Swinger’s new name, Johnny Parisi, is a takeoff of Tony Parisi.

– After reports coming out that Tatanka had signed a deal with WWE, he updated his website with this message regarding a return to WWE:

“I want to express that things went very well backstage and in the ring at MONDAY NIGHT RAW and I will be speaking with the office in the upcoming days. Until I release an OFFICIAL statement by me do not trust any false statements. I will at the proper time release info according to the decisions and direction of the officials of the WWE. I appreciate you all!”

– WWE.com has confirmed that Bret Hart met with WWE officials today and will continue to meet with officials all week regarding his involvement with the upcoming release of the 3-disc “Screwed: The Bret Hart Story” DVD. Some reports say that the name of the DVD could change since “The Hitman” is now involved.