[WWE] News on CM Punk, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Cornette, and possible Summerslam Spoiler


– Dusty Rhodes, who has met recently with Stephanie McMahon to discuss possible roles either on-air, in the legends program, in creative, or all of the above, is said to be in better shape then when last seen on TNA and according to Mike Johnson at PWInsider.com, motivated to show TNA “what they missed out on” according to several sources.

WWE.com has added to its coverage of this story the following quote from Stephanie: “Dusty is an incredible asset both creatively and as a talent. We are exploring all possibilities of working with Dusty in the future.” Additionally, Dusty’s official Web site has posted positive comments on the meeting.

– PWInsider.com is also reporting that plans to put CM Punk and Alexis Laree together as a duo in WWE have been scrapped.

– Jim Cornette appeared on last night’s “Between the Ropes” radio show in Florida, but did not discuss the incident where he struck an OVW student, which served as WWE’s last straw before releasing him. He dis say that he has no ill will towards WWE and the company did him a favor by releasing him since he’s been burnt out. He is still with OVW in a promotional capacity, as previously reported, as well as making occassional indie appearances.

– Fans in the Oklahoma City, OK, area have been receiving info on the upcoming September 18 RAW Unforgiven PPV. This information announced the following potential spoiler (highlight the text to read it): The main event for the show is currently scheduled to be WWE Champion John Cena vs. Kurt Angle. Tickets go on sale this Saturday and Jim Ross and Ric Flair will be at the Ford Center Box Office from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to greet fans.

Credit: PWInsider.com, “Between The Ropes”

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