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Time To Start Writing, The Bootleg’s up!

Little known fact: I write this column in the wee hours of Friday morning. I highly doubt that I’ve ever begun this column before midnight. But this week I had a good reason for starting the column later than usual; I was on AIM with a loyal reader.

In fact it was so successful that I’ve decided that when InsidePulse celebrates it’s one year anniversary I’m going to become completely accessible to my readers by giving out my AIM name.

Wait, IP’s anniversary is next week. Damn, I’ve really got to give more thoughts to proclamations of accessibility.

What I Watched Last Week

Over There – Really solid show. To my eyes it’s really bypassing taking an actual stance on the war. There are characters who are concerned with motivations of their attackers, but the show is far from preachy. This week’s episode was pretty tense.

I’m a bit unnerved that they’re already hawking the pilot on DVD. But this is America.

Starved – Eh, it had it’s moments. I’ve yet to really make my mind up about the show. It’s a bit too much of a “dramedy” for my taste. But I suppose when you’re dealing with eating disorders that’s to be expected.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Now this show was funny. You’ve got to hand it to a show featuring white characters that tackles race right off the bat. On top of that it was genuinely funny. If Seinfeld ever had an heir (unlikable, unredeemable characters in funny outlandish situations) this is it. Starved should follow, with this as the lead in.

Miami Ink – Man, do I love this show. Finally there is evidence that getting a tattoo that’s related to a present romantic relationship is foolish. Dope stories people getting tats. This is superb television.

Inked – This is typical “reality tv” in the vein of The Real World. “Watch as personalities confined in close quarters clash.” Boring. It is cool to see guys trying to out “tough guy” each other. But the actual people getting work, suck. Actually the folks that work in the shop suck too. I only watch this show because it makes me love Miami Ink more.

And this trash is coming out on DVD? Boo.

Entourage – I would be lying if I told you I could remember what happened this week. Oh wait, they did the ComicCon thing. Man, way to give geeks and nerds a bad name. Vince is acting like a complete punk. That U2 scene was completely gratuitous, and there wasn’t enough Ari. Boo.

Rescue Me – Pretty good episode. I’m curious why Tommy’s wiz hasn’t really taken any action against him. I’m happy to see that Franco’s dealing with his addiction. It’s really interesting to see how folks from a different generation deal with homosexuality. It’s tough, but pretty realistic, I’d imagine.

The Comeback – Very good episode. It’s cool to see Valerie develop a backbone. I’m guessing that this series is going to work better as a season, than individual episodes. I can’t wait to see the backlash from Val’s call to Pauly G.

Greatest Show Ever…this week – Six Feet Under

What a tease. The previous episode ends with Nate collapsing, and viewers not knowing if he’s dead or alive. But this week gives us all of the tension of hoping that he pulls through the surgery and the coma. And when he does come out of it, he dies in the final scene of the episode! What a tortuous, sadistic, genius twist

I’ll admit this would have been a superb episode even if Nate hadn’t died. You’ve got Maggie not knowing how to make an exit, a very bitter yet forgiving Brenda. You’ve also got David and Keith as oblivious parents. I really felt bad for Maggie, being in possibly the most awkward situation known to man. The doctors rookie slip up of assuming Maggie was the wiz, was comedy and cringe inducing.

Plus the episode had Ruth and Hiram groping and discussing alternatives to intercourse. How could this not be the best show ever?

FX’s Foray Into Comedy

FX has been promoting the hell out of Starved and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. While they were funny, I’d really dig if FX brought back Lucky.

Y’know the network’s first foray into comedy? First off it was set in Las Vegas, and it was a really solid show. Ok, so technically it was more of a dramedy, but it was just like Starved only minus the vomiting and twice as entertaining.

As for the current crop of comedies, I noticed how these were pretty small productions. Eric Schaeffer not only stars in Starved but he’s also the Creator, Writer, Director, and Executive Producer of the program. And the male leads of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which is becoming increasingly annoying to type out) are the creators, developers, writers and Executive Producers of the show.

So either FX has no budgets or it’s giving people a chance to create their art. Either way I’m pretty satisfied.

But bring back Lucky.

Battle of the Bronson Pinchots!

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good News; you’re a Hollywood movie producer. Bad News; you’re not really a big shot. Maybe you’ve had a drug problem and are on thin ice. Maybe you’ve just been promoted from the mailroom. Who knows? The point is you’ve got to green light a script. Good News; you’ve got a chance to impress your boss. Bad News; your task is adapting a TV show to the big screen. Good News; this movie could set you up for life. Bad News; there are only two TV properties that haven’t been adapted into movies. Worse News; they’re both Bronson Pinchot vehicles.

So would you rather make a feature film about Meego or Perfect Strangers?

Friday – Crickets chirping.

Saturday – Tumbleweeds blowing down the street.

Sunday – The awkward quiet when you profess the love for someone who doesn’t reciprocate.

Monday – The extended pause G-Dub makes when someone asks him a tough question.

Tuesday – That silence that’s loud enough to hear a pin drop.

Wednesday – The sound of your phone not ringing after you’ve given your number to a cute girl who never intends to call you.

Thursday – The tense stillness between two people who know their relationship is over.

As for my response…what, you think I’m going break from the pack and offer my thoughts? I’m a sheep man.

But obviously this leads us to…

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you’re about to meet a moderately popular celebrity. Bad News; you’re about to meet this person in a fight for your life. Maybe it’s a pit fight. Maybe it’s a gladiator type match. Perhaps it’s like one of those “tied to each other” battles like in the video for Beat It. The point is; it’s a fight to the death. Good News; you’re health and you’ve got all your limbs. Bad News; you’re facing off with some grizzled veterans.

So, would you rather face off against Jack Bauer (24) or Race Bannon (Jonny Quest)?


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And I’m the “M”

Um, that’s it.

The column’s done.

Nothing more to read here.

See you guys next week.

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