More Trouble For CNN's Novak

Robert Novak, whose involvement in the leaking of a CIA officer’s name in a 2003 column has sparked a federal probe, was suspended by CNN after he swore and walked off the set during a live broadcast of “Inside Politics.”

The show’s host Ed Henry said that he had been about to ask Novak about his role in the leaking of Valerie Plame’s identity, which Novak has refused to comment on.

The problem occurred Thursday as Novak and Democratic representative James Carville were handicapping the Senate candidacy of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Novak said the opposition of the Republican establishment in Florida might not be fatal for her.

“Let me just finish, James, please,” Novak continued. “I know you hate to hear me, but you have to.”

Carville, speaking to the camera, said: “He’s got to show these right wingers that he’s got a backbone, you know. It’s why The Wall Street Journal editorial page is watching you. Show ’em that you’re tough.”

“Well, I think that’s bull—- and I hate that,” Novak replied. “Just let it go.”

As moderator Henry attempted to intervene, Novak walked off the set.

A CNN spokeswoman, Edie Emery, called Novak’s behavior “inexcusable and unacceptable.” Novak apologized to CNN, and CNN was apologizing to viewers, she said.

“We’ve asked Mr. Novak to take some time off,” she said.

Various attempts to phone calls to Novak on Thursday and Friday were not returned.

Only two weeks ago, CNN executives defended their decision to keep Novak on the air during the investigation into the leak. Novak identified Plame in July 2003 as the wife of Bush administration critic and former U.S. ambassador Joseph Wilson.

In his syndicated column Monday, Novak provided some details after initially refusing to comment further. He did not dispute that a former CIA spokesman Bill Harlow told him he should not print Plame’s name during conversations they had before the column was written.

But Novak asserted that no CIA official ever told him in advance “that Valerie Plame Wilson’s disclosure would endanger her or anybody else.”

Wilson has said the leak of his wife’s name was an attempt by the administration to discredit him. Two other journalists who reported on the case openly fought the revelation of their sources, and Judith Miller of The New York Times has been convicted for refusing to cooperate with prosecutors.

Henry revealed Thursday that Novak had been informed before the “Inside Politics” taping that he was going to be asked on air about the CIA case.

“I’m hoping that we will be able to ask him about that in the future,” Henry said.

Credit: Yahoo/AP