[WWE] Lance Storm Talks Steroids, Hassan Coming Back?, and More News on Hogan and Bret


– InsidePulse reader Eric Jackson sent the following:

Hey, I was watching Smackdown this week in Jacksonville, FL when a commercial for an August 30th Smackdown to be here in Jacksonville. It said that the main event of the evening (probably a dark match) will be a six man tag match with Batista, the Undertaker, and Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero, and Mohammed Hussan. I’m wondering if they are using Hassan for dark matches like this or if this will be changed.

Slam Wrestling has a story on the latest round of WWE.com-reported news involving Dusty, Bret and more.

– The AP has another story on “Hogan Knows Best.”

Lance Storm, in a must-read, has posted a new commentary on his Web site. This one is all about steroids. Also, his other most recent commentary is on kayfabe and can be found here.

– WWE.com has a story up on Mick Foley visiting recovering troops, as well as a “Five Questions” video feature with John Cena that can be accessed from the main page as well as the John Cena superstar home page.

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