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Thanks to John “The Big Mosh” Masiulionis for sending this in.

Monday Night Mayhem — “Home Of Wrestling Radio”


The true star of the hot VH-1 television series, “Hogan Knows
Best,” and one-half of the former WCW & WWE World Tag Team
Champions, The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs, was a guest on the
08/04/05 edition of Monday Night Mayhem, which can be heard
in streaming audio every week exclusively on MondayNightMayhem.com
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Here are highlights from the interview provided by the show’s correspondent,
Dan “Ho-Ju” Kriegbaum, of www.MondayNightMayhem.com.


Has it already been fourteen years since The Nasty Boys defended the WWE Tag
Team Titles against The Legion Doom at SummerSlam ’91 at Madison Sqaure
Garden in NYC? The interview starts off with that trip down memory lane, as
The Big Mosh welcomed Brian Knobbs to the show. Knobbs starts off by stating
that The Big Mosh & The Angry Hero should be a tag team on the wrestling
scene. Mosh started the interview with discussion about “Hogan Knows Best,” as
Brian ran down the past between his & Hogan’s friendship, in addition to how
successful the show is doing currently and what’s in store for the future (with
season II already in the works). Knobbs also talked about his “gameplan” for
him & “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart and how their mission was to watch
out for Hulk’s daughter, Brooke, on her date at Busch Gardens and diffuse any
trouble that might happen.

The next topic of discussion was Hogan’s opponent at SummerSlam, “The
Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, as Knobbs went into a little shoot about HBK and
how he always cries. Brian remembered Shawn & his attitude when he was an
active part of the WWE roster and honestly feels that “The Babe Ruth Of
Professional Wrestling” is going to talk all over Michaels in two weeks at The MCI
Center in Washington D.C.

Mosh then mentioned that he spotted Knobbs two sections to his right at The
Staples Center in Los Angeles, LA for WrestleMania 21. Knobbs gave his
thoughts about how the nostalgia of the entire weekend and how was “awesome” to
experience — both the WrestleMania spectacular itself & the WWE Hall Of Fame
ceremony. He then went on to say the sport is his life and in his blood, and
that’s why a lot of superstars refuse to go quietly into the night & retire
from the business.

The Mayhem Crew then got to talking about old WCW matches that are now being
played on WWE 24-7, as Knobbs gave his takes about some of the matches that
are currently being played. Brian vividly remembered the last time
WrestleMania was in “The City Of Angels” (WrestleMania VII), as him & his partner,
Jerry Saggs, defeated The Hart Foundation to capture the WWE World Tag Titles.
Brian, to this very day in time, felt that was one of the crowning moments of
his long career.

Knobbs then talked about his time working with the now defunct XWF wrestling
promotion. Brian ran down the history of the company, starting from the fall
of WCW, how Greg “The Hammer” Valentine started the concept, and how it went
up from there. He also plugged the recently released XWF DVD’s as well
(where you can purchase right now at www.XWFDVD.com).

Brian vividly remembered his long & storied feud, as part of The Nasty Boys
vs. The Legion Of Doom. Knobbs said it almost seems like yesterday when that
feud heated up the tag team division in professional wrestling. Everyone in
the business, including himself, still misses Hawk to this very day. He also
credits Animal in his recent WWE Tag Team reign with Hedenreich, in addition to
the success of The Road Warrior DVD.

Staying on the topic of tag team wrestling, Mosh, Hero, & Knobbs shifted the
interview into where tag team wrestling is currently & where it’s headed.
Brian gave the most candid & personal moments of his time with The Mayhem on
this issue. He mentioned that The Dudley Boyz and how they remind him of The
Nasty Boys back in the day. Knobbs then became a walking wrestling almanac,
taking Mosh & Hero in the trenches and what it was like wrestling The Steiner
Brothers, Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne (which he felt started a good majority of
the hardcore wrestling we saw thereafter), and several other teams. He then
compared those feuds & teams to those from the tag team wrestling scene in the
WWE & TNA today. Brian believes that a good majority of tag teams are thrown
together, just for the sake of having tag team wrestling matches on the card.
But, he does feel that TNA is holding down the fort & keeping the art alive,
with such teams as Team Canada, America’s Most Wanted, The 3 Live Kru, and
The Naturals — just to name a few. He also likes what the WWE has done with
MNM and how they are the torchbearers for what is left in the WWE.

Mosh went into detail about the recent weak writing & creative teams in the
WWE today. Brian understands why that is the way it is today, with everybody
having someone above them and wrestling being afraid to say “no” for fear of
getting in trouble. Knobbs mentioned that 99% of his material was never
scripted, as is all came from his head.

Brian was then asked for his takes about the two most famous managers in his
career, “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart & Missy Hyatt. He gave his
thoughts about the recently inducted WWE Hall Of Famer first, saying that it was
perfect that managed them right off the bat in their WWE run, as he carried
them right to the top. He classified Missy as pretty much eye candy for The
Nasty Boys (the WCW version of The Nasty Boys), and there was no real comparison
between her & Jimmy Hart.

Mosh then talked about the awesome promos that The Nasty Boys got to deliver
in the early 90’s, and how you don’t see promos like that anymore. Brian
then tips his hat to performers of today like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and
Kurt Angle, for trying to make the best of what they have today. Brian brought
up “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes as an example of making the best of
what he had, concerning his polka-dotted singlets.

Knobbs had some fun working the Hardcore division at the latter part of
World Championship Wrestling, having epic feuds with Fit Finaly & several other
superstars. Brian felt that all “killed each other” with “real” tables chairs,
mops, and anything (and everything) else they could get their hands on and
how working those style of matches cut his career short.

Brian went into detail about the real life heat between Paul Heyman (and
Extreme Championship Wrestling) and Eric Bischoff (and World Championship
Wrestling) and how what we recently saw on WWE RAW was very much art imitating
life. Knobbs brought up the fact once again how he felt that some of his matches
in ’93 & ’94 from WCW were some of the first real hardcore matches before ECW
became immensely popular & before that style of wrestling was televised to
the masses.

Brian told the audience how he is just getting over a knee replacement. The
Big Mosh recommended Buffalo’s own, Ilio DiPaolo’s pasta, to cure that — in
which Brian responded by saying Ilio’s it the best restaurant on the northern
east coast. They then began talking about the history of wrestling in
Buffalo, including Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer and the old legends events at The
Memorial Auditorium, one of which featured former Buffalo Bills QB & Hall Of
Famer, Jim Kelly’s, interference with a football helmet in The Nasty Boys vs.
Public Enemy match. Brian then reminisced about the other WCW events that took
place in Buffalo and what it was all done for — the Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship
Fund and various other charitable organizations. Mosh & Hero talked about how
large events like that should still occur today. Since they aren’t, the
former Nasty Boy is going to work his magic, speak with longtime friend (and
owner of Ilio DiPaolo’s), Dennis DiPaolo, and see if something can be worked with
Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Mosh & Hero had to being up the highlight of this past week, which saw The
Native American Tatanka make a one night return to WWE programming, on this
past week’s RAW from The Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort during The Eugene
Invitational. This had Brian in stitches, which then featured the world’s best
Tatanka impersonation from Nasty Knobbs himself!

“The Death Of WCW” book (by WrestleCrap’s own RD Reynolds) and the life &
times of World Championship Wrestling were discussed. Brian was in WCW through
the good times & the bad, and Knobbs held nothing back — giving his thoughts
on the company as a whole. He also said that the hardcore fans of WCW and
other companies control the future of the business, and not Vince — despite
what others might say to that. Knobbs admitted to being a huge mark for
old-school WCW footage when he gets a chance to watch it.

Knobbs closed out the interview talking about a possible return to the
business and how he is trying to get back into shape, but his main focus right now
is on “Hogan Knows Best.” The Big Mosh asked Brian to put the rumors to rest
about Hogan’s son, “Nasty” Nick. Knobbs commented that despite Brooke &
Linda finding an opened condom rapper in Nick’s drawer, that he is indeed a
virgin. rian also commented on Brooke’s music career, and how he sees her going to
the top very quickly.

You can check out all stuff that is Brian Knobbs on “Hogan Knows Best,” —
including tonight’s episode (airing at 9:30PM ET on VH-1), which features
Knobbs babysitting Nick & Brooke (the Hogan children) while Linda & Hulk are on a
romantic vacation. Will the house be standing when “The Immortal” couple
returns? You gotta tune in to find out!

In addition, check out Brian’s work with the XWF wrestling promotion, now
forever immortalized on DVD. You can purchase their new DVD’s on


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in California, hoping to iron out a deal between them.

What are Jindrak’s feelings about the WWE Creative Team & the company in
general after being released? Where did he feel everything went wrong? In order
to find out the answers to these questions and many more, tune in to this
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Join The Mayhem on August 11th for an all-new slam-packed edition, as “The
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initial comments from Jim Cornette this past week, but you have heard nothing
yet. “The Louisville Slugger’s” crusade will continue on Monday Night Mayhem —
and we promise that he will hold nothing back! In addition, former TNA
X-Division Champion, Chris Sabin, will join The Big Mosh & The Angry Hero to
preview his upcoming match at Ballpark Brawl V: Bang! Bang! Have A Nice Day this
Saturday night in Buffalo, NY (against “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels),
in addition to his plans for next Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice PPV!

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