Canadian Idol – Recap – August 9

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for your double does of karaoke from Canadian Idol and Rock Star: INXS. If you live in Canada, that is. But this isn’t about rocking out and watching Dave Navarro contribute nothing of note when critiquing singers. This is the Canadian Idol recap – where we get to see Ben Mulroney contribute nothing of note when critiquing singers.

Last week, to the shock of perhaps noone, Amber Fleury was eliminated. Shocking, however, would describe Suzi Rawn’s presence in the Bottom Two. Will we see Ms. Rawn there again? I wouldn’t count on it. However Josh Palmer has been Bottom Three for two straight weeks – can he do what Melissa O’Neil did and dig himself out of that hole?

This week the kids will be singing the Standards. Yes, songs written by Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Cole Porter and made popular by Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong will be reinterpreted by 7 young Canadians, none of whom are older than 26. And none of who will be singing these songs should they put out an album.

I’m not expecting a miracle in terms of singing this week. Anyone can sing the standards – for example Regis Philbin, John Stevens, even Data – but it’s hard to sing them in an original manner, and that’s what I suppose the Idols will be trying to do. Keep it simple, and the judges will rip on them for not being original. Try something new, and risk the judges telling you that it sucked. No win situation here.

Call me cynical, but to me a week like this represents an opportunity to see which singers have the biggest fanbases. How you sing this week will not matter – if you don’t have much of a fanbase, you’ll be in the bottom three. To that end, you’ll probably see – deservedly or not – Josh and Darryl there. Will my prediction come true? Will I change my mind after the show finishes? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Quick recap of last week, credits, and here’s your host Ben Mulroney. He walks through the 20 piece orchestra, and announces that it’s “Big Band” week, which is slightly different from singing Standards. After all, Paul Anka just did big band covers of popular songs – would a “Big Band” week let them sing Anka’s version of “Jump”? And here’s the “Rat Pack” of judges:

Jake Gold thinks that some people have style (looks at Farley with the pimp hat), but it’s always about substance.
It’s Farley Flex‘s birthday, and he thinks that the orchestra will allow the Idols to feel the music more.
Sass Jordan notes that the kids will have to tap into a cultural state of mind that existed before they were born.
Zack Werner expects that tonight will be about music.

Ben voices over an introduction to the Standards. And conducting the orchestra is former Mike Bullard wingman Oren Isaacs. Now it’s time to meet the Super Seven – and if you don’t say anything else, you can say that they’re definitely dressed the part. They’ll be singing after the

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We’re back, and infamous Olympic Gold Medallists Jamie Salé and David Pelletier are in the audience.

“Rockin'” Suzi Rawn is up, and she’s singing “Minnie the Moocher” by Cab Calloway. And for some reason she reminds me of how Kira Nerys looked in Vic Fontaine’s lounge on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Aside from that, it’s another strong performance from Suzi. A very enjoyable performance, and a great way to lead off the night.

Jake – You had lots of swagger and you pulled it off.
Farley – It’s great to see you have fun and sing so well.
Sass – Amazingly fun and absolutely fabulous.
Zack – Good for you.

Ben notes that Suzi was actually nervous before this since she’s the “rocker chick”

Now it’s time for Aaron “Method Actor” Walpole singing “I Can’t Believe You’re In Love With Me”. And he uses his theatrical training to get the voice down pat. The dancing is nice too. I didn’t think the actual SINGING was that great, but he had a lot of fun with it, and it was fun to watch.

Farley – You take that theatre and put it in everybody’s face. Well done.
Sass – That’s it. You’re amazing at that.
Zack – It’s like there’s good news and bad news. The good news is – that was fantastic! The bad news is – that was fantastic! (I think he means that he was so good at this that there’s no way he’ll be better at singing other styles)
Jake – You’re a song and dance man, and now you’ve proved that.

Ben – I can’t believe it. Sass likes it!! Sass really, really likes it!!

There’s more to come after the

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It’s time for more music, and singing Cole Porter’s “It’s De-lovely” it’s Melissa O’Neill. Melissa is really getting into the song, but I don’t really think it’s coming out well in the song – almost like she’s too concerned with forgetting the words. I wasn’t really feeling it.

Sass – You are by far the best singer on the show right now. That was absolutely amazing, but more important was the emotion and the vibe you have.
Zack – I hope Canadians didn’t miss that. You’re a threat to win the whole thing.
Jake – You embraced the idea and show it in your personality, and you do that every week.
Farley – Good preparation, and you did it with such ease.

Ben – As a viewer, that was perfect.

Josh “the Enigma” Palmer is set to sing Heyman and Young’s “When I Fall In Love”. He’s audibly very off key, and tries for way too much vibrato for a Big Band song. On the other hand, he’s trying to give off a Harry Connick vibe, and it kinda, sorta works. But the high note at the end? It so didn’t. Now let the weekly Josh Pimp Session begin!!

Zack – Thanks, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been on this show.
Jake – It seems like I was watching an old 40’s Matinee Idol. The singing was just spectacular.
Farley – You rounded it out, well done.
Sass – It was dark, it was mysterious, and you’re a Contemporary Idol.

Ben – Give it up for this man, this man is amazing.

By the way, don’t forget about Murtz’ “Josh Palmer Challenge”. Let him know what you think about Josh.

The standards continue after the

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We’re back, and we see Jon Dore is here, doing a crime noir-ish comedy skit. Actually pretty funny.

Anthony Newly wrote “Feeling Good”, and singing it (to the delight of the young girls) is “Rowdy” Rex Goudie. And it’s pretty much what you expect – Rex singing like Rex singing the Standards. I think it’s his worst performance so far, but will it hurt him? Judging from the screaming girls, probably not.

Jake – You took that song and made it “Rex sings a rock song”. It’s the best you’ve ever sung.
Farley – You’re so natural, and you had fun.
Sass – It’s like Gush Night You guys are blowing me away tonight.
Zack – We should have this like the Amazing Race where everybody stays. Um, but wouldn’t that mean Ben would have to take someone’s money and they couldn’t change for the remainder of their time on the show?

Ben – Thanks for singing one of my favourite songs of all time.

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We’re back, and “Karaoke” Casey LeBlanc is singing Rogers and Hart’s “If I could Write A Book”. Similar to Melissa’s performance, I wasn’t really feeling it. Not similar to Melissa, I say this every week about Casey. She really doesn’t know how to express herself to the audience. I’m sure that Eastern Canada will be dialing IDOLS-06 like mad tonight.

Farley – You’re not steppin’ out there. There was no risk.
Sass – You look stunningly beautiful, but this isn’t your genre.
Zack – When you sang the high line, you were spectacular. It is what it is.
Jake – It doesn’t feel right.

Ben makes it all better by saying she looks like Grace Kelly.

One performer left, and he’s singing after the

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It’s time for the final performance, and singing Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World” it’s Darryl Brunt. And can I just say that he took the easy way out by singing this song? Still, it’s a good performance – if Mariah Carey toned down her theatrics and sang this song, it would sound like this (That’s actually a compliment). Vince Benennati sang it better though.

Sass – For me that was like Pee-Wee Herman singing Louis Armstrong.
Zack – That was really Tiny Talent Time. You and Casey are on a different TV show than the others.
Jake – That was one of the cheesiest performances I’ve seen on the show.
Farley – You didn’t step into the moment. That didn’t win it for me.

Ben – Noone listens to the judges talk. Everyone listens to you sing.

Here’s the recap, and we’re outta here.

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