'Desperate Housewives' Spoilers

Season 2 General Spoilers:

“My son and I have a lot of baggage with us and, it’s not just the stuff that we were unloading from the car,” Alfre Woodard said. “And it might make a few people’s hair stand on end when they’re watching! There’s something very provocative that happens at the very end of the first episode, and that’s the thing that’ll make you go ‘Whooooaa!’ It plays out over months. But you’ll definitely do that ‘Whoooaa!'” James Denton says that fans who want Susan and Mike together “are really going to like episode two.”

Source: Kristin On E!

Susan will find out about Zach’s relationship to Mike. Gabrielle finds a way to convince Carlos the baby is his. Bree will fight with Rex’ mother (played by Shirley Knight). Edie will start a relationship, which does not sit well with Susan.

Source: Spoilerfix.com

Variety reports that Richard Burgi (playing Susan’s ex-husband) is a series regular in season 2. Perhaps this is Edie’s relationship that doesn’t sit well with Susan?

Source: Variety