'Lost' Spoilers


Episode 2.01: Man of Science, Man of Faith
Airdate: September 21, 2005

“It’s on the level, of like, Locke in a wheelchair,” Jorge Garcia (Hurley) says. “The great thing about it is you learn a little bit about what’s in the hatch, and as you go through the first few episodes, more comes together, and you realize that it’s a much more significant thing than it was at the start of the show.” According to Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), we won’t miss a beat. “I think between the end of the first season and the start of the second there’s about 35 seconds,” he said. “So, you’re right in the midst of this action.”

Source: Kristin On E!

General Season 2 Spoilers:

Dominic Managhan (Charlie) said: “Charlie and Locke are going to re-explore their relationship. They kinda started doin’ that in the early part of the show. Locke kinda became Charlie’s mentor a little bit. And I think Charlie’s obviously gonna be struggling with the fact that there’s now heroine on the island, and kind of a huge supply of heroine, so he has to deal with those demons. Also, the baby’s gonna play a big part in his life, as is Claire. So Charlie’s gonna start to actually contribute to the group a little bit more, I think.” Jorge revealed: “We know that they’re gonna find more people on the island…”

Source: Kristin On E!

Maggie Grace (Shannon): “We’re going to find out what’s in the hatch quite early in the season — in the first episode, actually. We’re also going to find out more about Jack’s marriage, and some of Shannon’s backstory as well. We have a few clues — she was married, highly manipulative, that sort of stuff. And it’s a possibility that Ian might come back for that [backstory].”

Source: Kristin On E!