[SD] Early Smackdown Taping Results (Spoilers)


Early Smackdown results according to Clock and PWInsider.com:

SD results from August 9th in Columbus Ohio. Some stuff might be out of order but the match info is all correct –


Kazarian defeated London by using the ropes, London grabs mic and cuts a 30 second whiny promo that didn’t make sense about him always getting screwed.

WWE Cruiserweight champ Nunzio defeats ?

Ken “Mr.” Anderson defeats Funaki

Hardcore Holly defeats Steven Richards with an Alabama Slam. No Blue Meanie. No Nova.


Booker T vs. Joey Mercury. Melina, Jillian and Nitro accompany Mercury to the ring, Sharmel accompanies Booker. Jillian distracts the ref while Nitro beats on Booker T, ref sees and throws out Jillian and Nitro. Booker T wins with a really bad scissors kick.

Peep Show with Guest WWE champion Batista – Christian complains about not having a match at Summer Slam, challenges Batista for later. Batista accepts.

Animal and Heidenreich are shown walking to the ring backstage

WWE World Tag Team champions Animal and Heidenreich defeat two jobbers with a Doomsday Device. No shoulder pads for Heidenreich yet.

Randy Orton and Teddy Long argue backstage, Teddy says Orton has a match against a Legend who had a legendary feud with the Undertaker

Orton comes out to the ring and his opponent is Kamala. Orton hits RKO, poses, Taker’s music hits and a RIP Randy video is shown. Match ends in no contest I think.

John Cena’s new music video plays.

The Mexicools come out on their Juan Deeres. Match is Super Crazy and Psicosis vs. Scotty Too Hotty and William Regal Partway through the match Regal decides to leave, and Psicosis did his legdrop and pins Scotty. This was the same deal they taped last week in Bridgeport, CT but didn’t air it.

Chris Benoit defeats Simon Dean with the Crossface. Crowd went nuts for Benoit.

WWE World champion Batista and Christian went for a little while, mainly Batista owning Christian, then Batista hits a spinebuster. He is going for the Batista Bomb when JBL comes out and interferes. Match is over, but it sets up the dark match main event which is a JBL vs. Batista Street fight, lasting about 5 minutes with Batista winning.

Somewhere in all the mess was a 20 minute Eddie/Rey segment where Eddie brought a child service worker out to take Dominic and give him to Eddie. After 20 minutes of nonsensical bantering between Eddie and Rey the children’s service worker decides to put Dominic in a foster home. The Eddie vs. Rey custody match is set up for Summer Slam.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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