TNA At Ringside: Sacrifice Preview

Welcome back to ringside everyone. Smackdown! once again was horrible but I continue to bring you the diehard coverage because you’re all diehard fans. I have a HUGE announcement at the end of the column, so get ready.

6/5 Impact! Recap

You know Hollyric has you covered.


What TNA fan doesn’t love the X Division? Shut up Jarrett marks. The two X Cup Semi-Final matches where off the hook. Samoa Joe continues to impress and dominate. While AJ continues to be AJ. To think that these two are gonna hook up this Sunday at Sacrifice is un-real. They are so contrasting in styles yet we know they will make it work. We’ve seen AJ take on bigger guys before. We’ve seen Joe take on quicker guys before. TNA now pairs up their best all-around bigger man with their best all-around man. I don’t think I can stress how awesome this match will be. I will let the actions of these two speak louder than my words this Sunday. Spend 30 bucks for this match. Campbell stated that no match is worth 30 dollars but this is one of those “Buy The PPV Matches.” Meaning, spend your money for this match and receive this match along with other great ones (Daniels vs. Mystery Man, Lynn vs. Waltman, and I’ll even say Rhino/Jarrett vs. Raven/Sabu for mark out purposes and what not)

Speaking of Daniels, he will take on an Internet Opponent in his match at Sacrifice. Is this ripping off Taboo Tuesday? Eh, maybe. Will it be better than Taboo Tuesday? Of course. Taboo Tuesday sucked because most of the winners/matches were predictable. Nothing shocked you with that PPV. The TNA voting is a bit different. You are voting for a guy that isn’t a regular in TNA. It’s not like you’re voting to see Daniels vs. Sabin, Daniels vs. Williams, Daniels vs. Shane, or Daniels vs. Skipper. We’ve seen those matches. We haven’t seen Daniels vs. Aries (my vote) or Daniels vs. Strong.

Now I voted for Aries because that’s the guy I know the most about. Sure, I’ve heard of them all either through my Indy Wrestling fan friends or just by playing TEW, but Aries is the guy I think will put on the best show with Daniels. So if you haven’t voted go do so now.

Sacrifice Preview

Raven & Sabu vs. Rhino & Jeff Jarrett: This match won’t dazzle us in the ring, bank on that. Raven doesn’t have the biggest move selection and neither does Jarrett or Rhino. Sabu of course will screw up spots. This match is a sheer mark match for me. I was a big Rh(y)no fan in WWE. I hated it when he was released but loved it when he signed with TNA, Raven always tells a good story in the ring, Sabu is a guy I’ve liked since ECW because of his high spots; hit or miss, and Jarrett, I’ll just skip him. Sadly I expect this to be over-booked to death. Why? Jeff Jarrett is in it, that’s why. Shit, they over-booked him in his match with AJ Styles at Hard Justice. Every Jarrett PPV match has been over-booked. This one will most likely end in a guitar shot to Raven and Jarrett will cover for the win. That will of course set up Jarrett’s title match at Unbreakable.
Winners- Jeff Jarrett & Rhino

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: I’ve already stated how much this match will rule. I think Samoa Joe will win as they continue to build him as the X Division monster. No beef with that though. It’s not like AJ will lose heat by losing to Joe.
Winner- Samoa Joe

Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries: I’ll go ahead and say Aries wins the voting because he has a good lead right now. I won’t lie to you, I don’t know much about Aries. I know that he was a former ROH World Champion and that he puts on a hell of a match based on TEW Results. That shows me that he and Daniels will put on a very good match because TEW Results never lie and Daniels is the man. Part of me wants to say Aries will win just for shock value. That’s unlikely though as a well-built Joe/Daniels feud with Daniels current title run is better than a Joe/Aries feud with Aries only having the title for a month.
Winner- Christopher Daniels

Kip James & Monty Brown vs. 3 Live Kru with BG James as the Special Guest Referee: PULL THE TRIGGER! Many (including myself) have said that this storyline has gone on way too long. I now realize that TNA has dragged this out to the perfect point. Think about it: BG James turns at Sacrifice, The Outlaws face 3LK at Unbreakable and win, That win makes them top contenders for the tag titles, and at Bound For Glory (the TNA Wrestlemania ) they compete for and win the tag titles from the Naturals. If TNA is as smart as me, they will run the storyline exactly how I said it. We have all given them shit about waiting so long to turn BG, if they turn him on Sunday and run the storyline I’ve laid out; we should all give TNA credit.
Winners- Kip James & Monty Brown

Team Canada vs. America’s Most Wanted & The Naturals: What the hell happened to AMW vs. Bently/Shelley? That match had promise I thought. I hope this is Survivor Series format; I’ve always been a fan of those matches. This should be a good match as AMW and Canada always deliver and you can normally pencil in The Naturals for a good match as well. Team Canada won’t win unless they cheat and Ms. Cleo didn’t see that in the cards.
Winners- America’s Most Wanted & The Naturals

Sean Waltman vs. Jerry Lynn: LYNN RETURNS!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always liked Lynn from his days in ECW so this should be another mark out match for me. Waltman has been spot on since returning to TNA, I guess Peter Brady turned him around. Come to think of; Waltman is heel, Kip James is heel, BG James should turn heel, hmmmmm. Anyway, this should be another good match between two very good workers. I don’t think Lynn will miss a beat, at least I hope he doesn’t.
Winner- Jerry Lynn

Abyss vs. Lance Hoyt: I like what TNA has done with Abyss. They have given him that unstoppable monster type deal, something that works well with him. Hoyt has quickly become one of the most over guys in TNA. I think this match will surprise a lot of people with how good it will be. Both men move around the ring well for big guys. I think Abyss will get the win in order for him to keep the monster feel. It may be by cheating though in order to set up a gimmick re-match at Unbreakable. You know how much TNA loves those gimmick re-matches.
Winner- Abyss

Shocker vs. Alex Shelley: I like both workers but man am I kind of sick of this match. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if they advertised it as “Alex Shelley vs. Shocker Best of 7” after their first match. But it’s clear that they couldn’t think of anything better to do with either man so they stuck them together again and said “Series Tied 1-1, Rubber Match.” I expect the same thing we saw from these 2 the first time out.
Winner- Alex Shelley

TNA is expected to announce more matches before Sunday. Please don’t give us Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy vs. Elix Skipper AGAIN!

The Shawn Michaels Fall Out

So if you read last weeks column then you know what I’m talking about here. A quick recap:

I told my friend I knew Shawn Michaels, he believed me, I dragged it out.

So on Friday my buddy Griff linked BMOC420 to the column and laughed at him. For one week now, BMOC has hated me because I didn’t warn him about the column. Hell, what fun is it if the guy knows about something funny in advance? You don’t see Ashton Kutcher telling people “Hey, I’m going to punk you on Saturday” The reaction wouldn’t be there, the show would suck.

Now I had all intentions of typing this bit up to apologize to BMOC but over the past week he has been a complete prick to me over a little joke. So f*ck him.

For The Record:

*Another friend of mine, John Gholson has met Shawn Michaels at a video game store I believe. Shawn walked in with his wife (who’s hott) and bought Pokemon Gold. Can you imagine that?

::Backstage at Wrestlemania 20::
::Vince walks in::
Vince: 5 minutes before you go on guys
HHH: Tell those vanilla midgets to do a couple more flips and summersaults; we are in the middle of a HUGE battle
Vince: God damnit, I don’t want the cruiserweights getting more time. I know, I’ll just run a video package of how great I am. GENUIS!

Oh man, that’s good stuff.

A Fun Fact:

*Shawn Michaels played the character Michael Shane in Pacific Blue. Talk about irony.

Quote Of The Week

“You know what happens when someone makes Matt Hardy mad, right? He sends them a dirty email.” – Jerry Lawler on Raw

Truer words were never spoken

Plugs Around The Pulse (Wrestling Edition)

In light of IP’s 2nd year and the new look, I figured that I would plug some of the wrestling stuff this week.

The New Layout: The new layout is awesome. THERE’S A SEARCH BAR!

Staff vs. Forums: Week 1 : A cool concept and something I took part it, SO READ IT!

The Crucifix: Hevia delivers like only Hevia can. I really really enjoyed read this, props Dan.

Wrestling News, Opinions, Ect.: Eric bashes Bret Hart and now Canadians probably hate him. I thought it was a good column though.

The Monday Night Rabble: My favorite Raw Recap. VOTE IN THE RABBLE DIVA SEARCH!

TNA News: TNA News that I didn’t post. Man have I been slacking on the news. Thank god for people like Matthew.

The C-Cup
The C-Cup returns this week with the most off topic question I could think of. The NHL let Todd Bertuzzi back in the league, to read my thoughts on this bullshit, click here.

*Your Thoughts: What are your thoughts on the piece of shit that is Todd Bertuzzi?

I will plug anything you send me if you e-mail me with an actual comment on this question and have the guts to admit you like hockey. Other than that, hit me up with some TNA stuff.

The End

So here is the HUGE announcement:

I, Mr. TNA, shall be doing LIVE COVERAGE of TNA Sacrifice this Sunday. That’s right, for all you people who don’t want to spend your 30 dollars on the PPV, you can read my coverage and pay me 30 dollars. It should be fun to cover that one thing that Smackdown lacks…wrestling.

That’s it for this week folks. Check out the coverage on Sunday and e-mail me at Join me next time At Ringside.


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