Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – August 10

Here I am, back again, tell a friend.

So let’s review what happened on Wednesday night at the Canadian Idol Results show.

The first thing that I did was find Erica and tell her about the previous night’s plan gone awry. For those of you who missed Tuesday’s recap I told you all about my plan where my associate Richard, referred to one of the CTV audience co-ordinators as Toni Ferrari (because of her resemblance to the Paradise Hotel star). Erica didn’t realize what had happened and completely missed the joke. Anyway, as soon as I entered the building on Wednesday evening, I called her over and we shared a laugh about it.

I entered the theatre and was sitting in the right orchestra once again, in row L, seat 14.

On my left, a man introduced himself. He worked a the Metro and Eye newspaper chains and had brought his family.

On the stage, the band had been set-up once again. This was clearly in preparation for the swan song of whoever was eliminated from the competition.

I thought that tonight would primarily be a question of fanbase + talent + reputation. Tonight’s show was critical in determining who would not only move on in the competition, but also would dictate who would be serious contenders in the finale.

I was sitting behind Rex’s dad and in front of Melissa’s family. This was the rare results show where the name of the eliminated contestant was still up in the air.

Sue Brophy came out to jack up the crowd once again. After her auspicious entrance, the judges were introduced.

Host Ben Mulroney came out and told the crowd that his brother Nick would be returning home after the show (Nick was a regular at the festivities and had been living with Ben over the summer).

Jon Dore also made an appearance and was wearing a leather jacket. This was in stark contrast to the Sherlock Holmes trenchcoat that he had the night before.

The show opened with a dance/medley number. It was enjoyable, but a little on the slow side. Just like the 90’s dance music that I enjoy, I like uptempo stuff. I really found Daryl to be quite funny because the group performance ended with him serenading the other contestants. For some reason, I found it absolutely hysterical.

Sue said that the show aired live in the East Coast. That’s something that I didn’t know. I just assumed that the show was tape-delayed like it is in Ontario.

There were 24 Ms. Canada Globe contestants in the audience.

The orchestra took their seats as the show began.

Mulroney said that 3.1 million votes were cast on Tuesday night before throwing to a recap from the performance program.

I read a funny recap on another site that said that Josh Palmer looked like Donald Trump on the Standard show so when I saw him again, that’s all I could think of.

There was a very loud cheer for Daryl when his clip aired, and I thought that this was an ominous sign.

I just realized that there were more guys than girls now in the competition! This was major considering how the girls started with a big majority.

During the commercial break, the stools were set but this time there were six. I guess they were changing things up because now you would only get to sit on a stool if you were safe… not if you were in the bottom three.

During the same commercial break, Sue Brophy introduced the fans of the night who had been in-line since 12:30 PM for a 6:30 PM taping. That my friends, is dedication although it is nothing compared to me standing 17 hours in line to meet Avril Lavigne. Laugh if you must.

The contestants came out and here’s how they stacked up on center stage.

FRONT ROW: Suzi, Daryl, Casey
BACK ROW: Melissa, Rex, Aaron, Josh

Ben said that there was a small voting problem in the East, but it didn’t affect the results.

Here we go:


Casey, Josh and Aaron were left standing before the commercial break. Only one would be safe. I was sure that it was going to be Casey, given her enormous fanbase.

During the commercial break, the standard consoling took place.

Logic would dictate that the bottom 3 will be:

Daryl, Josh and Casey, but given how many Casey fans there are, I just wasn’t sure. For some reason, I was starting to suspect that we would get another shocker (like last week) with Aaron being in the bottom.

This was actually the first time that Casey seemed relaxed on-stage. It was interesting that the 4 left standing on stage (Daryl, Casey, Josh, Aaron) were all wearing black.

After the commercial break, we got the rest of the results.


Once again, it was a stunner. Ben asked the judges for their comments.

Jake: Last night was the kind of music that allowed the singers to shine.

Farley: The people up there (on the stools) really got into the moment and got into the theme.

Sass: Buggest surprise was that I finally got to say something nice to Aaron.

Zack: You don’t lose this thing, somebody wins this thing

Zack trying to appease Casey was kind of appalling, given the verbal tongue-lashing he gave her the night before. Because he was so nice to the New Brunswick native, I thought that it kind of sealed her fate and signed her death warrant in the competition.

Casey was told that she could move back to the stools as she was safe and this left the youngest competitor (Daryl, 16) standing beside the oldest competitor (Aaron, 26). One would be going home.

I thought that now it was clearly Daryl’s night.

Aaron simply fell victim to the notion where everybody just assumed that he would be safe.

During the final commercial break, everyone went to console the bottom pair. Casey remained on the couch.

The fans also started to chant:


This was the first time that I had seen this happen and it once again added an element of electricity to the theatre.

Commercial break ended and Ben announced it.

See you later Daryl.

In an appropriate choice, Daryl sang “What A Wonderful World” to a teary-eyed crowd as the show closed.

Six are left as we move closer to the finale.

Also, as a side note, I just returned from the Canadian Idol Mansion. It was a fantastic experience and I realized that for all of my criticisms, these are all really nice people and I will have more details on what happened at another time.


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