[MISC] Interview with Molly Holly


Friday, August 12 2005
By Steve Gerweck

> Gerweck.net < – Greenwald stated that her DVD isn’t a traditional “shoot” DVD. Greenwald talked about the content of the DVD, including extras. You can order the DVD by visiting www.noradvd.com and pay using PayPal. – Greenwald said another company approached her about doing a shoot interview, and decided she could do it herself and co-produced the DVD. – Greenwald said she didn’t consider doing a DVD until she was contacted about doing one. – She said she has been pleased by the sales of the DVD, especially from International orders. – She talked about giving fans a tour of her place on the DVD and stories told by her parents. – One of the extras on the DVD features a young Starla Sexton taking on Malia Hosaka. – She said that she kept her early days in pro wrestling a secret from her mom and dad. – Greenwald talked about coming up with the title of the DVD, “Shooting the Crap.” – Greenwald talked about her siblings, who are also featured on the DVD. She said when she was younger, her brothers were into the action of wrestling, but Greenwald preferred the story lines and drama. – Greenwald stated that she asked Mr. McMahon to be let out of her contract, which he agreed too. – She talked about learning more than just wrestling in the ring, and discussed TV production and admitted she knows how to set up and take down a wrestling ring. – Greenwald talked about the creative process in WWE. She stated that the idea for her to shave her head at Wrestlemania was her own. – She talked about having no problems ever putting girls over in the ring. – She stated that she loves to travel. For U.S. cities, she mentioned Asheville, NC, Las Vegas, and Boise, ID. Internationally, she enjoys visiting Canada. – The only state she has yet to visit is Alaska. – Greenwald said she liked Johnny Ace better when he wasn’t her boss. – In WCW, she listened to Randy Savage for creative cues. She also dealt with Jimmy Hart when she was doing the Saturday Night show. – She felt WCW was unorganized. – Greenwald said that she stays in contact with Gorgeous George. – She talked about receiving the phone call from JJ Dillon informing her she was being released from WCW. – She talked about being trained by Tracy Smothers in Memphis, prior to debuting in WWF. – She put over the training facility at the WCW Power Plant. At Power Plant, she helped in training Midajah, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Spice, Tygress, and Sharmell Sullivan. – Greenwald can not figure out why Brandi Alexander was never hired by WCW. – Luna Vachon recommend independent wrestler Starla Sexton (Greenwald) to face Jacqueline in 1998, which turned out to be a WWF try out. The match was shown on “Sunday Night Heat.” – She credits Malia Hosaka as helping her to get started with WCW. – Greenwald talked about working with Trish Stratus. – Greenwald stated that a portion of sales of the DVD will go towards Crash Holly’s daughter’s educational fund. – Greenwald said she hasn’t heard from WWE regarding her DVD. – Greenwald talked about Lanny Poffo contacting WWE about getting a fifteen second clip from a WWF match with Andre the Giant, and the company wanting a mere $75,000. – For a WWE DVD, she would feature her WWE debut, that didn’t go quite as well as she expected. – She said her match at Wrestlemania 20 vs.Victoria is her most memorable match. – When WWE cut divas in November 2004, she assumed they would be brining in more girls to replace them. – Greenwald said she is still hopeful for a competitive women’s division in WWE. She put over Melina, Jillian Hall, and Alexis Laree. – Greenwald said she continues to watch Raw on a regular basis since leaving the business. – She didn’t think the Hassan/Daiviri angle was anything new to pro wrestling. When WWE dropped the story line, she felt bad for Hassan and Daviri. – Since leaving WWE, Greenwald said her social calendar has kept her busy. – She said she had no specific goals left in wrestling. If she were to return, it would be to have more memorable experiences. – Greenwald said her first choice if she would wrestle again, would be to go back to WWE. She said she still loves to travel. – In WWE, Greenwald typically would travel alone. – She plugged her upcoming appearances. – She talked about running into Luna Vachon and David Health (Gangrel) in Phoenix at a Christian athletes ministries conference. Greenwald said she has yet to wrestle Luna. – She said she was hurt about things people reported about her departure from WWE. Visit noradvd.com is order the Greenwald’s DVD. You can listen to the interview in its entirety by calling the Gerweck Report hotline at 773-572-6302. The call is free, but long distance charges may apply.

Credit: Gerweck.net

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