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Finally, Gene Lindberg has come back to Byte This! My computer miraculously let me use media player today. So here the recap is…a couple of days late. But late is better than never, so let’s do this…

We kick off ByteThis! with host Todd Grisham. Todd gives us breaking news. Dusty Rhodes has signed with a WWE Legend program, and we have Dusty on the phone.

Todd asks Rhodes to explain what happened. He says Stephanie McMahon was a friend to him, and now he is friends with Vince. They reached an agreement that would talk again. He says he is excited to be part of such a tremendous family. He says he’s been with the independent circuit for a couple of years. He says he would like to wrestle Ric Flair at a house show sometime down the road. He says this a great oppurtunity to see what is going on the industry. Grisham says he can’t wait to see him in the WWE. Dusty relives some memories from his past. Dusty says when he saw Great American Bash he remebered the day when he helped create the PPV. He says he has knowledge to contribute to the company. He says it’s going to be a lot of work. He says young guys may be great athletes but do not remember the legends of the buisness. Dusty gets off the phone, and Todd announces that Carlito is next.

We come back to Carlito with the Intercontinental Championship. Grisham shows his Carlito shirt and his apple. Carlito says he should open up the show, and he should be the only one there. Carlito says he is going to make the show cool, and if anybody thinks they are cool he will spit an apple at their face. Grisham asks about Dusty, and Carlito says he’s no Carlito. Grisham comments on his debut impact. Carlito says nobody made a debut like he did. Carlito rolls the footage of his debut win over Cena for the US Title. Carlito says he has John Cena’s number, and that he should have beaten Cena a couple of weeks ago. Todd comments that the match wasn’t even fair. Carlito says Jericho was a good referee, and it was Chad Patton’s fault he isn’t champ. Carlito says he should be WWE Champion, and that Chad Patton gets fired. Todd asks Carlito what he is going to acomplish in the handicap on RAW this Monday. He says they are going to beat the hell out of him, and make him soft for Summerslam. Carlito says he is the king of debuts, as he won the Intercontinetal Title from Shelton Benjamin on his RAW debut. Grisham rolls the footage of him beating Benjamin. Carlito says he has beaten Benjamin so many times he can’t count them all. Grisham asks Carlito about his background. Carlito says there was no pressure growing up. His dad is a legned in Puerto Rico, but Carlito is also a legend. Grisham asks what Carlito has in store for future. Carlito says if movies come, they come, but right now he is focused on the WWE. Carlito says if Jericho becomes WWE Champ that they will have a good match for the title. Grisham asks if Carlito thinks his Cabana is the same as Piper’s Pit was. Carlito says it is better. Carlito says a good buisness decision would be to have the Cabana every week. Grisham says he is going to give Carlito a list of topics and he has to respond with “cool” or “not cool”.

John Cena – Not Cool
Chris Jericho – Cool
Hulk Hogan – Cool 20 Years Ago, Not Cool Now
Ric Flair – Cool in the Past, Not Cool Now
Shawn Michaels – Comments on his gay dancing…DEFINITELY NOT COOL
Vince McMahon – Very Cool
Terel Owens (sp?) – Cool
Kenny Rogers – Cool
San Fransican Radio Commentator Who Insulted Carribeans – Not Cool, Just Jealous
Todd Grisham – Definitely Not Cool

E-Mail Question: Many people compare you to The Rock, not only microphone wise but with your heritage. Do you think that comparison is justified?

Carlito says just because The Rock wants to be Carlito doesn’t mean they should compare him. He comments on him growing his hair out like Carlito and that his movie was called “Be Cool”.

E-Mail Question: Carlito who would you like to face in a dream match?

He would wrestle Carlito. He doesn’t know how he could beat himself.

Phone Call: What changes did he make to adjust to RAW?

No changes. Smackdown! isn’t cool anymore, but RAW is now.

E-Mail Question: Who do you think is the coolest wrestler in the WWE besides yourself?

Chris Jericho is coolest besides himself. Grisham asks who impressed him. He says Shelton Benjamin impressed him because he kept trying even after Carlito kept beating him.

E-Mail Question: What kind of music do you like? Who is your favorite singer?

Carlito says he likes all types of music. He likes everything besides country.

Grisham wants to know who is favorite wrestler was as a kid. Carlito says he enjoyed watching his father. He liked Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, and Ric Flair. Grisham asks him about Wrestlemania 21 with Steve Austin and Roddy Piper. Carlito says it wasn’t cool being attacked by both of them. Grisham rolls the footage of that event. Carlito cuts it early.

Phone Call: Would you shave your head for a shot at the WWE Title?

Why would Carlito shave his head? He should get a shot whenever he wants.

A fan in the chat room asks why Carlito got a shot when is so young. He says that he is cool and deserved it. Grisham announces they are going to play Cena’s new video and Carlito flips out. He spits an apple at Todd and throws an apple at his crotch. Carlito walks out. Todd shows John Cena’s new video. Todd pimps out Cena’s CD. Todd discusses Smackdown! and RAW events. He thanks everybody and cuts the show off.

You can watch a replay of Byte This! on WWE.com.

Thank you for reading this recap. Feedback is always welcome at littlespike909@yahoo.com

Peace out, up, and all in your face!

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