En Francais: TNA Impact Report


TNA Impact Report

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In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. TNA Sacrifice is this Sunday. PCO almost spoils the match between AJ and Petey Williams by saying “at Sacrifice, it will be AJ Styles, uh, who will be wrestling Petey Williams on this program, and the winner will face Christopher Daniels”. Blondin shockingly corrects him.

Matt Bently (w. Traci) vs Shark Boy: Bently starts off the attack with forearms to the back. Suplex gets 2. It looks like Traci almost injures her hand by giving Shark a slap. Shark Boy comes back with a knee to Shane’s head and a neckbreaker for 2. Dropkick from the top gets 2. 10-count punch on Shane, which he gets 6. Shark Boy notices Traci on the apron and does what every man dreams of, he bites on Traci’s butt. Superkick by Shane gets him the 1, 2, 3.


AJ Styles vs Petey Williams (w. A1): Christopher Daniels is commentating. Back and forth by both as they trade some aramdrags and armbars.


Bodyslam and two knee drops by AJ gets 2. AJ with a back breaker and a bodyslam. To the top, A1 pulls Williams out. AJ slides out and goes for powerbomb off the apron, no, legdrop by Williams. Ralph hits a clothesline and a bunch of kicks. Back in, Petey gets a 2. Resthold and some choking. AJ fights back with a suplex into a neck breaker. AJ with a clothesline, an elbow and a spinkick. Pumphandle slam with Williams’ stomach meeting AJ’s knee and that gets 2. AJ hits a reverse flapjack for 2. Back & forth with Petey getting Russian legsweep for 2. Candian Destroyer coming, no, a bunch of reversals and AJ gets a reverse DDT for 2. Styles Clash coming, no, crucifix by Williams for 2. A1 throws the hockey stick and distracts the ref. Williams has the stick, but AJ pushes him into Ralph. Pinning combo coming, no, Sharpshooter coming, no, cradle by AJ gets trrrrrrois.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Monty Brown (w. Kipp James) vs Elix Skipper: When they are about to lockup, Elix poses to the crowd and Monty attacks from behind. Outside the ring, Elix’s head, throat and back meet the railing. Back in, Monty gets a 2 count. Elix fights back with 2 clotheslines and a spinkick. Back & forth ends with a POOOUNCE by Monty for the 3 count.


AMW vs Simon Diamond & David Young: Young and James Storm start it off. Back & forth leads to a bunch of right hands by Storm and a tag to Chris Harris. They do the Hart Foundation’s move and Harris catapults Young into the corner. AMW knock out Simon. Double dropkick to Young and a drop toe hold to Simon into Young’s crotch. Simon in control with lefts and a cover for 2. Tag to Young and I guess this is that portion of the match. Doesn’t last long as Harris tags in Storm and he’s on fire. Powerslam to Simon and hurrincarana to Young for 2. AMW with a back body drop to Young. Storm hits a pescado to Simon. Half hour suplex to Young by Harris. Team Canada arrives. Eric Young trips Storm and David hits a spinebuster for the 3 count. While Team Canada attacks AMW, David and Simon celebrate on the outside. The Naturals come in to save the day.


Konnan & Truth vs Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts: Konnan and Clark start it off by trading armbars. Clark goes for a tag, and Batts doesn’t want. More back and forth ends with Konnan doing his rolling clothesline. Konnan takes his shoe off and throws it at Clark. 3LK do their version of Wazzup to Clark. Tag to Truth. Whip to the corner and Killings walks into a boot. BG James is looking on with an RDS shirt, which the announcers are marking out for. Moonsault by Clark. Truth doesn’t sell as he punches Clark a few times and throws Batts in. Spinkick to Batts by Killings with Konnan holding him. Cool DDT and powerbomb by Konnan to Clark for the cover, the count and the victory. Konnan takes the mic and says that James is here too late. Truth takes the mic and says James is ok. Konnan just leaves the ring. OOOKay.

Shane Douglas is with AMW and Naturals. Storm says that the tag belts belong to them and Harris says they need to rid of Team Canada. Chase Stevens reminds everyone that for the first time ever, it’s not AMW vs Naturals, it’s AMW teaming up with the Naturals.


Rhino vs Chris Sabin: Both men trade armbars and Rhino ends with a punch to the jaw. Flying headscrissors by Sabin. More back & forth with Sabin getting a dropkick for 2. Whip by Sabin to the corner, and he walks into a boot. To the top goes Rhino, enziguri by Sabin and Rhino is outside. Summersault dive by Sabin. Back in, Rhino gets a TKO for 2. Suplex gets another 2. More beatings by Rhino. Sabin comes back with a hurrincarana. Sabin with a clothesline, an atomic drop and a springboard elbow. Tornado DDT by Sabin gets 2. They’re really making Rhino look bad, aren’t they? Rhino throws Sabin over the top rope. He grabs a table from under the ring. Back in, Sabin gets 2 dropkicks (one seated, another from the top) for a 2 count. Spinebuster and GORE by Rhino gets the 1, 2, 3. Raven shows up and beats Rhino all the way to the outside. JJ comes in and a brawl erupts. Gore by Rhino! They set up the table and the lights go out. Sabu is in the ring with a chair! Chairshot to Rhino and a springboard elbow to JJ. Sabu sets Rhino on the top. Jarrett gets a lowblow on Raven and puts him on the table. Rhino powerbombs Sabu on Raven, who is on the table, but unfortunately, it doesn’t break.

TNA Sacrifice:

Rhino & Jeff Jarrett vs Sabu & Raven
AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe
Team Canada vs AMW & Naturals
Abyss vs Lance Hoyt
Jerry Lynn vs Sean Waltman
Christopher Daniels vs somebody
Monty Brown & Kip James vs Konnan & Truth (BG James is the referee)