The Sunday HEAT Wave


……………….. Sorry, just checking for a pulse (no pun intended) and yeah, still there. Whew, made it through another week with all my limbs attached and no loss of hair with the clock still ticking. And to top it off, we actually got some rain here at home! So half ways there with Summerslam on the horizon, things are looking good… so far. And I hope you all have enjoyed the NEW Inside Pulse v2. It’s got a great new look and gives things a fresher feel. So make sure you click around and get familiar with the new settings. But first, we got some HEAT.

Hosts: Todd Grisham and The Coach

Val Venis vs. Johnny Parisi
Val makes his triumphant to HEAT and he gets to take on Parisi who’s snubbed on an entrance this time, Ha-ha, which only means Val’s gonna get the win. But that won’t be until we get one of Val’s um, well, I think he’s in the “air line” business now. Match is off with Venis taking the high ground, and pounding Parisi down. A few back and forth exchanges as Parisi finally gets things turned around to his favor. Back body drop only gives him a 2! Parisi hits a few head drops onto Val’s lower back, but Venis chips away with a slam and momentum swings again. Back elbow, chest chops, and diving shoulder for 1! Parisi tries to use the feet on the ropes to get the win but ref sees and breaks it up. Val uses this to get up top and hit the money shot to get my winning predictions back on track just in time for Summerslam.
Winner: Val Venis

Quick Heat: If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to read up in a Special Rasslin’ Roundtable: Grading the Road to SummerSlam with yours truly making my roundtable debut.

RAW Diva Search review: Another girl gets cut, yada, yada, yada, just know Ashley’s still there.

Hey look, it’s Chavo!! Oh wait, no, no, yeah its Chavo just with a golf cart, he does look different. Now we all know what happens when Uncle Eddie gets greedy with the low riders. Well, Chav- err… Kerwin pimps his whiteness and gets ready to play a little golf as he goes out with a Frank Sinatra like tune.

Highlight Reel Review: Bischoff and Jericho bully around ref who counted Cena the win two weeks ago. Well someone had to be the referee voice of reason now that Hebner is gone. But I found new respect for referee Chad and I want him refereeing every match from here on out, dammit!!! Did you see the beating he took? And yet he did not suddenly go “unconscious” for half of the match after being softly shoved to the mat. Referee of the year I say!!

Tyson Tomko vs. “Tomko’s weekly HEAT Jobber”
Big boot to the face, match over by KO. And no, that wasn’t the cliff notes version. Brings new meaning to the word Squash!
Winner: Tyson Tomko

John Cena “Right Now” video review: Um, yeah, I HATE soft slow “emotion” rap. Yawn.

Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan review: Isn’t it great how heel HBK manages to just make you wanna cheer for him regardless of who he’s fighting!? Oh and plus he sweet chinned Lawler, which is always good in my book (get him off TV and the announcer booth already, please!!!). Good segment, this match should provide the memorable aspect of Summerslam this year.

Maria interview with Rene Dupree: Did I mention that the Summerslam video was the hottest one ever for a PPV!? So yeah, they should just keep Maria soaked in water and soap with music playing over her, the “dumb” act that got going with her is getting stale now.

Rene Dupree vs. Matt Striker
Evil French man vs. The Teacher in the main event! In the early going, Matt really looks like the weaker link of the match as Dupree over powers him. Things start to get bad as Dupree is using him as a punching bag and tosses Striker out of the ring. Rene throws Matt back inside the ring for 2! Choke hold slows the match down as Striker finally gets in some offense and hits a cross body for 2! Another cross body from the near left top rope for another 2! But out of nowhere the Cobra Clutch Slam for the win.
Winner: Rene Dupree

Heat Wave of the Night: Let’s see, we squeezed out a total of 3 matches that were the equivalent of 2. But even though the middle one took less than a minute, and maybe because football season is starting up again, I love the big hits! So without further ado, wave goes to Tomko’s big boot for the KO. Sigh, this only means that the show’s over and I gotta get ready for tomorrow and the 3rd week of August with no day off in sight for this week. But better to look at the glass half full than half empty so with 2 down, only 3 weeks to go!! Peace.