Fables #40 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell
Story Title: He’s Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage (Chapter 4 of Homelands)

Writer: Bill Willingham
Pencils: Mark Buckingham
Inks: Steve Leialoha
Colors: Daniel Vozzo
Letters: Todd Klein
Cover: James Jean
Assistant Editor: Mariah Huehner
Editor: Shelly Bond
Publisher: Vertigo

This is it. This is the issue that fans of Fables have been looking forward to ever since the series debuted. Finally, in the big 40th issue, the identity of the Adversary is revealed! On page 2, no less! That said, I will not give away who it is in this review, I will merely give my review of the book. I pride myself on not including spoilers in my reviews, so I see no reason why this time should be any different. However, I can’t really mention what happens in this issue, as it all involves the Adversary telling his/her tale to Boy Blue.

On that note, however, the tale was well worth the wait, and the cliffhanger makes me look forward to next issue even more (if that is possible). Bill Willingham has crafted a world that is truly a joy to visit, and I really feel like once a month isn’t enough. On the art front, Buckingham and Leialoha have made this book their own, and it just doesn’t look “right” when they’re not drawing it.

If you have ever been a fan of Fables, you will most definitely want to pick this issue up. Highest recommendation.