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Some of you reading the column this week might notice a certain overabundance of Newsarama stories and no love for The Pulse. I’m not doing it on purpose, I assure you. I haven’t been able to pull up The Pulse all week (right now, I’m just getting a white screen) and that is the only reason I don’t have any articles for them this time out. No meanness on my part, honest.

In other news, it is the end of an era for me. I’m moving. Not from my post at the Nexus, don’t worry (or celebrate). Digitally, I’ll be right where you left me. However, physically, I am bidding the state of Connecticut adieu for the near future and taking my fortunes to Princeton, New Jersey. Not counting my time in Washington, DC working for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in fall of 2002, I’ve lived in Connecticut my entire life. And, besides my time at the dorms in New London, I’ve lived in 6 different places, five of which were in Newington (or WU-ington! if you are hardcore like me). I’ll miss the place, I do have quite an affection for it, but life and duty calls. And I know I’ll be back soon enough.

Janelle is going to Princeton for her Masters and the University has a wonderful program with regards to “domestic partners”, which is, apparently, all I am to her. Thus, I’m along for the ride and will (fingers crossed) by attending Rutgers next year to get my third and final (again, fingers crossed) degree in psychology. All of which probably means very little to all of you, but whatever. It’s my column and I’ll prattle a bit if I deem it necessary.

So again, nothing changing here, just out in the real world. But, if you see a lot more references to mall hair or traffic on the Jersey Turnpike, you’ll know why.

All Eyes on Power Girl

What, you thought her origin was being cleaned up just so they can put her back on the shelf?


No, this isn’t another Power Girl’s boobs joke at Newsarama. I do have some standards, thanks.

I didn’t know that Power Girl had enough fans to garner such a push from DC. But then again, every hero and villain is someone’s favorite and with the amount of time Power Girl’s been kicking around, I guess it can’t be all that surprising that she has a semi-loyal fanbase. So good on them, getting to see one of their favorites return to the spotlight.

It’s just too bad that one part of that return to the spotlight has to be on this very generic cover. Can’t she at least be flying or hitting someone or”¦something?

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers and all that, I’m sure.

By the way, not to bring up her breasts, because everyone always does, but they couldn’t always have been portrayed as that large, could they have? And if I’m right, then when the heck did this start? And why? Just wondering.

Monsters (and Wagner) Inc

Originally covered by Newsarama during last yea’s Comic Con International San Diego, Matt Wagne’s Batman: Dark Moon Rising is set to start in November – but with a few changes.

Ready your torches and pitchforks and storm Newsarama

So many Batman minis. So many of them set in “Year One”-ish continuity. It can make one’s head hurt.

Obviously though, these things still sell, so I guess I can’t fault DC too badly for it. The concept sounds neat to me, but I can’t muster much enthusiasm for it beyond that.

Just Because We’d Prefer You Read Them Monthly, Doesn’t Mean We Won’t Offer the Trade

Collected editions of the INFINITE CRISIS-related miniseries DAY OF VENGEANCE, THE OMAC PROJECT, VILLAINS UNITED and RANN-THANAGAR WAR highlight DC Comics’ list of upcoming collected editions for November and December 2005.

Please remember that every time you “wait for the trade” you make Didio cry while you view the upcoming trade schedule at Newsarama

I’m always excited to see that really random, “how did this make the list” trade and this time out I would nominate “Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team Ups” as the victor. I know DC is all about Crises these days, but I still don’t expect that there was a ground swell for this baby at this time. But, who knows, maybe those Silver Age fans are better organized (and more silent/deadly) than I thought.

“Sacrifice” Your Wallet

With a new printing of WONDER WOMAN #219 – the stunning finale to the 4-part story “Sacrifice” – due to arrive in stores on August 17, DC Comics reveals the in-store dates and cover information on the new printings of SUPERMAN #219, ACTION COMICS #829 and ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #642. These issues feature the first three chapters of “Sacrifice.”

Offer your cash up on the altar of Newsarama

Makes sense to reprint the whole thing. Or it does to me at least. They altered the Wonder Woman cover some so it looks a bit better, but I’m still not sure I love it. I mostly owe that to the fact that it is so different from the three preceding covers of Sacrifice. If you are working a theme, why abandon it at the last moment? But, in terms of art, a much better looking effort than that initial image we saw last week.

Little Girl From Krypton Makes Good

The Supergirl from Krypton is back! And after issues #1 and #0 of her hot new series both sold out within one day of reaching stores on August 10, DC Comics is rushing SUPERGIRL #1 back to press for a new printing!

Welcome here home with a banner proclaiming your pride as her bus arrives at Newsarama

Oh”¦awesome. This means I don’t get to forget about/ignore her yet, doesn’t it? Sweet sassy molassy, that’s good news.

Did Diana Do Wrong?

Hello Kiddies. Now before I begin I want to warn you, if you have NOT read Wonder Woman #219 then you may not want to read this column as there are huge spoilers ahead, and I do not want to be responsible for upsetting your delicate natures.


Or, stick around, whatever.

Now, obviously the action of Diana in the Sacrifice conclusion was the “crack heard round the world”. And everyone is still talking about what the killing of Max Lord will do to the relationship between Diana, Clark and even Bruce. I mean sure the rest of society will see it any number of ways and of course the media will have a field day”¦. But what about the lives of these three friends?

I dunno why but this has plagued me since I read the momentous conclusion and knowing that it sets up another series, It has become a strange obsession. I sit here and think I get it figured out ( you know, cause I’m SO smart ) but then I debate myself and find another possibility. Follow me if you will.

Read the defense at Comixtreme

I liked this article. I liked it very much. Mostly because it echoes a lot of my thoughts on the matter. Nothing I like more than having my own opinion repeated back to me.

To seriously take on the subject for a moment though, here’s what I think. (Yes, it all comes back to me. It’s my damn column, isn’t it?)

There is no doubt that the end of “Sacrifice” was a powerful, surprising moment. What I don’t think it was, was outrageous. And not just because of the whole “Diana is a warrior thing” although I’m sure that is part of it too. Diana made a decision in the heat of battle, a decision that she knew was the ONLY one. Remember, no one can lie with the lasso around them so when Max says that killing him is the only way to fully free Superman, he may or may not be challenging her, but he is also most certainly telling the truth. As fans, we “know” that Superman could eventually break free because we know that the rules of comic books state that Superman will always find a way. In the “world” of comics, however, Diana has no such assurances. She’s seen what he did to Batman, Superman’s friend and colleague, and can’t allow that to happen again, for the safety of others and for Superman’s own piece of mind. I’m not saying the superhero union should throw Wondy a parade, but I gotta believe that she should be the recipient of some sort of respect and acknowledgement that what she did was, ultimately, right.



How good is this book? So good that I’m making it my top pick on a week that Manhunter is also coming out.


“Manhunted” comes to a head. Could I afford to miss this? Hells no!


I’m realizing that this and Guardian are jockeying for my favorite Seven Soldiers mini and it really just depends on which one has come out more recently or is about to come out. Thus, Klarion is in the top spot this week.



I have little to no interest in that Big Japan mini over at Marvel (with Iron Man and the FF), but I am loving Seth Foste’s art on this book so much that I am actually considering buying it. Best panel, by far, is Batman playing the part of the six year old kid that just got caught in a lie. Foste’s depiction is dead on.

The story is great too as we see the first signs of Batman’s “recruit team” being, perhaps, not the brightest idea he’s had after all.


This is how I love Superman. Not getting beaten about, of course, but as the man who will always go the extra mile for a fellow man. I know the Superman books can’t depict him like this (it just wouldn’t work monthly) but man, I wish there was a way they could. Great stuff.

JLA #117

Man”¦what a corner we find ourselves in. With Hawkman’s “We vote,” (great last page, by the by) I just can’t see how this one goes down clean. They can’t mindwipe these guys again, can they? But if they don’t”¦what the heck do you do instead? Hawkman can’t simply brain them all with his mace, can he? Can he?

On the negative side though, where’s the outrage, Superman? They mindwiped Batman. How about a little bit of sternness?


Yay for Cliff Chiang. Boo for copping out on Dick having to eventually betray his newfound mob family. Yay for using Sophia to good effect, finally. Boo for her childish smashing of Dick’s picture.

As you can see, I’m of a mixed mind.


Hmm”¦interesting. Didn’t see that twist coming. Great use of Nebula Man.


I like the covert outfits and it’s cool to finally see Scandal get the gear of she wore on the cover in issue #1’s second printing. Chesire’s “I want your baby” confession is a touch creepy, but that makes sense. I don’t get the feeling that Simone wanted us to feel all warm and cuddly about it.

What is increasingly becoming my favorite relationship in the bunch (yes, even more than the “alleged” homoerotic sparring of Catman and Deadshot) is Parademon and “Clown” Ragdoll. First, I just love me some Parademon. I don’t know why, I just get a kick out of him. Second, Ragdoll is increasingly growing on me, what with his incredibly flat affect and bone dry humor. The fact that Parademon is so defensive of his “Clown” because of what he missed when he was in Apokolips is just”¦well, a really good idea.

Oh, and it’s great to have Eaglesham back on art.

That’s it. A decent length this week after an abnormally long one and an abnormally short one. Hope you dug reading it as much as I dug writing it. If you didn’t (or did) please let me know why at message board or shoot me a line at the ol’ e-mail address parallax2@juno.com. Thanks in advance.

One last thing: everybody see that All Star Superman is getting solicited for November? Oh, happy day!

Un Gajje: Leaving Wu-ington

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