Notorious: Return of the Leap

Well, it’s time for another edition of Notorious, and the first one to be typed since the upgrade of InsidePulse. I must say, we’ve certainly streamlined the site and there are plenty of more images for our readers to be dazzled by, even if I’m not crazy about the Bill O’Reilly picture representing my column. Sure, I invited it by calling it the “No Leap Zone” and then directly referencing Bill O’Reilly, but that man’s mug is the last thing that I want next to one of my columns, since we both have very different opinions of society today. But that’s another rant for another time that I’ll probably never get around to writing. Let’s just advance on to the meat and potatoes of this, shall we?

The 4400

Wicked episode this time around, as Kyle gets shuffled into the afterthoughts of all things 4400-related and ends up sleeping with some dumb harlot. Nothing like being the center of attention and then being shuffled down to the undercard, so to speak. This episode was presented in a very 24-like way, if only to show that Tom went from a caring father to a raging lunatic in a course of hours and almost killed his partner, not to mention the numerous others he hurt along the way. I can’t yet figure out what the point of giving some of the 4400 this skin disease, but I shudder to imagine what it would be like if that blind lady was a real story. Wouldn’t it suck to be so hopeful that you would see again, and then this miracle healer can’t pull through for you? I really don’t like the friction between Isabelle’s parents, as I would rather consider them a cohesive unit that would stick together for the sake of Isabelle instead of separating over which parent was getting more attention. Anyway, it was very amusing to see the men of NTAC go nuts, and I can’t wait to see more of the Asian chick that sent these guys for a loop. Very quick forty minutes this time around, and undoubtedly the most action-packed episode this season.


More Hollywood mythbusting for Jamie and Adam, as this time they go after the Temple of Doom with a rather amusing trick involving a raft and a emergency slide. Buster got the hell beat out of him this episode, but his final flight in the fuselage was amazing, as is the story behind that myth of the flight attendant surviving the horrific fall. I really thought something horrible was going to happen to one of the Busters with the hair cream experiment, because it seemed like so many things were going wrong for them to escape unscathed. Some very interesting myths tried out this time around, with a minimum of failures.

The Dead Zone

Side note: I’m slowly beginning to warm up to the new theme of The Dead Zone; it isn’t that bad, after all. And at least they didn’t change the intro itself too much. Still miss “New Year’s Prayer,” though. Anyway, this episode is really out there, and about 10x weirder than the 4400 episode. Herb Smith turns out to be a complete nutcase, and the visions with the backwards playing music were freaky as I was fooled into believing that they were Armageddon visions again for a moment. I’m not a big fan of them stretching the truth a bit with Johnny only getting bruises, bumps, and a broken arm from the explosion in the building, but that’s just another one of those “Walker, Texas Ranger” things that you have to let slide. Otherwise, this was a well-done story that will neatly fill in the gap between the Stillson appearances.

Six Feet Under

Got about halfway through the second season before the DVDs I rented from Movie Gallery ceased to work. Definitely a good season so far, with more Nikolai being an obvious plus, as he’s my third favorite character behind Nate and Rico and my favorite supporting character. Just plenty of awkward situations, drama, and crazy fantasies/flashbacks making everything very amusing at Fisher & Sons. Hopefully I can find a way to finish out that second season without having to resort to buying the actual set.

I am going to get around to watching the first volume of the first season of Nip/Tuck here pretty soon, as I’m on the fence about whether or not I’ll like the show. If I do, I’ll snatch up the future volumes and hopefully give you guys my opinion of the season as a whole sometime in the near future.

Hodge-podge comments:

— Currently playing Fable on my XBox. I remember really looking forward to seeing how this game would come out, since it was from the creator of Black & White, after all, and I can see how most people thought that this was a rather large disappointment. It’s not as bad as I expected, but the ways you can exploit the experience points system alone makes this a rather weak game. The Hero Save concept is neat indeed, but way too easy to use for experience pooling. Anyway, the graphics aren’t TERRIBLE but the sound is less than outstanding and overall I must say that I’m glad that I only rented this game.

— I finally got with the program and bought a used PS2 today, if only to play some of the PS2 exclusive games that I’ve been missing out on such as God of War, Katamari Damacy, etc. I’m going to be working on a strictly rental basis with the PS2, since I’m still likely going to be predominantly playing the XBox for most of the games that are multi-platform. One of those games will be Burnout Revenge, which I have tentatively pre-ordered on the condition that I might want to shell out fifty dollars for it when it hits the shelves or if it will be better to wait until it goes Platinum, which it most certainly will. EA is GENIUS for sticking the Burnout Revenge demo with Madden NFL 2006, as this not only gives exposure to Burnout, but also gives those of us not too into sport games a reason to play the demo version of it at our local gaming stores.

— My essential movies to see list has been whittled down to the following four titles: Four Brothers, The Skeleton Key, Murderball, and The Aristocrats. That’s sure to grow in the coming weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up going on a movie-watching marathon once again to catch up with everyone else in terms of movie-watching.

— The card for Summerslam seems to look somewhat good, but I am disturbed by the obvious lack of tag matches on the card, as it seems WWE is just continuing to bury the tag division further and further, to the point where I’m wondering if they should even recognize the title holders anymore. At least they’re getting some attention on SmackDown!, even if that’s in the most assbackwards way with Heidenreich and Animal.

And speaking of wrestling…

Jumping Zones

A Somewhat Close Look at Raw Tonight

Excellent opening promo from Shawn tonight, as I was expecting some rowdy fan to jump the barrier at any time as he kept milking the crowd for all the heel heat he could manage. I was convinced that the midget version of Bret was going to come out, and I was also expecting the same for Hogan, for whatever reason.

Two handicap matches is really unnecessary, especially when one features the HeartThrobs and the other has Cena and Carlito. Both matches were a total waste of time, with the brief exception of Jericho’s ridiculous chairshot on Cena after the match that looked borderline unsafe.

WWE are fools for not putting Matt Hardy on the final Raw before Summerslam, especially when you have Edge looking strong going in with a somewhat hard fought victory of Val Venis. Very happy that Val got time on Raw, by the way.

Rob Conway’s gimmick is a nice homage to Buff Bagwell and everything, but it isn’t going to draw flies until he does something meaningful.

Don’t care about Hurricane/Rosey/Stacy either, as I’m surprised the group of them haven’t been released yet, especially with another slutty Diva joining the mix in Ashley. That outfit was very revealing, and it was very clear that she was going to win, especially when Elizabeth was eliminated. Very boring contest once again, but at least the crowd seemed to have a slightly warmer reaction to the winner this time.

The ending of the show was very amusing, starting with the referee using both hands to lift up Hogan’s arm during the sleeperhold, and ending with HBK dying after hitting Hogan and causing the DQ, and then HBK locking on the Sharpshooter and the wise production team milking the moment for as long as possible, as the TV audience was just hoping that Bret would make his way out. I doubt he came out at all, even if that was a good way to send the crowd home happy, but if he would’ve come out, I would’ve had Bret’s music hit almost right as they went off the air, if only to hammer home the idea that you have to experience the WWE live if you want to see the most memorable moments.

And that’ll do it for this week. See you in seven days time, where I’ll hopefully jump to some zone other than wrestling, where I’m comfortable. Until then…

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