[SD] Velocity Taping Results & Dark Matches (Spoilers)


Smackdown dark match results and Velocity spoilers, according to Adam Masson and PWInsider.com:

Pre-Show Dark Match:

Bobby Wesley beat Johnny Jeter.


Vito beat some jobber. Nunzio was supposed to defend the Cruiserweight belt against him, but he said the jobber had to get through Vito first. Of course, Vito squashed him. After the match, Nunzio said the guy did a good job and that he could have a title match next week. But then he said he’ll give it to him now. Two dropkicks and it was over.

Then, Romero and Mathews came out for Velocity commentary.

Mathews interviewed William Regal. He asked why he turned on Scotty 2 Hotty. He said his mother told him never to trust a man with blonde hair and a black mustache, which got a laugh. He then went on to say that he’d gone soft over the years, and that he was going back to his old self. Scotty then came out, got beat on by Regal for a bit then turned the tables on him. Scotty then went for the Worm and Regal bailed.

Ken Kennedy beat a local jobber. He kept mentioning he was from the US which got lots of heat, and referred to himself as Mr. Kennedy.

Hardcore Holly beat Steven Richards in a pretty good match, which was the Velocity main event.

Post-Show Dark Match:

Teddy Long came out and said we’d have a Toronto Street Fight between Batista and JBL. During the match, Orton and Taker both came out and interfered. So Teddy Long came out again and made it a tag match, which was great. Taker and Batista won when Taker pinned Orton with the Tombstone. After the match, Batista got on the mic and announced it was Ring Announcer Tony Chimmel’s birthday. He then said Chimmel needed to have some fun and said he looked thirsty and doused him with Gatorade. Batista then led us in singing Happy Birthday to Chimmel. After the song, Brian Hebner and one of the ring crew guys playfully jumped Chimmel. Then Batista then gave himself a wedgie and gave Chimmel a stinkface. Yes, a stinkface. Then Batista posed on the corners with his belt before he left and the show ended.

Pretty good show. I guess WWE knew Toronto wouldn’t take a crappy show.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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