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Hi everyone. Welcome back for another edition of the Handbook.

Wow, that was an intriguing opening there, Jim. I guess I’ll just have to introduce myself”¦but then again I’m sure I don’t need one.

Andrew emails

Hey Jim good job with keeping tabs on what goes on in the Marvel Universe.

My question is what’s up with the main universe’s Mimic? I know the Exiles one is more popular so Marvel may be shying away from using the original in the other books, but I always thought that that character was better.

We haven’t seen too much of him lately.

Mimic’s current whereabouts are unknown. He was last known to be a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and his last appearance was Uncanny X-Men #379. He was one of the many mutants/non-mutants affected by the High Evolutionary’s anti-mutant wave. He lost the powers of six original X-Men and it is unknown if he ever got those powers back.

I think the regular universe Mimic isn’t as popular because he’s never really been explored. As a hero or villain I think it would be interesting to see him used a bit.

Colin emails

Good day,

I was recently reading Uncanny X-Men annual #5. Man, I love those Essentials collections. Anyway, in it, Claremont reveals that as young-uns Storm and Black Panther were lovers. Has this ever been explored in any other comics? Has their backstory been shown?

I can’t believe I asked a Storm question. I hate Storm.

Actually it hasn’t been explored as much since that issue. Storm has had other men on her mind since then. BUT if you’ll notice they are close in the House of M universe and there’s a nice Black Panther/X-men crossover coming up with Storm involved. I’m betting we get more on this little fact.

That is if any at Marvel even remembers this little tidbit”¦

Jake emails

Sending in this point of clarification b/c I’m a huge dork . . .

In today’s column, you wrote about the Kingpin: “He does have an unofficial mob family of course. This group is called Maggia.”

According to my memory, this isn’t quite true. For a very long time, Marvel canon held that the Kingpin was the first crimelord to unite all of New York’s unaffiliated gang activity against the Maggia, a feat that was previously (and unsuccessfully) attempted way waaaaayyy back at different times by the Big Man (Fred Foswell), the Crime Master (I forget the name), and the Green Goblin (Norman Osborne). I think this was the party line in all the old published Marvel Handbooks for a long time.

Since accomplishing that original feat, however, Wilson Fisk has been known to throw in with other criminal organizations (most notably the Las Vegas Hydra branch) from time to time. I’m pretty sure he had some dealings with Roxxon Oil and the Brand Corporation. He may have had Maggia connections as well. (Side note: I love Marvel’s old shady criminal organizations – Mark Gruenwald may have provided the best tour of these various groups in that old Captain America issue where the Porcupine unsuccessfully tries to sell his suit to the highest bidder!)

Now, personally, I think Bendis’ run on Daredevil has to be considered at least a partial reboot (or even wipe-out) of the Maggia. Obviously, the Maggia was Marvel’s stand-in for the real-life Mafia at a time when you just didn’t publish the word “Mafia.” Now, however, Bendis has made it pretty clear that the Kingpin’s organization was, if not tied to, at least loosely affiliated with your typical garden-variety Mafia. Sammy Silke, the slimy hood who outted Daredevil, spoke openly and often about the other “families” and his speech pattern was positively Sopranos-esque. When you consider this with the fact that Marvel’s top Maggia lieutenants (Madam Masque, Silvermane, Hammerhead) have been conspicuously absent for some time, I think you have to at least consider the possibility that the Maggia has gone the way of the Secret Empire. Bendis’ recent stories with Alexander Bondt and the young Kingpin seem to concur that the Maggia is no longer considered a major ingredient in the Kingpin’s evolution.

Anyway – that’s my two cents on this. Keep up the good work!

You are correct. He did join them for a bit after he started appearing for a short bit, (likely for 1 issue to spy on them). However, in the beginning Fisk did try to take down the Maggia. Today, he is more known as Anti-Maggia as you said, so good catch. He was known as Leader of a coalition of East Coast non-Maggia criminal organizations.

Note also Kingpin has Hydra connections which also seem to have disappeared. He was leader of Hydra fraction in Las Vegas. Got to love facts no longer used anymore

Kingpin as many should know was a Prime Mover in the old Acts of Vengeance as well. Plus the former head of Fujikawa Industries

Most of these little facts might be left out of current continuity or just, simply, no longer used.

George emails

If there were ever to be another Marvel/DC crossover and a Marvel character was selected to be a Green Lantern, who do you think would make the best one? My pick would be Captain America, simply because Steve Rogers: Green Lantern sounds absolutely badass. Thanks and keep up the good work,

In a lot of ways, the recent Avengers/JLA mini reflects some crossover ideas similar to this. However, first to the table was probably the experiment known as Amalgam.

I agree with your idea with who would get a Green Lantern ring Marvel wise: Cap. He’s the most honorable hero and we all know it.

Some other objects that would be able to go to others at points:

Thor’s hammer: Wonder Woman

The Power Cosmic (Galactus herald): Doomsday

Adamantium process: Batman

Captain Universe powers: Batman

DC objects:

Power Rings: Cap, Spider-Man, maybe Daredevil

I think it would be more interesting to see a nonhero get the ring. An existing hero really wouldn’t need the ring, plus it’s always interesting to see a new hero interacting with the established ones. And just as a side note, I don’t think Bats would survive the Adamantium process. No healing factor remember.

Abdul emails

Hey Jim thanks for taking the time out to put up that big bio on the 50s Avengers specifically all the info on 3-D Man. It helped clear a lot of things up for me.

No problem Abdul. Any help I can give you just ask

Recently Topher Grace has been spotted with blonde hair and has claimed it had something to do with his casting in Spider-Man 3. However he is unable to divulge any information on why. My original assumption was that since he looks like Toby Maguire and their really aren’t that any young major Spider-Man foes that he would be playing Ben Reilly. The change to blonde hair somewhat reaffirms this for me since Reilly later dyed his hair blonde. But recently in LITG Rich Johnston gave a spoiler about him being someone else but I figure there is always the possibility he’s wrong. So without further ado I ask you what major Spider-Man foes have blonde hair?

Marvel would like to forget the whole Clone saga ever happened, so I doubt they will put Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider in a movie. If Topher is going to be a villain, the blond hair complicates things because I personally can’t think of anyone.

Let’s go through popular Spider-foes:

Chameleon: Possible since he can look like anyone at any time and he’s the most likely out of the group

Venom: Eddie Brock is a red head

Sandman: Brown hair and we likely have someone for him now

Vulture: Bald and old

Electro: brown hair and unlikely

Kraven: Should be Russian with black hair

So I’m going to say Chameleon

Chaos emails about Spider-Woman

Hey… had a few questions about her return – was a huge fan in the 70s.

I’m here to help

Anyhow, can’t Jessica stick to walls like Spidey?

Yes, she can climb walls like Spidey. She also has the super strength, speed, and endurance of a spider in her own ways

Also, didn’t Jessica spend a lot of time running around with Wolverine as The Patch, when Claremont closed down her series and jump started the original Wolverine series… I really remember the two of them being friends, with Carol Danvers in there somewhere, but I may be wrong, cause they didn’t seem like friends in New Avengers #5? thoughts?

Yep, her and Logan have teamed up numerous times. Hell she has been a friend and ally to the X-Men, Spider-Man and the Avengers a few times. So actually Brian is getting her character a tad wrong with having her fight with some of her new teammates. I suspect though it has something to do with whoever she is working for. It would explain a lot.

House of M week 11 Report. This week we cover HOM # 5 and Hulk # 85

House of M #5

Emma Frost helps Layla Miller with her abilities and how to use them right.

Layla helps give Cyclops his memories back when he arrives.

She also restores Luke Cage group of Hawkeye, Cloak, Black Cat, Misty Knight, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, White Tiger, Abe Brown, Bob Diamond, Lotus Shincheko, and Lin Sun.

The group then goes and finds other heroes to help them out. Spidey, Shadowcat, Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, She-Hulk, and Daredevil are all found.

They also find Cap but decide to leave him be because of his age.

The group joined they start planning the attack on Magneto

Mystique shows up with Rogue, Nightcrawler, Spider-Woman, Toad during the meeting. They soon get their memories back as well thanks to Layla.

Meanwhile Magneto mourns over the dead body of Professor X/ Charles Xavier

Incredible Hulk #85

Bruce is now lover of Nicole Rappaccini the mother of Scorpion. Seems they where lovers before this too.

AIM recruit’s a man named Jonny to a secret project. He has a Captain America tattoo that makes you think it might be US Agent

Banner and the Scorpion investigate A.I.M.’s secret program

There they are developing an army of cybernetic super soldiers to reclaim the world for humans from the mutants.

Next week more from the House of M

That’s it for this week. A light week but a good one. So that’s all I have, Daron. Would you care to sign off?

Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do”¦

All righty then partner. My turn already it seems


1. pole this week: Which of these four characters should be remade?
(list includes Texas Twister, Woodgod, Death’s Head, and Aquarian)

2. The Quills awards are now up with Marvel 1602 having two nominations so if you would like to vote do so here here

3. Superherohype poll of the week: Which actor best personifies the comic book character they’ve played in the movies?

That’s it for me. So reporting from my corner in the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Everyone have a good week and see you at the comic shop. Keep those emails coming.

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