Tommy Lee Goes To College – Recap – Episode 2

Cold opening with Tommy coming into Dr. Gay’s lab, and Dr. Gay shows him around, describing all the apparatus. Tommy pulls a “what does this button do?” and we get the “technical problems” screen. And roll credits.

It’s a new day at UNL, and Tommy’s in English class. The Prof notes in a confessional that she had no idea who Tommy Lee was. It’s a discussion class, and Tommy actually looks like he knows what he’s talking about.

Chemistry class, and it looks like it was filmed same day, since Tommy’s wearing the same clothes. But, Tommy’s looking more forward to joining the UNL Marching Band. And so Tommy (with different clothes) is off to meet with the band directors. They ask Tommy for a quick resume, so he gives the short form of Motley Crüe’s successes over the years. Carolyn, the Director of Bands, notes that they’ll have to set that aside and play an audition. She notes that they practice at 7am every day, and if you miss a practice, you’re out. She also gives the rundown on piercings, tattoos, drinking, smoking and drugs, which of course would be the exact opposite of a rock star lifestyle.

Morning. Tommy crawls out of bed at 6am, and notes that he wouldn’t even get up that early for sex. During his audition, Tommy notes that he forgot that the quads are so much different than a standard drum set. Needless to say, he blows the audition by a mile. Still, the drum captains decide to give him a “provisional” shot, meaning that if he can’t cut it by Friday, he’s not performing.

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It’s time for Horticulture 212, and Tommy will be responsible for naming all 125 plants by the end of the semester. He doesn’t do that great on the field trip, going 0for 3.

But now, it’s time for tutoring with Natalie the Hot Chick. She thinks he can do well, but he needs to focus more. Cue “Eye of The Tiger” and a montage of Tommy studying.

Back to the Horticulture class, and Tommy gets a tree right!!

Tommy meets with Dr. Gay, and they talk about the Drumline. Cue the practice, as Tommy notes that it “kicked his ass” what with the drills and choreography and all. To think it’d actually be work!! Director: “This guy’s a rock star?” Heh. Tommy wonders where the cheerleaders are as we head to an

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Random shots of Tommy driving, walking, signing autographs and taking pictures. Exciting stuff, as Tommy and Matt bond over laundry. Matt asks some basic stuff about Pamela Anderson, and Tommy wonders how long laundry takes.

Chemistry 101 (UNL hoodie), as the Prof is talking about bonds, and they speed up the film to show how much Tommy is comprehending things. Back in Dr. Gay’s office, Tim and Tommy (Army surplus jacket) discuss Chemistry, and Dr. Gay wonders if the Hot Chick tutor is really helping him. Cut to nighttime, as Tommy (black tee) eagerly awaits a visit from Natalie. He asks Matt for some alone time, and Matt agrees to it, taking his conveniently packed knapsack with him to (I suppose) the library.

Tommy’s cleaning the place up, unaware that there’s a shocking swerve and he’s getting a substitute tutor in Rachel Penroud, who gets the drill sergeant treatment. And basically, the editing makes it seem like she is. Voiceover Guy notes that Tommy realizes that his success at UNL will be based on priorities – cue Tommy, drinks in a cup, and a bunch of girls in the dorm room. Which is what Matt comes back to, and what Matt has no problem joining in with. Hey, all work and no play makes Matt… a 3.7 GPA student, or something.

The next morning, Tommy is up at Dawn for band practice. He meets Nate, the drum leader, and Tommy’s intimidated. Tommy isn’t getting his timing right, and he’s getting frustrated. He’s gonna get cut, and he’s not happy about that. Will he? Well, you’re gonna have to wait until next week to find out.

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