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Welcome every one to Staff vs. Forum week two. Last week we had Inside Pulse Staff members Jeremy Lambert and Bambi Weavil but that was last week. Let’s get on with this weeks questions. If you havn’t been on the Inside Pulse Fourms as of late or your not up to speed on how this works im going to run it down. I take two Inside Pulse staff members and two randomly choosen registered members of the Inside Pulse fourm and I ask them five questions which are answered in true or false fashion and also one bonus question. Now, I’m sure your wonder how can i be entered so i can be in SVF well just head on over to the fourms, register, and send me a PM and your entered.

This week our staffers are …..

The Rabble Miester himself Rev. James Hatton

And his partner this week is …..

My best friend, our resident BYTE THIS! recapper and the youngest Inside Pulse writer ever…

“Super Star” Eugene Lindberg!

And their opponents are …

First, hailing from New York Dane Forgione AKA GProopdog2004,Here’s a little about Dane…. I go to college right now, currently a junior. I like to act, to write, and to watch movies. My favorite wrestler is La Parka. My favorite PPV was the 1992 Royal Rumble.

And his partner….

James Miller AKA Soyboy , heres a little about James… I’m a 27 year old white male, residing in Canada’s tiniest province, Prince Edward Island. I’ve been watching wrestling for over 20 of those 27 years, got hooked because of Steamboat and the Bulldogs. All-time faves are Bret, Angle, Piper, Savage, Trish, Doink (Matt Borne’s). Have mainly watched WWE/F over they years, but saw quite a bit of Stampede in the late 80’s, WCW in the early-mid 90’s, some AWA, WCCW, ECW, TNA, Puro, etc. Lotsa stuff sprinkled throughout. Grew up on the Apter mags.

1.) WWE hinting at a Bret Hart return was just a ploy that will raise Summer Slam’s buyrates.

GL: False – Prehaps. Maybe they want people to buy Summer Slam so they can see Bret. Maybe some people could care less because it is already pretty major just being Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels. I say if Bret shows up, he shows up. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. He was before my days of watching wrestling anyways…

JH: False-It of course, couldn’t hurt, but it wasn’t the main intention. It is well established that the Montreal crowd will hate anything pertaining to Shawn Michaels and Earl Hebner. With the recent rumor mill screaming that Bret might be in the house, it is only natural that the crowd would be a little edgier. You need to get Shawn over as a heel, so the best thing to do in the world is to play to the weakness of the crowd. These people WANT to jeer Shawn – they WANT him to be destroyed. That translates to the TV audience who might not think it through as him being completely evil and over as a heel, thus making Hogan look like that much stronger as a face. It’s main intention was to promote Hogan/HBK, but if it brings in a few people who were on the fence about getting the show, the WWE won’t complain.

DF: False – With Bret apparently meeting with Vince at WWE HQ, it appears that his pure hatred for McMahon has somewhat vanished after eight years. Though one doesn’t really know what exactly is going through Bret’s mind at the present moment, I guess he finally saw that time can heal all wounds, now matter how deep they are.

JM: Both – Ah, I can’t look at this with any objectivity, my longstanding hope to see Bret return clouds my judgement. I belong to that dying group known as True Blue Bret Hart Fanboys. I will in fact shed a tear the moment that man sets foot in a WWE ring, more likely several, several tears. True, in that it was a ploy, but false, it probably won’t raise SummerSlam buyrates. Not in and of itself. But that combined with the fact that Bret has a working relationship with the company, has recently been photographed shaking Vince’s hand, has a DVD out in a couple of months… I don’t know. I know the show was in Montreal, and that’s a huge reason for what went down, but the fact that the biggest part of the build for the last buildup point to the main event of the PPV was ALL about Bret, that leaves me wondering. To wonder, perchance to dream… methinks me sees Bret Hart stuffing his fist through HBK’s teeth.

Let’s just remind every one Eugene is the moron who will brand himself for fun well i guess thats what you do when your 15, but hey every one agreed that Monday’s Bret Hart tease wasn’t ment to boost Summer Slam’s buyrate

2.) Rob Conway will have endless gimmick changes like Chuck Palumbo ultimatly resulting in his release.

GL: False – No. I think they’ll stick him with this Con-Way gimmick. I like it. It works for him. Or they could screw it up like they did with Mark Jindrak’s “Mark of Excellence” thing. Let’s hope we see the up-and-comer stick with this. Better than La Resistance…

JH: True – Yes. Unless they stop him from being a hybrid Mister Ass / Papa Pump / Bagwell, and actually give him his own spin to play with, then yes. He obviously has some ring skill. He obviously has some mic skill. Unless he dazzles the audiences quick, expect Planet Conway, Rob ‘Mans’ Man’ Conway, Rob ‘Meat’ Conway, and The Robbldygooker.

You want to know what I’d do? No? Deal. Conway has that old hustler look – his name is built in with the word ‘Con’. Turn him into a hustler, not a prettyboy. Have him make deals with wrestlers for them to wrestle for him. Have someone get conned out of an IC match. At least we can laugh at that.

DF: True – Without a doubt. Despite his talent, it seems like Rob is going to pretty much just get shuffled with one horrid gimmick after another until finally, Vince will just say “He can’t draw worth a dime, out you go!” based on his shitty gimmicks not drawing, rather then his talent, which he has a lot of. Rob is just another case of the WWE dropping the ball big time with a talented star and sticking him in a crappy gimmick.

JM: False – I hope. The theme song is just this: PURE – FREAKIN’ – GENIUS. I’ve liked this guy since the first time I saw him, and quite frankly, that usually means something. In the ring he reminds me of a cross between Paul Orndorff and the Rock, and I mean that in a very good way. In a CONway. He does need a few modifications to the character, because it’s in danger of wandering a bit too far into generic Narcissist-like territory, but if tweaked and given a chance to develop his character, this guy is going to do big things. THIS GUY HAS GOT THE GOODS, PEOPLE! “Just look at me…” Oh, man, that shat is priceless!

Hatton really has a point but then again I would agree with Soyboy Con-Way’s new theme song is so damn catchy!

3.) After Summer Slam they will finally put an end to the Eddie & Rey story line.

GL: False – I wish. But knowing WWE, the answer is no. It might even drag into Wrestlemania. Oh well…If they didn’t Rey could be headlining…and Eddie could be turning Ch….. I mean Kerwin mexican again. Or something…

JH: True – Please. This story has run well into the ground, to the point where we now have a child on a pole match. Where the hell did the Russo booking come from!? I’m looking forward to a vicious ladder match between the two, and if this had happened with all the stupid gimmickry around it, I’d be looking forward to it even more.

Sadly, I am looking forward to the match for the match, but it’s the over the top venting about Rey and Eddie’s kid that will take the

DF: Both – If Rey wins, I say Fiction, if Eddie wins, fact. Something tells me they want to drain this Storyline for every bit of drama they have, and Rey losing will just fuel Eddie more to take Rey’s son and do what he wants with the kid. Hopefully, the Storyline won’t get stale if they do continue, and even more hopefully, if Rey does win, they’ll put an end to it.

JM: True – God, I hope so. I never thought I’d think badly of a long-term feud between Eddie and Rey, but then I never thought I’d have to deal with the garbage that this feud has come to consist of. Seriously, what is this crap and who the hell thought it would be a good idea to play it out on TV? To what end, I ask? TO WHAT END???

What’s up with all the both answers this week? Oh well, I should expect these things but im still new at this.

4.) if Jeff Jarrett continues to make comments as he did this past Sunday it will only bury TNA more as the minor leauges.

GL: True – Well TNA will always me the minor leagues, but oh well. It won’t make them look any lower. It actually might help them with their competition with the E.

JH: False – Does anyone pay attention to Jarrett anymore? Really? I know that I don’t, but then again I don’t see TNA so I miss out on that whole ballawick. Having read what he said, I’m ok with it. So he’s making snips and snipes at the rest of the wrestling world. He’s putting on that ‘nobody’s job is safe’ air. It makes for interesting business, when the truth is that TNA is picking up the best of the WWE’s refuse. (Where IS Charlie Haas?!)

DF: True – Oh Absolutely, If the Jarretts want to make a serious bid at challenging Vinnie Mac as the number one fed, Jeff needs to keep his mouth shut and just work hard at getting NWA: TNA into a main challenger slot.

JM: False – The reality is this – you can’t make TNA look much more bush league than it is already considered by most casual and many more serious fans. As far as wrestling content, on average it is better than what you’ll find on WWE TV, but it still looks very small-time, tho’ it has improved. They really need to spend a few more dollars on production, and make some serious booking changes. The only surefire catalyst to propel them into serious competition with the WWE? PUTTING THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP ON SEAN WALTMAN!!!

I have to agree with Eugene hell if I wanted people to watch my show. I sure as hell would be dropping names, but I hope TNA does “dud” out. Soyboy what the f*ck are you thinking? 1-2-3-X-Syxx-Sean Waltman-Pac Champion? Dude he doesn’t even have big enough balls to stand up to Chyna. Shit she even has a bigger dick than Waltman.

5.) Frankie Krazarian asking for his release was in his best intrest.

GL: False – Well they weren’t using him for a while. And when they did he was on Velocity. In my opinion, they have too many new wrestlers as it is. Frankie was cool, but he would do better in Indies, or prehaps a TNA return.

JH: False – No. It wasn’t. Of course it wasn’t. I respect him because it sounds like they were trying to turn him into a whitebread, no crusts, cheapass version of himself… but when it comes down to how his bank account looks at the end of the month, it certainly wasn’t the best idea.

It’s the difference between selling yourself and selling yourself out. Kazarian can now go do what he wishes and proclaim his love of the game, and his hatred of the machine. He will have to accept that as he wrestles midgrade arenas and bingo halls.

DF: True – It was obvious that he was going to go absolutely nowhere fast in the deal that he had. I guess he simply got tired of NWA:TNA dicking him around, so, much like Spanky with the WWE, he chose to end things before it got pathetic.

JM: True – This guy worked there – he had a better idea of what was going down and what was going to go down. While it looked like he was at the beginning of a Veloci-push, that was probably as far as things were going to go for The Future. Let’s face it, as sad as it is, the WWE has no idea how to properly run a CW division and probably never will. They could have all the talent in the world, and they have, but still it’s amounted to nothing more than a hill o’ beans. Not to mention the rumours of another roster cut coming – maybe Kazarian just wanted to get out while the getting was good for him. Poor, poor cruiserweight division.

Well I’m on the fence with this but all I will say is… Krazarian has a bright future and the future looks good. ok i know that was cheap but on to the …………………


Will Bret Hart Return this Sunday and cost Shawn Michaels his match with Hulk Hogan??

GL: Yeah, probably. Or swerve it up and cost Hogan the match. Who knows…I don’t, nor do I care.

JH: I tag you one better. He goes and screws Hogan because of the Yokozuna loss oh so many years ago. Get TWO great feuds out of it.

DF: Now this is a tough one. On the one hand, it would make an interesting end to the PPV (if this is the main event that is), and could possibly get refueled interest in the WWE from fans who have been turned away from it lately if Bret returns. On the other hand, you don’t know if Bret still has it in for Shawn. If Bret does come out and “attacks Shawn”, we could see a real life beating, rather then a staged one. So for now, if I had to choose, I would say Fact, but don’t be surprised if Shawn gets some real lumps from Bret’s beating.

JM: In the Soyboy’s perfect markish little world, where Christian and Kurt Angle are the heavyweight champions and Trish Stratus is the true star of the company, the following goes down. It’s SummerSlam, the final moments of HBK-Hogan. Hogan’s in trouble. He’s missed the legdrop. Shawn is tuning up the band, and all of a sudden Bret’s music hits. Except this time, here comes Bret. Shawn stands in the middle of the ring, and awaits his predetermined fate – Vince has allowed Bret one legit punch from Bret to Shawn’s face. Bret enters, they stare each other down for a moment – the crowd is INSANE. Bret, staring him straight in the eyes, nails him and Shawn goes down. Bret, completely composed, looks around for a minute and then leaves calmly. Hogan pulls it together and hits the legdrop, 1-2-3.

If Bret does come back in any capacity, it’ll be within the next 8 months, I’d say. And as stated above, I find it very odd that the last buidup point to an already legit “dream match” is all about another guy. That said, I could conceivably see Bret Hart at SummerSlam on Sunday. I don’t believe I’m saying that. But I guess if it’s ever going to happen, it has to happen sometime, right? And if he were ever to do a run-in deal during a match, THIS would be the match. Still, this is the WWE, where my hopes often exceed my expectations, and since I do realize I cannot view this topic without my hope mucking up my better sense, I have to say we will actually NOT see Bret Hart this Sunday. I just can’t raise my hopes to that level.

Well that does it for week two yet again no one agreed. Well maybe we could consider the first question but whatever before i go i would like to add a new part to this coulum .

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