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Tim, how goes everything? I hear you’re moving and plan on attending a prestigious university. And when do you plan on making an honest woman out of Janelle?

Heh…boy everyone sure does like to answer that question don’t they? The best I can say is soon. She and I haven’t ever lived in the same state for more than three months (and that only happened once) so let us try this first before we work on the nuptials.

Enough grown folk talk, let’s jump into the column.

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Tim are you linking this week?

I’m just sending a shout out to a great little comic site called Discount Comic Book Service who helped me acquire the Runaways hardcover at incredibly cheap prices and can spin similar feats for you.

Read Last Week

Outsiders #27 – I remember the original Outsiders and I still didn’t care about this arc. It pains me to not enjoy Tomasi’s writing since I enjoyed his editing on Starman so much.

JLA #117 – With Hawkman’s declaration about the team making a vote, Democracy has never seemed more exciting.

Yes, truly, it has taken comics to teach us that voting RULES!

Villains United #4 – I actually enjoyed this book. Stealth suits and Inferior Five cameo. Gail gets props for that.

Here, here! Good book. Here’s to a Parademon/Ragdoll buddy book spinning out of this title!

100 Bullets #63 – Can you believe that Spain first appeared in #20? Too bad he appears done now.

Supergirl #1 – I really wanted to hate this book, but I didn’t. It’s fanboy enjoyment, and nothing more. But it’s a solid read.

Action Comics #830 – Interesting story. I liked how Psycho was portrayed in this issue. But next issue is the one I’m really looking forward to.

Nightwing #111 – I never really noticed how strong Parks inks are. Chiang’s art really matched the vibe of the book. But I was kind of annoyed by Sophia’s letter. It was too sappy for me. I hope Cliff’s doing the next issue too.

I hope Cliff is doing every book in every month. Barring that though, it would be great if he was doing next issue too.

Batman #643 – I really enjoyed Jock’s cover and Camuncoli’s art. And that’s about it.

See, the art did nothing for me (although Jock’s cover was great), and I was okay with the writing.

Rann/Thanagar War – Not really boring, but almost forgettable.

Hawkman #43 – Nice job of retconning Golden Eagle. He’s almost a likeable character now.

Green Arrow #53 – Hooray for Messner-Loebs! Hooray for trick arrows. Boo for a fill in issue this soon after the last fill in issue (#51).

Breach #8 – Tim, you called this one right. Superman is at peak form here. I’m really going to miss this book.

Zatanna #3 – I think I almost can imagine being close to figuring out what’s going on in this epic crossover. Kind of.

Well, that makes one of us. I’m still loving the ride though. I just wish we could have seen that dinner with the Phantom Stranger.

Let’s get to the questions. Only Aaron placed the lyric.

Big ups to Aaron. Well played sir.

Robb needs some help with his math

Who is the Calculator? He’s in Luthor’s new Society and I have no clue who he is.

The Calculator is only, potentially, one of the most powerful villains in the DCU! He’s insanely powerful. But he wasn’t always that way.

Noah Kuttler was often the butt of many jokes due to his kind of silly costume. He wore a purple costume, with a keypad on his chest and a LCD screen on his forehead. Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous?

But wait, the guy wasn’t a complete pushover. The tech in his suit could create energy constructs. How cool is that? Further more this suit could calculate how to defeat any hero, provided he had met the hero once before.

He took on Atom, Black Canary, Hawkman, Elongated Man, and Green Arrow and almost beat them until he was outsmarted by Batman.

The final straw in his costumed career came when Hero Hotline defeated him. At that point he gave up the costumed crook gig and decided to change his life. Having heard stories about “Oracle” he took that idea (of a person providing information to heroes) as his inspiration. He set up shop as an underworld middleman and information broker. He never looked back.

Recently he played a role in Identity Crisis and in the death of Jack Drake. He’s currently sided with the Society on the pages of Villains United and can be seen in Supergirl #0.

I, personally, don’t think of Noah as a “bad guy.” I think of him more as an information broker with some less than desirable clients. He’s really just he middleman, who puts interested parties in touch with each other. His hands stay relatively clean. He’s really just a businessman.

Tim, what’s your take on the Calculator?

Sure, the guy doesn’t get his hands dirty, but I hardly thinks that makes him “just a businessman”. He’s just like one of those guys that match up spouses who wish to off their significant others to collect insurance money with hitmen. He may not pull the trigger himself, but he knows damn well what he is arranging to happen.

That said, I think this is a superior new direction for the Calculator compared with his purple suited days.

Dano has some catching up to do

As a long time Marvel reader I tended to shun DC products until about a year ago. Now I pick up Outsiders, JLA, Batman, Gotham Central, Green Arrow, Manhunter & Green Lantern etc… on a more regular basis than I pick up Marvel titles. My question is, if I want to familiarize myself on what I’ve missed over the last 10 years or so, what say 10 TPBs would you recommend to give myself a good understanding of the major events & players in DCU history?

Hm, this is a tough one. Usually when we get a question like this it’s “your favorite 5 TPBs” or “10 Best Trades.” But having to give ten trades that are crucial to current continuity is kind of tricky.

I’d have to put JLA: Tower of Babel as my first pick. This was the first inkling of a real crack in the foundation of the JLA. It also shows how Batman’s distrust of his contemporaries can get the better of him. This story can basically be seen as a precursor to both Identity Crisis and The OMAC Project.

JSA: Black Reign – This book showcases the JSA as a team. It also gives you a glimpse into Black Adam’s mindset. This is a pretty good foundation story.

Batman: Bruce Wayne: Murderer – Not that you really need to get a grip on Batman’s character, but this shows just how much he’s willing to sacrifice on his crusade.

Flash: Blitz – Witness the worst day in the life of Wally West. Wally battles his newest nemesis, Zoom, who decides to make the fight more personal than it already is. The aftershocks from this storyline are still being felt to this day.

Green Lantern: Fear Itself – I was hard pressed to find the definitive Green Lantern story from the past ten years, so I selected this one. It’s basically a three-fer. You get to see Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, and Kyle Rayner in action. It’s also got some amazing art.

Aquaman (how could DC have not released American Tidal in a trade yet?)

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia – This story is a great portrait of two titans clashing. Wonder Woman vs Batman, doesn’t that just sound like a great story?

Hawkman: Endless Flight – James Robinson and Geoff Johns manage to make Hawkman a viable character. In this first trade of the Hawkman title, we get to see how high he can soar.

Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven – This opening arc of Nightwing’s title proves that Dick Grayson, the perennial “team player”, can make it on his own. It also introduces DCU’s newest city; Bludhaven!

Teen Titans: A Kid’s Game – The Titans are finally cool again. Furthermore this arc establishes Deathstroke as a major foe in the DCU. I mean he blows off Impulse’s knee with a shotgun.

Green Arrow: Quiver – How did Green Arrow come back to life? Read all about it here in this smash story written by Kevin Smith.

I’d also suggest that you pick up Starman: Sins of the Father. Believe me, after reading this book you’ll be hooked on what is perhaps the greatest super hero comic of all time.

Tim, what trades would you recommend for Dano?

Well, with a brand new Crisis on the way, I think it is probably a good idea to take a look back at the mother of all Crises, Crisis on Infinite Earths. We are not sure yet how much of a role that Crisis will play in this upcoming Crisis, but it never hurts to be prepared. Besides, it is the high watermark for stories of its kind in the DCU.

In place of “Fear Itself” I would probably substitute Emerald Twilight. If you are reading Green Lantern and/or planning to read Green Lantern Corps, it’ll help make it clear what the big deal is with Hal and Parallax and how we ended up on the read that led to here.

For Batman, if you are looking to see him at his most resolute, I’d steer you away from Murderer to No Man’s Land. In No Man’s Land, he’s driven, smart, and dangerous. In Murderer, I find him a bit irredeemable.

Hawkman’s not really my thing, but for the life of me, I can’t come up with a comparable substitute, so I’ll let it be.

George M is all about questioning labels

Are Superman and Batman really the World’s Finest? I mean it always seemed to me that they worked together well enough, but it never seemed like they were on the friendliest of terms, or at least Batman never seemed to like Superman. Having read JLA: Year One, I wonder if Hal and Barry are a better team, they seem to get along a lot better anyway. Couldn’t Flash/GL be a better team? Shouldn’t Flash/GL be the World’s Finest based on friendship and how well they work together?

I love Barry and Hal. Really I do, but when the term “World’s Finest” was coined (in 1939) Hal and Barry weren’t even around. So at that time Batman and Superman were the “World’s Finest.”

And again I love Barry and Hal, but I don’t really have faith that they could take on any threat. Sure, they’ve both got a history of snapping necks, but that doesn’t mean I trust them with my life. Barry can run fast and Hal can make giant green boxing gloves. I’m not sold.

Batman has all sorts of nifty gadgets and Superman got all the neato powers. Whereas Barry and Hal are the perfect examples of getting powers by luck and fluke (lightning hitting chemicals, being close to a crashed alien spacecraft) Superman is the epitome of American ideals and Batman is humanity at its peak. What could me finer or more worldlier?

Barry and Hal are cool to go on a road trip with or hit Las Vegas with, but “World’s Finest?” I think not.

Tim, who do you think best qualify as “World’s Finest?”

I would tip my hat to the Supes/Bats combo as well. World’s Finest does not refer to the “World’s Finest Partners” or “World’s Best Superhero Friends”, it means the best of the best, period. In that situation, Barry and Hal just aren’t competition.

And Barry and Hal on a road trip or in Vegas? I don’t know about that. Hal and Ollie maybe. Barry and Hal would be good to have a barbeque with or sit around in the sun. That’s more their speed.

George M. really does seem to like Allen and Jordan

Also, could you recommend anything about Hal and Barry working together?

You’ve got to read Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave & the Bold. It’s a great look at those two characters from the creative team behind JLA: Year One.

While Barry and Hal had numerous team ups in the Silver Age, I can’t personally recommend them because I’ve not read them. However given that DC’s publishing cost effective collections in the form of Showcase I’m sure that we’ll see some reprints of classic Hal and Barry team ups.

Tim, can you think of any other great cases of Barry and Hal teaming up?

Sadly, not really. By the time I started even a casual interest in comics, Barry has dead. And when I began to really get into them, Hal was evil. So, those moments are really only available to me in flashback stories or back issue bins. I read Brave/Bold and found it to be a disappointing follow up to JLA: Year One and I’ve never bothered to look for any back issues. Sorry to let you down.

George M. doesn’t know when to let things go.

If Barry’s dead, and only Superman has anything of a memory of how he died, how did he die post-crisis, unless the reunified DCU also has a memory of the Monitor/Anti-Monitor?

Lots of folks remember how Barry died. Anti-Monitor is known throughout the DCU. Just like Krona or Sun Eater were a threat to life, so was Anti Monitor. It’s just that Barry had to sacrifice himself thwart the Anti-Monitor.

Wally knows that Barry died to thwart the Anti-Monitor. Everyone is familiar with Harbinger and her association with the Monitor. People even remember “red skies.” The Crisis happened, it just only happened on one Earth.

Tim, don’t you remember The Crisis?

I do Mathan, I do indeed. I’m just afraid I’ll have to forget it soon.

IP’s own Aaron always feels like he’s looking in

Where are the original Outsiders today? Black Lightning, Geo Force, Halo, Katana, Looker, Metamorpho…hell, why not throw in Windfall and Atomic Knight, just for grins.

Mike Z asked the similar

Is Halo still around?

Well Aaron, funny that you should mention that, as Katana, Metamorpho and Black Lightning recently turned up in the current Outsiders storyline (#26-27). Both Black Lightning and Metamorpho have even closer to ties to the current Outsiders; both of them have kids on the team. Black Lightning’s daughter, Thunder is part of the squad, while a part of Metamorpho that gained sentience and took the name Shift is also a member.

Geo Force is still doing the royalty in Markovia thing.

Halo too was last seen doing the hero thing in Markovia.

Windfall oddly enough was last seen on the side of evil, defending Zandia against Young Justice in Young Justice #49.

Looker appears have to retired after the demise of the previous Outsiders team in Outsiders #24.

Atomic Knight was also last seen in Outsiders #24.

Y’know Tim after reading about all those former Outsiders I can’t help by say that I smell some patented Tim Stevens Revampage® in the air.

I do think I could give one or two of those folks a whirl. I mean, who isn’t clamoring for the triumphant return of Windfall?

Only time will tell though.

Aaron is always the last to know

Blue Beetle…dead? Oh, dear God. How did this happen? When did this happen? And, how was the funeral?

Yup, Blue Beetle is indeed dead. He died in Countdown to Infinite Crisis a book that you might possibly be able to get your hands on. Maybe.

His death was really the result of his snooping around. Beetle had the idea that several occurrences around the DCU were linked. So he began sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. He tried to get some back up from Batman, Martian Manhunter and others, but everyone pretty much brushed him off.

Finally his quest led him to the HQ for Checkmate. Again he went snooping and discovered that Checkmate had files on every hero in the DCU. Eventually Beetle gets taken down and is shot in the head by the leader of Checkmate…Max Lord!

That’s right Max Lord, the man behind JLI killed Blue Beetle with a bullet to the head.

It just happened a few months ago. Like I said you still stand a chance of picking it up. Or maybe one of your loyal readers will send you a copy.

As for the funeral, um, there hasn’t been one yet. That’s odd. You’d think that a character like him would get a pretty classy affair. But in defense of the heroes of the DCU, many are just now finding out that he’s gone.

Tim, do you think we’ll ever get to see Ted get the proper send off?

Sadly, I suspect not. Even if one is on the way, I imagine it will be at least a little while ’til it comes to fruition. The DCU’s a pretty busy place these days and, while I don’t think they mean it callously, it seems like everyone’s just a little too busy to give Beetle a proper send off. Maybe his former JLI teammates will get around to it when they realize that while Max was the perpetrator, he’s already dead and there really isn’t any mystery left to solve. We’ll see.

Aaron wonders aloud when Bruce Wayne got so teenager-esque sullen.

When did Batman become the brooding sourpuss that we all know and love today? Of course, I remember the campy comic books and TV series from the 1960s, but during the 70s did a team of new writers just swoop in and say “let’s angry him up a bit”? To that end, who was the writing team the essentially created the Batman of today? And, what was the motivation for the change: a cynical America (Vietnam, Dick Nixon) or an attempt to fluff up sales?

It’s funny that you should ask that. I actually got into a discussion with a guy at the comic shop I frequent last week about this very topic. He seemed impressed that I know that Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil returned Batman to the “creature of the night” root of the character (I tend not to boast about my knowledge of the DCU when I shop).

Adams and O’Neil didn’t really “angry him up” they just made him more realistic. Adams and O’Neil were the same team that introduced Speedy to heroin over in Green Lantern/Green Arrow and were known for a realism that wasn’t too common in that day and age. It was that creative team that also created Ra’s al Ghul, who happens to be one of my favorite characters ever.

Their Batman was more of a detective. He was more serious and also a bit more agile. He was just a great character, which is what they intended to do with him. Batman had been cursed with a corny stigma attached to him from the “bam, pow” TV show. They just returned the luster to the character. The motivation was nothing more than love.

The Batman that they revitalized is essentially the same character that exists today. I suppose, technically, the current incarnation can be more closely linked directly to Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman: Year One (which was edited by Denny O’Neil). And that’s how the convo in the shop got started. He was trying to trick me into saying that Frank Miller was the guy who made Batman “the Dark Knight” again.

Anyway, Batman: Year One was basically the birth of the current character, while O’Neil and Adams created the modern tone.

Tim, do you have a favorite Batman creative team?

I don’t think I have just one, but I do have several favorite creators on ol’ Battsy. They would include Aparo, Breyfogle, O’Neil, Dixon (yes, Dixon, what of it?), Rucka, Brubaker, Grant, and Burchett.

I’m sure there are several that I’m missing, but those are the ones I can call to mind right off the top of my head.

Jared has a Marvel-ous inquiry (and boy do I hate myself for that pun)

Who is aware that Captain Marvel’s a secret ID is a kid? heroes, villains, even civilians. I know it’s one of the best kept DCu secrets, but I’ve seen one JLI dialog suggesting that Gardner knew somehow. Just curious.

Cap’s secret is one of the best kept in the DCU. Brainwave knows. Black Adam knows. Mary Marvel and CM3 also know. Batman knows as does Stargirl. But aside from them I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Now here’s where I cover my tracks by passing the buck to Tim.

Tim, can you think of anyone else who knows that Captain Marvel is really a kid?

I want to say that the Spectre does or did know, but I can’t cite any evidence to that at this moment. However, I can say for sure that you missed Per Degaton, that time traveler and villain extraordinaire that recently made life hell for the JSA and popped up briefly to taunt Atom Smasher when it looked like Spectre had killed him.

We’ve got Jerry on 24 hour Suicide watch

What’s up with the Suicide Squad? Any news on relaunches or guest appearances?

Well Jerry, JSA #76 got many fans excited with an imprisoned Atom Smasher receiving a visit from Amanda Waller. The current Villains United is a villain-centric book that features a team going on missions. And a few months back in Wizard Ben Morse gave several arguments for the Suicide Squad returning. And if I know anything about Ben Morse, I know he’s ahead of the curve.

As for actual facts; the last known appearance of the Suicide Squad was in Superman Secret Files and Origins 2004 where a makeshift team tried to kill Amanda Waller.

The rest of this answer has been pure speculation. But it appears that there’s a lot of pieces in play that could bode well for a Suicide Squad revival.

Tim, care to chime in on the thought of a Suicide Squad revival?

According to Didio’s comments at San Diego, it is something they would like to get back to in the near future. However, it seems to be back burner at the moment.
Why? Because, to paraphrase Didio, DC just made their villains dangerous again. He’s afraid that Suicide Squad cuts down on that danger factor by making villains into semi/sorta heroes. So, for now, the concept’s great, but DC is focused on one particular direction for its evildoers.

Andy C from the Nexus makes Roy Thomas smile

What can you tell me about Infinity Inc? I know they were the children/sidekicks of the Justice Society, but beyond that, what was their deal? And was their series any good?

It’s really difficult to explain Infinity Inc in a post Crisis setting. But I’ll try.

Y’see on Earth 2 everyone loved the JSA. Sure they had gray hair, but they were still doing the hero thing past retirement age. What sucked about them was that they were an exclusive bunch. Sure Star Spangled Kid and Power Girl could join the JSA, but other young heroes were excluded. And since the JSA was like the only group gig in on Earth 2 that exclusion kind of sucked. So those heroes joined together and formed Infinity Inc.

The series was good, but really suffered once the Crisis hit. And after Crisis the team was just redundant.

As for why the book was canceled let’s go back around 10 months.

From the 10/19/04 column
I’m guessing there were numerous factors. Obviously sales were a factor. Great selling titles don’t really get canceled.

An equally important factor was Infinity Inc’s lack of place in the post Crisis DCU. In a universe where the JLA picked up where the JSA left off, Infinity Inc (who originally served as the successors to the JSA on Earth 2) was a team without a role to fill. Their whole identity was predicated around the idea that they were the next generation of heroes. But in the post Crisis DCU there was no need for a next generation team. Not only was there a JLA, but also Teen Titans and the Outsiders both of which were Earth 1 titles in the pre Crisis DCU.

And in case you were curious about what links Infinity Inc had to the JSA and where they are now here’s another answer from that same column.

Infinity Inc. had several links to the JSA. Here is a breakdown of the members and their link.

Brainwave – was the son of JSA enemy also know as Brainwave, and Merry the girl of 1,000 gimmicks (ah the Golden Age.) He was last seen in JSA trying to help the team rescue Sand. He was good, then became bad. Then he became worse due to a worm in his head, but now he’s good again.

He also was part of Black Adam’s Take Back Kahndaq Team, but packed it in when the going got tough and aided the JSA instread.

Dr. Midnight – was a doctor who worked under the original Dr. Mid-Nite. She died a brutal death at the hands of Eclipso.

It is also a woefully forgotten fact that she was the love interest of the JSA’s current Hourman, Rick Tyler, who never mentions her. …B

Fury II – was the daughter of the original Fury. She is hanging out with her husband, Dr. Fate. The two were finally reunited again, after a trip into the Vertigo universe.

Hourman II – was the son of the original Hourman. He went crazy. But then he got better. Now he’s reunited with his pop, who was saved from his death by the android Hourman, much to my dismay.

Currently, he’s kicking it with the JSA alongside his father.

Jade – daughter of the original Green Lantern. She just took over the lead of the Outsiders.

And somehow, according to the latest issue of Outsiders, knows Nightwing’s secret identity, along with the rest of the team…huh? …B

She also, lest we forget, used to make the beast with two backs with GL Kyle Rayner. She also aids the JSA from time to time when her brother Obsidian loses his mind. So roughly every 6 or so months.

Northwind – was the godson of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. He got mutated into more of a hawk/human hybrid. He’s chilling with Black Adam over in Kahndaq. He can’t talk anymore, but his wing grew back!

Sadly he no longer has that 80s costume which was a dream come true for a color blind person like myself. Finally, a super hero who dressed like how I would if nobody helped me pick out my clothes! …B

He’s still currently in Kahndaq, but has been joined by a whole lot of his brothers and sisters. I hate to put it like this, but they all look alike so good luck finding him in a crowd.

Nuklon – was the protégé of the original Atom, and the grandson of Cyclotron, a Golden Age villain. He changed his name to Atom Smasher, he joined the current JSA. But then he gave into the dark side and killed some folks. He too was with Black Adam in Kahndaq, until Rip Hunter asked for his help at the end of the current issue.

He also had runs with the Conglomerate and the super crappy post-Zero Hour JLA. During the latter, he was one of writer Gerard Jones’ favorite characters, as Gerry went to great lengths every issue to remind us that he was Jewish and looking for a wife. …B

He recently received some measure of redemption by first trying to sacrifice himself to save Kahndaq from a kill crazy Spectre (he did actually die, but Black Adam brought him back) and then giving himself up to the authorities for crimes committed in invading Kahndaq with Black Adam’s team. He also stomped an OMAC along the way. Last scene being approached by Amanda Waller, which, as mentioned earlier, would indicate a little Squad in his future.

Obsidian – son of the original Green Lantern. He went loony. But his pop is trying to make things right again.

Also a part of that wretched JLA run. Gerry hinted he may have been gay, but never went anywhere with it. Cool costume. …B

He went REALLY crazy and teamed up with Mordru and Eclipso, but it seems Alan finally smacked him around enough this time. Not exactly the best message to send future fathers of America, but it is what it is. Currently, Obsidian is chillin’ in el hospital getting healthy (hopefully for real this time).

Power Girl – who knows? She alleged to be the cousin of Superman. She’s still hanging with the JSA.

And her origin should be told within the year. …B

And, sure enough, it is being told right now in the pages of JSA Confidential. So far, she isn’t Kryptonian and she isn’t Atlantian. I have no clue what she is though.

Silver Scarab – son of Hawkman & Hawkgirl. He died. But then he came back as Dr. Fate.

In between, he was The Sandman for about five seconds. His son is the current Sandman, Morpheus’ successor. …B

At the moment, he is little more than a helmet after getting righteously whupped by our good friend, Crazy Spectre. I’m sure he’ll be better real quick though, so don’t worry.

Skyman – FKA Star Spangled Kid, Golden Age hero. He died.

Wildcat II – she was inspired and trained by Ted Grant. She was brutally killed by Eclipso.

Solomon Grundy – bad guy, but not so bad around Jade. He got even friendlier and hung out with Jack Knight. But then he got mean again. He was in the current issue of Hawkman, mean again.

Here in real time, he also just showed up in a Messner-Loeb penned Green Arrow and is apparently due for a big role in Alex Ross’s newest opus, Justice.

Mr. Bones – bad guy who was assigned to the team as part of probation. He’s the current head of the DEO.

Tim, I’m curious if you’ve got anything to add to this answer, considering you’re the guy who asked one of the questions from the 10/19 column.

Ahh, back in the day when I asked the questions, but did not answer them. I have fond memories.

Anyways, for the sake of readability, I just went idea and added my two cents in the midst of the flashback answer above. I’m the guy in green.

As for if they are any good? People do seem to like them, but I haven’t made any concerted effort to track down the series and read it so I have very little to offer in that arena.

Well it’s time to end the column. Be sure to send me your questions and comments. Oh and don’t forget to visit our thread where some lively post column debate is known to take place. And we’re always friendly to new posters.

My question to you this week; What did you think of Alex Ross’ Justice?

“And I sit all night, I sit still all night.”