WWE ByteThis! Report

We kick off ByteThis! with a video package of the Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita situation. Todd Grisham welcomes us to the show. He announces that tonight we have three guests: Matt Hardy, Lita, and Edge. He tells us the new RAW magazine will feature a story about the situation. He shows Edge and Lita sitting at home, and that Matt Hardy is sitting next to him. Grisham talks about the SummerSlam match. Grisham tells Edge to speak on his emotion that he mentioned on RAW.

Edge says the emotion is hate. He says Matt shouldn’t have brought their personal life into it. Edge says everyone makes mistakes, but you don’t have to exploit it. Edge says Matt acted like a sixth grader and posted it on the web.

Matt Hardy says he is disappointed with Lita, and he trusted her more than his brother Jeff. Matt says to Edge that a mistake is a one-time thing, not a course of three months. Matt says Edge is Edge all the time, not Adam Copeland anymore. Matt says Edge has been married and divorced, and Edge says Matt has only had one serious relationship. Edge says Matt Hardy is V1 24/7. Matt says he is going to beat Edge up at SummerSlam worse than he has ever been beaten before.

Lita is asked how this has affected her life. She says she never thought this would happen. Lita agrees that humans make mistakes. She says her mistake was going behind Matt’s back, but she didn’t make a mistake by falling in love with Edge. Grisham asks her if she is happy with the Internet situation that led to the SummerSlam match. Lita says that it shouldn’t have happened to begin with, but she says it will be hard to see Edge and Matt go at it.

Grisham asks him how he felt when Edge played his music at the wedding. Matt said it made him sick. He can’t even look Adam anymore because it makes him sick. Matt says he is Edge’s worst nightmare. Edge says Matt is inferior physically and verbally. Edge says Matt’s life is wrestling. Matt brings up that he called him every week when Edge had a broken neck, but Edge slept with Lita when Matt was injured.

Grisham asks what he thought when Matt said he would be happy if Edge died in a car crash. Edge says the only reason Matt said that because he needs a life, and he doesn’t want to fight Edge at SummerSlam. Edge says he is Bill Gates, and Matt is a hobo on the side of the road. Edge cusses at Matt and walks off.

Matt says Adam Copeland is his biggest adversary. Matt says when they step in the ring it will be live and there will be nobody there to stop him. Matt reminds us it is kill or be killed, and Matt will not die. Matt says that he is Edge’s worst nightmare, and if he doesn’t know that, he will at SummerSlam.

Grisham reminds us to watch SummerSlam this Sunday and we cut off with a SummerSlam promo.

ByteThis! this week was short but explosive. Thank you for reading this recap, and like always feedback is welcome at littlespike909@yahoo.com.

Peace out, up, and all in your face!

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