JLA #117 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell
Story Title: Crisis of Conscience (part three)

Writers: Geoff Johns & Allan Heinberg
Pencils: Chris Batista
Inks: Mark Farmer
Colors: David Baron
Letters: Rob Leigh
Assistant Editor: Michael Siglain
Editor: Mike Carlin
Publisher: DC Comics

This was a big issue for the “Crisis of Conscience” storyline. Martian Manhunter goes one-on-one with Despero, after finding out that he’s responsible for un-mind-wiping the Secret Society of Super Villains. Other than that, this issue primarily deals with a huge throw-down between the JLA and the Secret Society. I enjoyed this quite a bit, because I’m still trying to catch up on older DC stuff, so I’ve never seen most of these villains in action. In this issue, I get to see them attacking the Daily Planet, of all places. Why are they doing that, you might ask? Because they have been un-mind-wiped, they remember all of the JLA’s secret identities, and are determined to kill “everyone the Justice League has ever loved.” If that’s not enough, this issue’s cliffhanger is a doozy, so I’m very interested to see where they take this.

The art was top notch in this book, and really helped bring you into the story. So, props to Batista, Farmer, and Baron for a job well done.