[WWE] Legends Comment on Summerslam


WWE.com has posted several articles asking superstars and legends about Summerslam:

Road Warrior Animal talks about Heidenreich earning his LOD spikes. He talks about a hopeful resurgence of tag team wrestling in WWE, how much he doesn’t want people to think he’s trying to “replace” Hawk, and says: “If I went to the ring with my eyes closed, I wouldn’t know the difference if I was with Heidenreich or Hawk … The fans have been great, I’ve gotten some of the loudest ovations I’ve ever received in pro wrestling.”

Vader talks about Hogan vs. Michaels.

Droz gives Summerslam predictions.

Mick Foley seemingly shoots on Summerslam, including comments about Flair, Hogan, Orton, the Eddie/Rey storyline, Matt, Lita and Edge using a real-life event for a storyline, and more.

Bobby Heenan and Superstar Billy Graham give their predictions.


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