InsidePulse’s WWE Velocity Report

Hey gang, welcome to Saturday night fever as I like to call it, or your WWE Velocity report. I’m not much for long introductions, but my name is Mark, so if you want to drop me some questions, comments, concerns or even complaints, feel free to send them over via e-mail.

How will the last Velocity before SummmerSlam tie into the mix? Let’s find out…

Our hosts on the evening are: Steve Romero and Josh Mathews.

Opening interview: Josh Mathews is in the ring to interview William Regal. Wow, an interview on Velocity. It’s been a long time. Mathews mentions that 2 weeks ago on SmackDown Regal abandoned his partner Scotty 2 Hotty in a match against the Mexicools. The first question to Regal is that why would he leave Scotty to get pinned. Regal says that he has had to be tough is whole life, but over the last couple of years he has been soft. Regal says that Scotty is back to his old self, full of misery and hate, and thinks that he can damage Regal’s experience. This cues Scotty out himself who runs in to attack Regal only to get beat down. However, Scotty hits a superkick out of the corner and goes for the Worm, but Regal rolls out of the ring before it hits.

Commercial break. Wrestling commercial plug: Hogan vs. HBK, legend vs. icon promo for tommorow night at SummerSlam.

SmackDown! Rebound: Chris Benoit tells Orlando Jordan that this Sunday he is going to tap out. Plain and simple.

Nunzio and Vito make their way to the ring. Nunzio offers Chance Thompson an oppurtunity to fight him for his cruiserweight championship, but he has to get through Vito first.

Vito vs. Chance Thompson
Thompson goes on the attack with punches and knocks Vito down with a dropkick. However, he makes the rookie mistake of charging into the corner and gets knocked down with a clothseline. After some stomping Vito sends Thompson shoulder-first into the ring post. Back suplex by Thompson and an elbow drop, pin gets 2. Mounted punches by Vito. Vito with a powerslam and then he goes up top and hits a splash. Vito stomps at Thompson’s arm and flips him over on it, then applies an arm bar. Thompson fights out to his feet and adds some punches on Vito, followed by a kick to the face. Thompson goes off the ropes, but Vito lays him out with a superkick. A spinning DDT ends it.
Winner: Vito

Afterwards, Nunzio tells Chance that he did a good job, and will give him a chance for the cruiserweight title next week, but why wait? He’ll do it now. Not sure, if it was actually announced to be an official match or not, but here is how the title match went…

Nunzio (c) vs. Chance Thompson
Nunzio hits a dropkick and pins Thompson for the 3 count, after Thompson was worn out from his previous match with Vito.
Winner and STILL champion: Nunzio

Commercial break.

As we come back it’s time for the first SmackDown! clip of the night, with Eddie Guerrero sitting on the ladder in the ring telling the fans that it will be him pulling down the custody papers Sunday, and that Rey has lied to his son all his life and denying his priverlage to be a Guerrero, but Eddie will never do that with his son Dominick. Eddie goes on to say that he is going to climb this ladder for every father who loves his son, for his own father, for his brother, and for Dominick Guerrero, who is going to be the “best Guerrero of them all.” He tells Dominick to smile and not be sad anymore, because come Sunday, he is coming home with papi.

Romero and Mathews go over the SummerSlam card.

Commercial break.

After both men are settled in the ring Kennedy takes the microphone from Tony Chimmel and announces himself as Mr. Kennedy from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Ken Kenndey vs. George Pearson
Kennedy beats him down to start and slaps George around. High knee to George gets a 2 count. Another knee by Kennedy, and then he rams George into the turnbuckle. Kennedy chokes George with his boot and then runs with a stomp to his face, which gets 2. Kennedy locks in an abdominal stretch, but George is able to fight out, only to get knocked back down. Kennedy locks in a body scissors now. Geroge gets out and hits chops, then ducks a clothseline and gets a crossbody off the ropes. Kennedy no-sells however and drops George over his knee twice before giving George his rolling senton finisher to end it.
Winner: Ken Kennedy

Commercial break.

We come back to the SmackDown! main event, as Chris Benoit has just hit 3 rolling germans on Randy Orton, and then nails the swandive headbut. Orlando Jordan tries to make interference, but Benoit gives him a baseball slide. This allows Orton to nail the RKO got the 3 count. As Randy poses, the lights go out, and as we return, Undertaker appears behind Orton, and Orton turns right into a chokeslam.

Commercial break.

Hardcore Holly vs. Steven Richards
Richards has dropped the Big Stevie Cool attire and dawned the old pink trunks tonight. Richards cowers in the corner to begin, but as Holly argues with the referee Richards attacks and sends Holly to the outside. Richards sends Holly shoulder-first into the ring apron. Back inside, Richards nails a back suplex for 2. Holly fights back with chest chops, but Richards quickly retaliates with a powerslam. Another powerslam by Richards. A third powerslam and a 2 count. Richards works on Holly’s lower back, but Holly fights out of it with clubs to Stevie’s back. Holly goes off the ropes only to come back and get slammed. They exchange chops and Richards takes him down with a punch, followed by stomps. More exchanged chops, but as Holly gains advantage Richards sneaks in an eye poke. Steven sends Holly to the corner face-first and attacks his lower back with punches. Richards takes him down again and covers for a 2 count. Holly sends Richards down with chops and then a hip toss. Clothseline by Holly. Holly lifts Richards up onto his back attempting the Alabama Slam, but Richards grabs a hold of the top rope. Holly finally is able to pull Richards free of the ropes, and hits the Alabama Slam for the 3 count.
Winner: Hardcore Holly

— Hope to see you back next week.

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