Rasslin Roundtable: WWE SummerSlam

Kurt Angle vs. Eugene – Eugene Invitational (No Time Limit)

PK: Eugene has lasted much, much longer then I thought he would, probably due to his injury, but if he actually beats Angle, we will have some problems.
Winner – Angle

Widro: I despise Eugene.
Winner – Sngle

Eric Szulczewski: Time for this to be blown off. If the retard gets killed (either metaphorically or literally), all the best.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Matthew Michael: Kurt’s obviously winning his medals back here, perhaps setting up Eugene getting his win back at a future PPV with no medals on the line (after the likely Kurt/Cena feud is over). I think a lot of babyfaces will win at Summerslam, so the heel victory not only makes sense here, but will balance things out. Oh, and this could steal the f’n show if they let Dinsmore wrestle more than comedy spots.
Winner – Angle

Jed Shaffer: The problem with Eugene is that no matter how popular he gets, no one can afford to lose a feud to him. The stigma of losing to Eugene would follow someone forever, even if the person reaches the summit of Mt. Perpetually Over (tm Eric). Angle is no exception. Plus, them’s is his gold medals, for crying out loud.
Winner – Our Olympic Hero

Jeremy Lambert: This has been fun while it lasted. Eugene has run his course, kill the retard. Angle should get his medals back.
Winner – Kurt The Great

David Brashear: Kurt Angle needs to win this one and put the whole Invitational thing to bed. Angle needs to be in the running for the title anyway, especially with Jericho reportedly taking some time off after Summerslam.
Winner — Kurt Angle

ML Kennedy: Angle’s character has made Hogan, Taker and HBK tap. Maybe he will head-drop Eugene and make him “un-tarded.”
Winner – Angle

Mark Neeley: I really can’t see them stretching out the Eugene angle any longer, but then again I don’t see them pushing Angle in any other direction either… oh well.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Dustin Young: Well unless they have some big elaborate plan for this, we all know the out come.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Special Guest
Dwayne: As much as I like Eugene, I can’t see him going over Kurt Angle, because Kurt Angle is suppose to be moving into a feud with John Cena shortly after this. I hope this feud doesn’t extend it into a long-term feud, because it doesn’t peak my interest to the point where I would want to see it carried over to Survivor Series. Angle goes over and Eugene finds something else to do.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan

PK: I think WWE is doing Hulk a favor her by having him on TV to promote his Vh1 show. However, they are not putting Hogan on the marquee and have him lose. No chance that Bret Hart shows up.
Winner – Hogan

Widro: I don’t expect Bret hart at all, and think it will end with Hogan beating Michaels clean.
Winner – Hogan

Eric Szulczewski: Flea and I have been talking about this for weeks. We’ve come to a consensus that it had better be the last match on the card, because no one will want to follow this. The sheer amount of mark spooge that will have to be washed out of various trousers on Monday could drown a small city. This is one of those matches where it’s irrelevant about who’s going to win, because it’s all down to Michaels. He’s gone beyond carrying his weight in this feud to a level approaching transcendence, cutting what will definitely be considered some of the best promos of his career. And he’ll carry Hogan in the match to the greatest possible extent. I’m still convinced that it won’t be enough to produce a memorable match, though. Michaels is a little too old for that. However, we have to go with the bigger of the two egotists here.
Winner – Hulk Hogan

Matthew Michael: The true main event, hopefully this match gets put on last, as I can’t see ANYone following it unless they do a ridiculously HUGE angle to end the show — and I’m not sure what that could be. I’d love to see Bret come back and cost Michaels the win here, then disappear until the DVD comes out. I know he doesn’t want to be a part of a storyline, but this could be his chance to finally get his ‘heat back’ after years of shit. This will be an awesome, mark-out match, workrate or no workrate. One for any up-and-coming wrestlers to study diligently. Cena, Orton: ya hear that?
Winner – Doesn’t matter, but I’ll say Hogan

Jed Shaffer: Battle Of The Bald Spots!!! If anybody can drag Hogan kicking and screaming above a *, it’d be Shawn. Still, we all know what this boils down to: an unpaid VH1 commercial. So, the duke goes to…
Winner – The human 5-ball

Jeremy Lambert: Michaels has been spot on the entire feud. Shouldnt Hogan be upset that people will be watching the PPV instead of his show? Or people will be watching his show instead of the PPV? Lose lose for Hogan.
Winner – I said he was going lose, brother brother brother.

David Brashear: You know, I wouldn’t have thought that anything could turn Shawn Michaels into a heel. Looks like I forgot the Power of Hogan. I don’t expect this to be Match of the Night workrate-wise, but I’d say this is the one that’s going to be drawing a lot of the buyrate. As far as the result, Michaels has had the upper hand for too long to be going over Hogan.
Winner — Hulk Hogan

ML Kennedy: Why bring in Hogan to have him beat a WWE loyalist? Shawn is to dependable for Vince to make him job. Although I might be an idiot.
Winner – HBK

Mark Neeley: While my mind is telling me Michaels will win, my sense of the business and pleasing the fans is telling me Hogan will win. Although it could go both ways, and Hogan will get a standing ovation even if he gets flattened with the sween chin music and has a heart attack. I’m going to go against the babyface here though, and possibly Shawn might manage to get a shoulder up after the evil leg drop of doom.
Winner – Shawn Michaels

Dustin Young: For most people this is going to be the match of the night. So, I don’t think it will disappoint in my estimation bret will appear here and screw them both I mean c’mon they did the hardy tease and look what happened he is wrestling on this very same PPV but as for the winner HBK needs this win more than Hogan, so…..
Winner – HBK

Special Guest
Dwayne: I hope Shawn Michaels jobs the Orange Tanned Fried Chicken out of his misery, and super kicks his ass. Then to top it off, how about we have HBK imitate Hulk Hogan and pin him with his own pathetic leg drop? In all seriousness, thanks in large part to Shawn Michaels, the promos for this match have been excellent. He’s as good an actor as he is a professional wrestler. As much as I would like to see HBK win, I can’t picture the Orange Tanned Fried Chicken jobbing to HBK. This match will probably end up being Hogan’s final match, as we well know it, because he’s getting too old to wrestle and he wants to spend more time with his family. So I’m going to have to go with the Hulkster here, although I WISH HBK would win this match. Nothing would please me more than to see HBK whip Hogan’s ass and lay him out with the super kick, but unfortunately, its not going to happen, because Hogan doesn’t like to job.
Winner – Hulk Hogan

Matt Hardy vs. Edge

PK: A f*cking wrestling match? What is this? This is supposed to be a personal thing, why is this just a match? I guess Unforgiven will be the Street Fight, then Taboo Tuesday, well, I guess the fans will choose what match that is, then Survivor Series is a Steel Cage? Whatever happens, Hardy HAS to come out on top, or there will be nothing left of him, and Edge can always fall on his ‘Money in the Bank’.
Winner – Matt Hardy

Widro: I don’t love how this has been built, but the match could steal the show.
Winner – Edge

Eric Szulczewski: I don’t think I’ve seen the fanbase go from red hot to apathetic in so short a time over a feud. Well, chalk another one up for me, because I started apathetic and informed everyone about it. It’s just another on my long list of “unpopular opinions” that I was right about in the first place, so up yours, fanboys.
Winner – Edge

Matthew Michael: So is Matt full of shit or will this one actually be as stiff as advertised? I’m really looking forward to this one, and hope the booking’s good, but I don’t want to see a wrestling match here. I want blood, anger, and fast-passed action. And Matt BETTER win.
Winner – Hardy

Jed Shaffer: I’d like to remind everyone that I was against this angle from Day 1. Remember, this is a creative team that can’t master continuity (see Kane’s history) and has no experience with “shwork” angles thanks to Vince’s Nazi-esque clamping down on shoots in his company. I saw this abortion coming a mile away, and with the expectations so high on this match, it almost HAS to do what the angle has done: fizzled and died. We can only hope it will be the end of this horrible mess … but knowing “creative” lately, it won’t.
Winner – Mr. Feces

Jeremy Lambert: Edge will die in a car accident Saturday Night.
Winner – Version Cryahhhhhhh

David Brashear: Matt needs to win this one, and he needs to overcome not only Edge, but also interference from Lita. If he can do that, he can definitely be on the way up the card. However, anything can happen in the WWE, and that usually involves them screwing things up. Still, hope springs eternal.
Winner — Matt Hardy

ML Kennedy: Edge has had his chance, and loses nothing with a job here. If they want to make any money with Hardy, he wins here. Unless, they mistakenly think that the feud has legs.
Winner – Matt

Mark Neeley: Well, let’s just hope this match will do away with the storyline. That’s all I ask, good match or DQ, just get rid of it! Assuming they don’t want to keep stretching this feud and storyline out, and Edge doesn’t win via DQ or anything, i’ll say Hardy to gets a clean win to finally cap things off. Maybe Lita interferes and allows Hardy to hit the twist of fate or something predictable like that.
Winner – Matt Hardy

Dustin Young: This is going to be the best match of the night with alot of anger and everything although I have a feeling this match wont end evn if Edge does move to Smackdown! after Summer Slam i have a feeling matt hardy will follow more on that later
Winner – Matt Hardy

Special Guest
Dwayne: I honestly do not care who wins this match. Fuck, I don’t even care about this angle. Well, I do care about it, but not as much as other people. Here’s what I predict will happen. This match will probably end on a result of a disqualification or a no contest. As a result of that decision and in an effort to finally settle their difference’s and put this feud to rest, at Unforgiven, Edge and Matt Hardy will compete in a Street Fight and V1 will go over. Like I said earlier, I could care less about who wins this match, but that’s my prediction and I’m sticking with it.
Winner – No contest

John Cena (c) vs. Chris Jericho – WWE Championship

PK: As much as I would love to see Jericho as the new Champ, it just isn’t in the cards until his signs the long term deal.
Winner – Cena

Widro: Jericho has been great, but he’s just another notch in Cena’s championship belt
Winner – Cena

Eric Szulczewski: And speaking of apathetic, I believe that “creative” has even realized that Cena’s a waste with the title. Something has to be done to spark attention while everyone’s waiting for Trip to come back in October. A title drop would be a good start.
Winner and New Champion – Chris Jericho

Matthew Michael: They couldn’t possibly put the belt on Jericho, who just signed a short-term contract, could they? They couldn’t possibly put the belt on Jericho, and kill Cena’s heat just as he’s getting super-over, could they? They couldn’t possibly be putting the belt on Jericho to have a babyface HHH come back in a few months and win it back, could they? Nah…
Winner – Cena

Jed Shaffer: I’d like to believe that, since they’re copying the Austin storyline from 1998, that Cena will be losing the belt soon, and there’s no one I want to see it on more then Jericho. But we all know that can’t happen. It violates some kind of interstellar law or something.
Winner – Stone Cold Vanilla Ice

Jeremy Lambert: Jericho has carried the feud and will carry the match. Too bad he wont carry the belt after the match.
Winner – You cant see him

David Brashear: With word leaking about Jericho taking time off after Summerslam to do the family and Fozzy things, this one’s a no-brainer.
Winner — John Cena

ML Kennedy: Jericho as a WWE champion wasn’t funny the first time.
Winner – Cena

Mark Neeley: Although dissapointing, this match goes out as being the most predictable one on the card. Something like Cena gets the knees up on the Lionsault and comes back with his patented 4 or 5 moves, like so me shuffling punches, a vertical suplex maybe, FU, goodnight. Good luck in your future career, Chris.
Winner – John Cena

Dustin Young: Haha your funny
Winner – John ” Markie Mark ” Cena

Special Guest
Dwayne: I truly believe that this could be the sleeper match of Summerslam. I would love to see Cena and Jericho tear the house down with this match, because I believe both men have the ability to do it and furthermore, the build for this feud has been absolutely perfect in my opinion. I have enjoyed watching every minute of this feud, and in my opinion, its the best storyline in WWE going right now. John Cena got off on the wrong foot with General Manager Eric Bischoff when he arrived on Raw and he’s continued to step on toes ever since. You can probably expect interference in some form from Bischoff and Carlito, but I think Cena will prevail. I hope somewhere down the line that Jericho gets another run with the WWE title, because he deserves it and in my opinion he’s one of the hardest working wrestlers in the business.
Winner – John Cena

Orlando Jordan (c) vs. Chris Benoit – US Title

PK: Benoit did the J-O-B to the newbie, now it’s time to get it back, with the title.
Winner – Benoit

Widro: They better not have Benoit job again here.
Winner – Benoit

Eric Szulczewski: It’ll be a month late, but this time they’ll make the right decision. And it’ll provide some good symmetry considering Benoit dropped the world title to Orton at last year’s SS.
Winner and New Champion – Chris Benoit. Or else.

Matthew Michael: Part of me thinks a Benoit win here sets up a series of awesome US Title matches between he and Christian, Regal, etc., but another part of me thinks they had Benoit in a long, grueling match vs. Orton on Smackdown in order to justify yet another OJ win. The way they’ve treated Jordan since his LAST win over Benoit, completely shitting over any potential momentum he may have had, I hope it’s the former.
Winner – Benoit

Jed Shaffer: Jordan has single-handedly killed the US Title deader then David Flair ever could’ve. All we need is for Will Sasso to do a run-in, and the devaluing will be complete. I think “creative” knows this, so Benoit gets to be the transitional champ, since he has nothing better to do.
Winner – Our Lord & Savior

Jeremy Lambert: The result better be opposite of GAB, because OJ won and that PPV sucked.
Winner – The Rabid Rascal

David Brashear: This one really hurts to see. Jordan has done nothing while holding the US belt, and Benoit should be challenging Batista. Still, an incredible midcard and awful main events worked for WCW, so”¦
Winner — Chris Benoit

ML Kennedy: So does Benoit win a title that is beneath him or does he lose again to a wrestler who is beneath him? This is a second match, but in no way a feud.
Winner – Chris Benoit is here and he’s really mad.

Mark Neeley: Jordan’s only hope for outsmarting Benoit a second time would be some interference from JBL, because sometimes the chief of staff just can’t get things done on his own. I assume that Benoit will win this match, so Jordan, even when he’s not the United States champion, will keep having to keep popping up on Velocity.
Winner – Chris Benoit

Dustin Young: Only thing I can think of for this is they had better turn it into a four way and add Christian and Booker T. because, that’s the only way Benoit can lose this and not look like shit.
If it’s a four way Winner – Christian
Other than that Winner – Benoit

Special Guest
Dwayne: I feel sorry for Benoit, but at least the positive aspect of this match is that the gold will be back around his waist when its all said and done. I don’t really care that the WWE has booked Benoit to win a secondary title, I’m just glad that the gold will be back around his waist. Orlando Jordan has been a terrible champion. The guy doesn’t act like a champion, he doesn’t carry himself like a champion, he doesn’t have an ounce of charisma and his in-ring work leaves a lot to be desired. Orlando Jordan, we barely knew ya or cared who you were. You only won the US Title so they could get it off Cena and still further the JBL feud, and you’ve only held it until now because they haven’t been paying attention to who’s holding it right now. Now, back to the depths of Velocity with you. After Benoit wins the US title, I predict that the UST division will finally be rejuvenated and Benoit will transition the US title to someone who desperately needs a push to elevate their career.
Winner – The greatest professional athlete in the World today, the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Beniot

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

PK: The Undertake cannot win here. Orton is just coming back from injury, and if they want to get him on the right track to feud with Batista this fall (which has to happen), he has to hit the RKO for the big win here.
Winner – Orton

Widro: This match was surprisingly good at mania, and I expect them both to step up here.
Winner – Orton

Eric Szulczewski: Exactly what morons in the audience were clamoring for a Wrestlemania rematch of these two? Whoever they are, they should be shot. This’ll be an ugly, ugly match, folks. Worst of all, it’ll provide us with the beginning of another ungodly Orton push.
Winner – Randy Orton

Matthew Michael: Taker’s not gonna be around for much longer, kiddies, so enjoy it while it lasts. Time for the Legend Killer to get his win back, without the Wrestlemania stigma attached.
Winner – Orton

Jed Shaffer: If Orton had won at WrestleMania, this might’ve meant something. As it stands, it’s too little, too late.
Winner – Vince’s Other Pet Project

Jeremy Lambert: Orton wins, feuds with Batista. Taker wins, feuds with retirement.
Winner – RKO ::pose::

David Brashear: See Matt Hardy. Orton’s been in a rut since HHH chopped him off at the knees right before Taboo Tuesday last year, and his time off for injuries didn’t help. If he can go over Taker here, I think Batista vs. Orton for the next PPV could be really interesting.
Winner — Randy Orton

ML Kennedy: Taker or Orton by nefarious means. Either way Taker beats the hell out of him for 15 minutes to the delight of the crowd.
Winner – Taker

Mark Neeley: Well, if you think about it, Orton actually has a future on SmackDown, and well, finally defeating Undertaker (2nd time is a charm) be a way to continue boosting his legend killer status, and a way to start new feuds. If he can beat Foley, he’s going to beat Taker. Simple as that.
Winner – Randy Orton

Dustin Young: Even the score 1/1
Winner – Orton

Special Guest
Dwayne: If there is any justice in the World at all, then Orton will go over. The Undertaker needs to stop abusing his political power that he has backstage and actually put someone over for a change. Randy Orton is one of the future’s of this business. The kid needs to go over because he is a star on the rise. What sense does it make for the Undertaker to go over? If you ask me, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, because he doesn’t need to go over. So Mark Calloway, you f*cking bastard, do what’s right for the business and put Randy Orton over.
Winner – Randy Orton

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio – Ladder Match for the Custody of Dominick

PK: This is a feud that’s working on almost 6 months now. And, really, it should end here, but this will be their best match yet, and I want to see more! Eddie continues his losing ways against Mysterio here.
Winner – Mysterio

Widro: I think either Eddy will win, or Rey will win and Dominick will turn on Rey and become a Guerrero.
Winner – Eddie Guerrero always wins

Eric Szulczewski: As we all wait in vain for this angle to be blown off once and for all…this situation and match doesn’t provide for a blow-off. No matter who wins, this feud continues. That’s what the audience wants to see. Since Dominic has to go back to school soon, that dictates the outcome, because if Eddy wins, he’d HAVE to drag Dom out week after week.
Winner – Rey-Rey

Matthew Michael: Could this be where Eddie finally gets his win over Rey-Rey? If he DOES win, does that mean the feud continues? I love watching these two wrestle, and Eddie’s gold on the mic no matter what they give him, but I don’t know if I want to see much more of this storyline. Does it REALLY matter if Dominick is Eddie’s son at the end of the day?
Winner – Guerrero

Winner – Us, if this feud ends.

Jeremy Lambert: This should be a fun ladder match to watch. Telemundo doesn’t solve problems like this though, they normally kill. So this is a step down.

David Brashear: I’m picking Rey for one reason and one reason only. LET THIS THING END. Still, despite the stupid backstory, these two should put on a killer match.
Winner — Rey Mysterio

ML Kennedy: Give them time and I will forgive all of the stupid.
Winner – Eddie with Dominaference!

Mark Neeley: Has the possibility to be the show stealer, although if they play the Dominick story like they did at Great American Bash and Dominick is at ringside, they are going to spend too much time stressing Dominick than they are the real wrestling. Hopefully Dominick is at that foster home or whatever so he can let daddy and uncle duke it out and give the audience a great wrestling match.
Winner – Rey Mysterio

Dustin Young: Well there is too much on the line Rey won’t lose because Eddie can’t win
Winner – Rey

Special Guest

Dwayne: God, I hate this storyline. Please let this bullshit come to a halt at Summerslam. This is a very uncomfortable storyline–uncomfortable to watch and probably quite uncomfortable for an 8-year-old who might not be able to figure out the difference between a “shoot” and a “work.” No little boy should look as sad as Dominick does on TV. If it’s all acting on his part, then the kid belongs in Hollywood. As far as the match goes, there is no doubt that Eddie and Rey can tear the house down. I just wish that the premise of this match was a good old-fashioned rasslin’ storyline rather than this troubling case of Baby Daddy Drama. As far as who will win this match, well, I think its pretty obvious who will win this match. Eddie’s going to win this match, because he wants to prove to himself that he can finally beat Mysterio. Wasn’t that what this was initially about when the two met each other at Wrestlemania? Its not about some custody papers, Guerrero wants to prove that he can beat Mysterio. This match probably won’t close the lid shut on this storyline however. I have a that this feud is going to drag on for a couple more months until both men find something different to occupy their time with.
Winner – Eddie Guerrero

Batista (c) vs. JBL – World Heavyweight Title – No Holds Barred

PK: Batista pins JBL cleanly, Brock Lesnar comes out and F5’s Batista.
Winner – Batista

Widro: Another match which could surprise, I think Batista is still underrated in terms of popularity and drawing power.
Winner – Batista

Eric Szulczewski: “Let’s have two guys who can’t wrestle just beat the shit out of each other” is a time-honored tradition. The problem here is that neither of these guys is great at beating the shit out of each other. Maybe High-Quality Speaker Boy can get motivated if Batista dyes his hair blue.
Winner – Batista

Matthew Michael: They may not have much faith in Batista now that he’s separated from HHH — the MUCH better worker than Bradshaw, of course — but I can’t see them giving JBL the belt again, let alone the Big Gold Belt. Batista/Orton at a major PPV is money; they need to start building to it now (although I wouldn’t mind seeing a little Batista/Eddie in between).
Winner – DAVE

Jed Shaffer: This is why the WWE is so bad off: they have no capability to develop back-up plans. Carlito gets injured a month in? Re-run his debut on Raw when he gets traded. Brock Lesnar leaves Smackdown? Elevate a career tag wrestler. Planned main event for SummerSlam is banned by the network? Hit the storyline treadmill, and give your previous champ his FOURTH WORLD TITLE MATCH ON PPV IN A ROW!!! No reason to expect a different result, either.
Winner – Metrosexual Man!

Jeremy Lambert: It can’t be worse than GAB
Winner – Batista….by DQ

David Brashear: No holds barred? Great. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — JBL has no business in the main event. He’s not that over, and he doesn’t have the talent. Let’s get him out of the way and move somebody else up.
Winner – Batista

ML Kennedy: I predict blood. Blood and shenanigans.
Winner – Batista who moves on to Eddie.

Mark Neeley: Now that those awful internet rumors of Triple-H interfering and distracting Batista to let JBL get the win have disappeared since GAB, Batista has the match clinched and will retain the title. Poor JBL has to do the double job like he had to lose his title to Cena at Wrestlemania and then job in the street fight (I think) match following.
Winner – Dave

Dustin Young: Well we know Batista won’t lose his belt at home well not to JBL at least what I believe will happen is Edge will use his money in the bank shot right after the match take the belt to Smackdown! just to get away from Hardy although hardy was never officially named to return to Raw i see him jumping as well and causing Edge hell for the next 3 months
Winner – Batista
Winner – Edge

Special Guest
Dwayne: Ok, let me first start off by saying that over the last couple of months, even though its been very frustrating, I’m getting used to recognizing that JBL doesn’t plan on leaving the main event picture for a long time. I’ll give JBL credit where credit is due. JBL is one of the best promo cutters in the business and his in-ring work is consistent and not that horrid to watch. With that said, I think its time we found a new opponent for Batista. Even though I like JBL, I’m tired of seeing him in the main event all the time on Smackdown! Smackdown! needs to create some fresh opposition for Batista and some new main eventers in general. I hope that this will be the end of JBL’s streak of PPV title matches. As far as the match goes, Washington, D.C., is Batista’s hometown, which makes him the favorite in this match. Hopefully, this match won’t be as atrocious as their Great American Ass match.
Winner – Batista

Wildcard #1:
Will Bret Hart appear? What will he do?

PK: No way. If they are going to have Bret return, it will be advertised so they can make money off it.

Widro: No

Eric Szulczewski: Absolutely not. Da Meltz has pretty much debunked this one, and the answers seem to be logical, even within the framework of pro wrestling. So, therefore, he does nothing but eventually release his DVD.

Matthew Michael: I hope so, but I doubt it. Neither would surprise me, but if he’s there it’s obvious why: to finally screw over Michaels and help Hollywood get the victory. Since he can’t wrestle anymore, it’s the only way to go; and then end the storyline THERE. A tease? Sure. But sometimes being teased can be very satisfying.

Jed Shaffer: Even Vince isn’t dumb enough to blow his wad here. Pimping a Bret appearance on PPV would get so many extra buys, he’d be able to build an Uncle Scrooge-style money bin. No way he’ll piss that away.

Jeremy Lambert: Sure and Michaels will Superkick him back into stroke land.

Dustin Young: I already said he will appear and screw them both

Special Guest
Dwayne: Its highly unlikely that Bret Hart will appear. If he does make an appearance, I can guarantee you that it will only be a cameo. Bret Hart has stated publicly that he does not want to wrestle and he has also stated that he doesn’t plan to wrestle in the near future. Everyone who is getting their hope’s up about Bret Hart interfering in the HBK/Hogan match need to get their heads out of their ass’s and recognize that the man is not going to interfere.

Wildcard #2:
Will IC, Women’s, Cruiser or either Tag Titles be defended on HEAT? Does it matter?

PK: The Heat match will probably go to a title, but whatever one it is, it really doesn’t matter. My guess would be a Nunzio/London rematch.

Widro: I think it will be LOD vs. MNM.

Eric Szulczewski: I see the cruiser title being defended on Heat…uh, who’s cruiser champ right now? Nunzio? Yeah, I can see, oh, Nunzio/London or something like that. But the other titles? Definitely not the Women’s; they want to reserve Trish’s comeback for Raw. Carly’s still getting a blowjob push, thus leaving the IC strap off of Heat. The tag titles? Possibly the Raw titles, but not the SD titles, because they haven’t finished necro-raping Hawk yet.

Matthew Michael: I’d have to say they use HEAT as an opportunity to give LOD2K5 a squash win over (fill in the blank), but I’d prefer to see Juvi and Christian go at it if they’re not going to do a Carlito/Benjamin rematch (and the past few weeks indicate they’re not). The RAW c- and d-titles are so weak right now, it’s not even worth mentioning, and I haven’t heard much about Trish coming back or new tag teams debuting on RAW lately to even venture a guess about these. Of course, now we’ll see Big Show/Snitsky.

Jed Shaffer: If it mattered, they would’ve, you know, BOOKED A MATCH FOR THE EVENT!!! Maybe you’ll see a tag title match on Heat, but the rest? No reason to make the effort now.

Jeremy Lambert: I HAVE NO DESIRE TO SEE THESE TITLES DEFENDED! Except the Women’s because that would mean Trish is back.

Dustin Young: I believe Carlito should be defending on this show this is the second big PPV of the year and also the second to see the IC belt not defended which is plain dumb

Special Guest
Dwayne: No, the Tag-Team title’s, CW title, and the IC Championship will not be defended on Heat. As customary for a PPV, the E will spend the entire show showing video packages of all the matches that will be on the card. However, if we’re lucky, maybe the CW title or the Tag title’s might get defended. There’s always a little match at the end of each show to convince you to buy the PPV, so they’ll probably air a title match. Why would the Women’s Championship be defended on Heat? Trish Stratus hasn’t made a return to WWE television yet, and when she does make a return, it will occur on Raw, not Heat.

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