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Last week things changed…
This week they don’t exactly change…
But they will never be the same again..

Prepare to watch as the Internet get’s split into quarters…

We’re back with another view into the world of Marvelicious News and a completely biased hatred for DC, aka ‘The DumbDumb Competition’. Yeah, I went there.

Dude, you know I edit your column and you know I write DC News & Views. Don’t mess with the bull unless you wish to receive the horns my friend.-Tim Stevens

There is not a helluva lot of news, but the Marvel Solicits for November are here, and they totally made this column bigger than it needed to be. Ha!

Courtesy of Marvel

This past week over at Marvel, they had another poll as to decide who would be the next character to get the Amazing Fantasy treatment (which generally translates to ‘We turn old characters into teenage girls’). The winner this time – DEATH HEAD. So expect that giant British Robot to head on over to Marvel later this year, but this time she will not only be of Asian decent, but mope around and enjoy the song stylings of The Cure, and Switchblade Symphony.

Provided by Newsarama

We get not 1…
We get not 2…

We in fact get 3 previews this week from Newsarama. Ghost Rider, which has not only a hand painted feel, but just from this 6 page preview, I … well…

..I’m going to buy this book.

Look, I really dislike Ghost Rider. I dislike him for the same reason I like Venom. I hate the idea that people who have never touched a comic in their life all seem to think by the fact that they know those two characters – they know all about comics. It’s elitist and snobby of me, but gods it’s annoying. I didn’t want to like the way this book looked. IT LOOKS FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Oh, and Colossus looks so so, and Exiles is a great book. Kay bye.

Provided by Newsarama

Here in the world of the 2005 people, Sue and Reed have been married now for 40 years. They only feel as if 10ish or so years have gone by, but it makes sense to celebrate that. Doing a little research, 40 years is the ‘Ruby’ anniversary.

Anyway, this is more of a footnote and an ‘awwww’ kind of thing. (More mention of it down below.)

Provided by Newsarama

“Wolverine #32 by Mark Millar and Kaare Andrews – the 13th and last issue of Millar’s run on the title – will be offered in both a standard and Black & White Variant Edition.”

At first I was thrown into a rage. A bezerker barrage, if you will. Marvel was throwing us back into the world that many comic’s fans groan with disgust over. The variant’ed 90’s. Then, I saw, and breathed a sigh of relief. This isn’t a 50/50 or even 1:3 variant. This is an orderable variant. It’s up the retailer. I applaud them for doing it that way. Plus, this book is going to look that much hotter in B/W.

Provided by Newsarama

This is just a link for you to check out the interview with the Luna Bros. They are the guys who did the crazy successful books Ultra & Girls. (Both which are fun reads) They will be working on the Spider-Woman: Origin story, which will be leading into the Bendis/Maleev Spider-Woman ongoing.

Yeah… I’d hit it.

Provided by CBR


Meanwhile, X-Men Films had much to say about the goings on for the movie. “‘X2’ starlets Shauna Kain (Siryn), Bryce Hodgson (Artie), Conner Widows (Jones) and Luke Pohl (X-Kid) have joined the cast all reprising their respective roles in the sequel.

I remember Siryn – but god knows I have no idea who Artie, Jones, and X-Kid were. I’m sure they were fantastic in the 3 seconds they were on camera, and it’s nice to see that Brett Ratner, who in a little less than a year is predicted to become ‘X-Villain #1’ is trying for some continuity between the students.

===Spidey 3===

There was some prattle over at AINTITCOOLNEWS.COM about the villains in the Spidey movie. The problem is that they both sit and discuss openly how the villains are probably Sandman & Electro, but then go out of there way to say they don’t know. It’s useless reporting right there, so I’m not even linking it. Nyeh.

Giving thanks over at Marvel
Provided by CBR

The solicits for November are out, and there is lots of stuff to talk about. No pomp and circumstance”¦ let’s talk turkey.

okay okay okay… it’s listed, but I only wrote it so you could laugh with me.

Written by Daniel Way, this is apparently the beginning of a year long story that directly relates to how Wolvie is changed after House of M. Whereas I’m sad to see Millar’s run to go, because it was fun comic action, I look forward to seeing someone else taking Wolvie for a bit. Let’s just hope this ‘epic journey’ leads to some nice character development for the most overused stagnant characters in the MU.

Pardon, I have to clear my throat for this next one
Are you ready?

BOOKS OF DOOoooooooOOM #1 (of 6)
I added the extra ‘O’s for effect, as that’s how you will be titling it when you go to your local store. “Scuse me, can I have BOOKS OF DOOOOOOOOOOM” and they will say, “Why yes, we have Books of DOOOOOOOOOM!” Ed Brubaker writing a Doom: Year One story. Yes, the origins of Doom have been the thing to write about the last few years, but this is Ed Brubaker, and that’s hot.

And on that note…

Both a nice and sweet retrospect on Sue & Reed’s 40 year old wedding vows, but you also get the original wedding issue. How sweet. This looks like it might be the cute book of the month, and the cover looks excellent. As a note, it is only natural to want to use the descriptive term ‘Fantastic’ in any of the First Family’s summaries. I will not be that guy.

Okay, so it’s cheezy and cute, but I have to mention it as it’s got newcomer from Ten Ton Studios, Reilly Brown in it. A helluva good guy who I congratulate for making it to the House of Ideas.

Invincible tag teams with Spiderman. Nuff Said.

SENTINEL #1 (of 5)
McKeever’s back! The man who, like Vaughn’s Runaways, has gained fan support through trade sales returns with Sentinel Volume 2. One of the most underrated books of the last couple years, it’s a kid and his dog/dinosaur/robot style story that is not only fun, but HOLY MOTHER FUCKING GOD… Kid friendly.

I would be doing you all a disservice to not mention that there are going to be five one-shot titles that involve five Marvelites (Silver Surfer, Invisible Woman, Hulk, X-23, Daredevil) getting inbued with the Uni-Power. It could be sheer gimmickry, it could be fun – I was never all that into cosmic stories…

Dan Slott, a guy who makes comic books comicky, gives us the story of what happens because of Thing’s new found wealth. Guaranteed to at least be a worthy trade to pick up for a few ya-yas.

Obviously, House of M has something to do with mutants.. otherwise they wouldn’t have given Chris Claremont the chance to explain to us what took Bendis eight issues in one. Bleeding out into some of the other titles I’m about to mention, this is probably a nice easy steppign stone to some of the new books that Marvel will be giving us…. such as…..

GENERATION M #1 (of 4)
Chamber is on the cover, and Paul Jenkins is writing it. How sold am I? Very. Mentioned that these superheroes are brought together by a ‘common tragedy’ … Hmmmm…

If you read my reviews at all, you know I’m hard on Claremont. The guy has just hurt me too many times over the last five years for me not to read his books with a raised eyebrow. Oh, and Excalibur Volume 2 sucked. Now though, we get a team book of Nocturne, Juggernaut, Captain Britain, Dazzler, and Pete Wisdom! I don’t WANT to buy this.. I really don’t.. but I will… COME ON! IT’S PETE WISDOM!

Since the Madrox mini-series, people fell in love with the idea that the old X-Factor scribe Peter David could put together another team. Well they are giving us X-Factor back, and I can guarantee it relates to the ‘XXX Detective Agency’ with the old band getting back together. Good times.

Not only does this book sound intriguing – it sounds like it might be one of the hottest titles to come out this month. Yes yes, I know, Jamie, you are an X-Men shill, you will buy into whatever they say. This book will suck, and you will read it and be disappointed. Nononono, hear me out… first off, Ed Brubaker again. Second off, I am in fact not only a shill for X-Men, but a shill for ‘DIRTY SECRETS’ which apparently Xavier has/had. It brings together the original Giant Size team (except Thunderbird the poor bastard) and gives us some flashbacks to the olden days? Yeah, I’m sold.. eat me.

Now there is also a whole slew of trades that look tasty too.. Toxin, Excalibur Classics, Machine Teen, but there is one that stands head above the rest as the ‘Must Get Essential’ for your bookshelf

Back when Jean Grey was found out not to be dead for the first time, the old band of Xavier’s first class band together to fight off what we thought then was going to be the worst thing ever. Apocalypse. As time wore on X-Factor turned out to be one of the greatest side books ever done with the X-folk, and the first 12 issues of this book alone are worth the price of admission.


Okay, that’s all for this week. I know I’m skipping out on the mini-reviews, but the solicitations took up a crazy amount of space. I figure you guys can now dream about the future instead of floundering in the past.

So thanks to everyone who has sent me that feedback as to what you think I’m doing. If you guys have any questions and things, please drop me a line, you will probably appear in the next week’s column, I’m a sucker for space filler.

See you next week, where there is a SPECIAL GUEST STAR!

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