[MISC] TNA/Spike News, Johnny Fairplay, TNA & UFC, ROH on TV?


– There is talk of Ring of Honor shows being put on Canada’s The Fight Network at 9pm on Mondays and replayed later in the week.

– Bryan Danielson returns to ROH on 9/17 in Lake Grove, NY.

– Some details of the Spike/TNA deal: rather than pay for airtime (TNA paid Fox Sports Net $30k an episode, as well as production costs, and was able to keep the minimal ad revenue earned), TNA is not paying Spike for airtime in exchange for Spike keeping ad revenues.

– Johnny Fairplay will return at an upcoming TV taping, and the original plan for Jeff Hardy’s return was for him to return as “Jeff Hardy’s good side” Willow the Whisp.

– The Internet challenge match of Aries vs. Daniels happened after Daniels couldn’t get Ultimo Dragon or Jushin Liger to the show due to scheduling problems.

– TNA is planning on using Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz for UFC tie-ins on Spike. In other Spike news, Howard Stern will be taking his TV show to video on demand instead of to Spike.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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