Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – August 23

It was an interesting night as the Canadian Idol final five performed Guess Who classics.

When I arrived, it seemed like there was an all-business atmosphere to the show. I did not see many familiar faces and a certain friend of mine from CTV was noticeably quiet which was a stark change from the norm.

There were lots of people in the waiting area, but once I sat down, I noticed that it was still a slow-arriving crowd.

Before the performance show began, I had a major dilemma as I was debating with myself over the look that I would employ for the evening. Usually, I am at work in the afternoon and I just head to Canadian Idol immediately after (in full business attire) but today I was at home before I left, so I had some decisions to make.

Would it be scruffy or clean-cut Murtz? At first, I was leaning to scruffy Murtz to go with the whole Guess Who theme for the evening, but ultimately I decided on clean-cut. I also wore the most color-coordinated outfit that I own which is a blue ensemble that matches the bag that I always carry. I dug it.

The usual preamble happened before the show went live from coast to coast. Sue Brophy came out and introduced John Brunton (the executive producer).

The judges entered and took some pictures with kids in the crowd. The lengths that some people are willing to go so that they can get a picture with Farley Flex never cease to amaze me.

Ben Mulroney also came out and said that the band was still there (from last week).

Jon Dore made a brief appearance before the show began.

The crowd went wild (primarily because they had been rehearsing how to cheer… I jest you not) after Mulroney asked who couldn’t wait to vote.

He then went to the judges for some comments.

Jake: (The Guess Who) are responsible for some of the best songs ever written. Burton Cummings is a great rock singer.

Farley: Public shouldn’t assume that someone is safe… you have to vote.

Sass: Take a deep breath and relax. You’re here to sing in front of people!

Zack: (Plays guitar after insulting Josh Palmer about it last week).

The Idol’s came out and plugged their new “High Notes” compilation CD.

Melissa: Our CD came out today!

The crowd was cheering loudly for Suzi and Rex, and it was the first time that I have noticed loud Suzi supporters in the audience.

A clip that detailed the making of the Sony/BMG CD was played and combined with Tommy Lee (yes… THAT Tommy Lee) visiting the Idols and offering them poignant advice. Tips that included following their hearts instead of their guts. He also plugged his “Tommy Lee Goes To College” show that is on after Idol on CTV.

After that, another vigenette was played that showed the history of Guess Who.

After a long opening sequence, a commercial break was taken and it was now time for the performances.

– Sang “No Sugar Tonight.”
– Sounds a lot better.
– Seemed off his game last week.
– I liked how he ran into the crowd to get them involved and cheering even louder.
– I don’t think that incredibly fast songs suit his voice well.
– Made an excellent song choice.
– I think that it was his best performance since “After The Rain.”
Jake: You could have been more melodic in the chorus.
Farley: Loosen up a little bit, your vocals were on point.
Sass: Amazingly good.
Zack: Uptight, you sing just good enough with your charisma.
– I liked it and think he will definitely be moving on to the Elvis Presley theme next week.

Another commercial break was taken and before I could even “please don’t make us sing happy birthday,” that’s exactly what Sue made the audience do for some kid in the audience. Sue, I don’t know the kid. There are people who are trying to work here.

After that atrocious display, it was onto our next performer.

– Sang “Timeless Love.”
– Hit a really bad opening note.
– Sass was immediately feeling the performance as she started nodding her head to the beat almost immediately.
– I thought it was a robotic and safe song choice.
– Once again, it appears to be her week.
– Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t sound too bad, but we are now approaching the finale and I just didn’t think it was in the same league as Rex’s.
– Didn’t get a big standing ovation at the end (which is a usual Idol custom).
Farley: You did really well.
Sass: Nice to see you relaxed, you picked a good song that suits you.
Zack: It was solid, but was like watching paint dry.
Jake: Best performance you have done.

A Jon Dore segment was played where asked Guess Who questions to kids in the rush line for tickets. I didn’t think it was that funny.

– Time for the real show to begin.
– Sang “American Woman.”
– I knew that she was going to be amazing even before she took the mic because the song suits her voice.
– Excellent opening sequence.
– Farley really into the vibe that she is giving off.
– Outstanding, every note is on point.
Sass: I loved the muscle in the music.
Zack: Whole lot of nothing for me.
Jake: Smart thing to do, you picked the contemporary version that people know.
Farley: I would have liked to hear more vocally from you.
– I thought it was incredible.

– Sang “My Own Way To Rock.”
– She can definitely sing.
– I don’t think the song highlighted her strengths.
– I didn’t really like the performance.
– I think she is capable of much better.
– She did better at the end of the song.
– Had good moments and bad moments.
Zack: Horrible song choice, you’ll be lucky to survive.
Jake: Seemed like a lounge performance at the Holiday Inn.
Farley: You did the personality thing, but you have to look better.
Sass: I think you are an absolute natural.

A L’Oreal ad was played, followed by a commercial.

– Sang “These Eyes.”
– Good song choice.
– Sounds awesome.
– The song is showing her versatility and vocal acumen.
– The live audience is REALLY into it.
– I think it is best performance of the night, but certainly not the best Idol performance of all-time as some have called it.
– Gets LONG standing ovation at the end.
Jake: Such great instincts in picking that song. That’s the song I would have picked for you.
Farley: Burton Cummings was gracious enough to let Maestro Fresh Wes sample that song. I hope they are gracious enough to let you record it on your CD.
Sass: That was wild… excellent job!
Zack: While I think Melissa O’Neal is the real deal… (gives standing ovation).

End of show. How do I rank ’em?

3. REX

What will the bottom three look like? I don’t think Aaron is safe, despite his excellent performance but I think the three girls are in jeopardy. I am going to predict Casey going home, but I have a feeling it will be Melissa.

See you after the results.

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